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Maral Hair Klinik Review

Since opening in 2004, Maral Hair Klinik has helped thousands of patients overcome baldness with hair transplants. They claim to be the number one place for an excellent but affordable hair transplant in Istanbul and specialise in accommodating international visitors. In this review, we take a close look at what you get for your money at Maral and whether it is worth it.

Maral Hair Klinik Rating


2.67 / 5.0

Booking Process
Arrival & Accommodation
Surgery & Doctors

Maral Hair Klinik Review Summary

Booking Process

4 / 5

The Maral Hair Klinik have a fantastic booking process, clear and concise from the very beginning. Not only does this create the perfect first impression, but it just makes your life easier to know that everything is taken care off, and in a timely manner. The website is written in English, and is absolutely jam-packed with all of the information you could ever need. From detailed insights into the procedure itself and the techniques used, to what to expect before and after. You couldn’t feel more prepared.

There is a fair hair loss consultation for patients which involves talking to a doctor about your specific hair loss issues and coming up with the best treatment plan. The only drawback to the booking process is that there is no pricing available, so you would need to book your consultation to have an idea of what the procedure will cost.

Pre-Operational Consultations

1/ 5

Your travel plans are outlined from start to finish in real detail, explaining what will happen from the day of your arrival, right through to when you leave and everything in-between. This isn’t always something so readily available at other places, so it’s a nice thing to have at Maral Hair Klinik.

There are a few elements that fall short of our expectations in the pre-op category at Maral Hair Klinik. There is no pre-operational kit included, or any nutritional advice or supplements ahead of your procedure. Inconveniently, there’s also no option to reschedule your appointment for free if something came up that meant you couldn’t make it.

Arrival & Accommodation

4 / 5

The accommodation offered to patients at Maral Hair Klinik are fantastic. The hotel will vary depending on the availability, but each are 4-star to 5-star and promise great comfort with a touch of luxury.

As well as a comfortable bed and pillows for recovery from your procedure for 3 nights, your package will also include breakfast and you can upgrade to lunch too, for what is described as a ‘small fee’. All accommodation is centrally located if you fancy some shopping or sightseeing in the nearby areas.

All of this is topped off with the inclusion of an English-speaking coordinator there to meet you at the airport, and VIP transfers getting you back and to from the airport. The only thing we scored them down for is the blood test which we prefer to be done on arrivall rather than on the day of the operation, as is the case here.


1 / 5

Maral Hair Klinik leaves a lot to the imagination when it comes to information about their clinic. Despite being one of the most important aspects, they fail to give any details about what patients can expect to receive during their stay. There’s no mention of ergonomic beds, entertainment or food options.

There are no other aesthetic procedures offered at Maral Hair Klinik, just hair transplantation services. Although this specialisation is a good thing, it is still always nice to see that the transplants make up part of a much bigger operation. The clinic offer hair transplant, as well as beard and eyebrow transplants.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement

5 / 5

This is where Maral Hair Klinik really stand out. Every single procedure is either overseen or carried out by Dr Maral himself, the founder of the clinic. After gaining his qualifications from one of Turkey’s most prestigious medical schools in 1995, he went on to complete several certifications in aesthetics. The medical team is all English-speaking and nurses are part of the operational team, so you know you’re going to be well looked after.


1 / 5

Maral Hair Klinik provide patients with aftercare products including special shampoos during the recovery process. It’s always great to see these included, as they can be pretty pricey individually. That said, there’s not much else included when it comes to aftercare. The most notable thing missing for us is the fact that there is no 90% hair growth guarantee, something that’s often in place to give patients piece of mind about their results. The lack of financing options also means that payment in full will be required.


We Rate Maral Hair Klinik


Maral Hair Klinik has one of the best and easiest booking processes we have seen, and more information available on their website than most other clinics. These factors, alongside the very reputable Dr. Maral having involvement in every procedure, are two of the highest scoring elements of this review.

The arrival and accommodation aspects also warrant a special mention, particularly the guarantee of a 4 or 5 star hotel for all patients. Comfort is vital during your stay in Turkey, as the procedure really can take it’s toll. The emphasis on comfort at Maral Hair Klinik is very impressive.

The main reason that Maral Hair Klinik didn’t score higher is down to their lack of preoperative and aftercare. Not only is it below standard, but there are some elements missing that we would hope to see from any hair transplant clinic, such as post-op consultations, follow ups and affordable payment options.

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Are Maral Hair Klinik procedures done by Dr Maral?

Dr Maral is the founder of the aptly named Maral Hair Klinik and currently works as the Medical Director at the clinic. After a successful career in aesthetics and hair transplants, he decided to open his own practice in 2004. Having such a renowned name in the industry is a real selling point to this clinic, and although not every transplant is carried out by the doctor himself, he overlooks and has involvement in every individual case.

Another notable mention from the medical team is Yesim Alkan, who works as the lead FUE Hair Transplant Technician, and has since 2008. As a member of the European Organisation of Hair Restoration Professionals, she has a wealth of experience in carrying out such procedures. Combined with Dr. Maral and his background, they really do make a fantastic medical team. Other members of the operational team include nurses and technicians, all vital to the success of the clinic.

Before and After Pictures

Maral Hair Klinik Results And Before and After Pictures

As part of this Maral Hair Klinik Review, we have looked at how readily available before and after pictures are, and how much patient feedback is posted. The clinic is very transparent when it comes to their results, and testimonials and imagery can be found easily on the website and social channels.

Getting a Hair Transplant in Istanbul Was Never Easier

Methods and Treatments

Maral Hair Klinik Transplantation Methods & Treatments

Maral Hair Klinik specialise mainly in the FUE (Follicle Unit Extraction) method, preferring it over any other techniques. There are several reasons for promoting the FUE method, including it’s minimum invasiveness and avoidance of scars. Right now, there are no other services offered at the clinic outside of hair transplantation.

It’s also worth noting that Dr. Yesim Alkan is a very experienced specialised in the FUE procedure, so it makes sense for it to be the primary focus of the clinic. Beard, eyebrow and body hair transplants are also available, as well as specialist treatments for female hair loss candidates.

Costs and Packages

Maral Hair Clinic Price, Available Packages And Extras

The Maral Hair Clinic price is not fixed, and can only be obtained by having a consultation about your specific needs. The price will increase with the number of grafts required, and also the technique used. Typically a DHI transplant is a little more pricey. The all-inclusive package includes the following:

There are some unique features to the Maral Hair Klinik pricing. Whatever you’re quoted, unlimited grafts are included. So you won’t be given a price which can then increase if the hair loss is worse than expected. This is a great way to minimise additional costs, and not something commonly offered.

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Your Questions

No, the Maral Hair Klinik is not on Facebook. But they are on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. All of which can be found with the handle @MaralHairKlnik

No. The Maral Hair Klinik perform their procedures in a specialist hair clinic, purposefully designed for hair transplantation. It is not a hospital and no medical services are offered.

No, the Maral Hair Klinic does not have an A-License. Meaning it is not regulated by the Turkish Government. It is still a safe and well-established clinic, though.

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