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Smile Clinic Hair Transplant Turkey Review

With tons of clinics offering a hair transplant in Istanbul, it’s hard to decide which service has the best reputation. Smile clinic hair transplant Turkey has some positive reviews. But, does this make them an ideal choice?

Read our Smile Hair Clinic Turkey reviews to find out.

Smile Clinic Hair Transplant Turkey Review Summary

Booking process 4/5

  • YES: English website available
  • YES: Free hair loss consultation – called “free hair analysis”
  • YES: Detailed information of procedures
  • YES: Team information available
  • NO: Clear price list available

The website of Smile Hair Clinic Turkey is reasonably helpful and clear. You can access their site and read through the information in ten languages including English. You will find well-written and thorough details about the procedure. They list the things you need to ensure during pre-operation and the stages you need to go through after that. If you want to check on the team’s history and background, you can visit the About Us section. It should give you a good idea of what to expect from Smile Clinic hair transplant Turkey.

They also provide a professional hair analysis for free. Once you click the Get A Quote button on their site, they’ll get back to you and ask for images of your hair from six different angles. They’ll analyse and evaluate the photos before giving you the actual quote. It is a little tricky to plan out your budget without readily getting the site’s price information.

Pre-operational/ Consultations 2/5

  • YES: Clear trip itinerary before trip
  • YES: Possibility to reschedule booking for free
  • NO: Pre-operational consultations included
  • NO: Pre-operational kit included
  • NO: Nutrition advice and supplements

Smile Hair Clinic’s itinerary and guide for the trip is praiseworthy. They do provide hands-on guidance for their clients. They present you with an option to reach them out via phone or WhatsApp for faster communication. If you have questions regarding the flight requirements, their FAQ has all the answers you need. They are also open to rescheduling your transplant for free in case something comes up.

Although they mention a few tips and preparations before the transplant in their site, they did not give any specific supplements you should take prior to transplant. We think customers would want to know more about this ahead of time. Additionally, pre-operational consultation is not available and there are no supplements or pre-op kits sent to clients.

Arrival & Accommodation 3/5

  • YES: English-speaking driver/coordinator available
  • YES: 5 star Hilton or 4 star Holiday Inn
  • YES: VIP Transfers included
  • NO: 3rd night is extra with some packages
  • NO: Blood test done upon arrival

Once you arrive at Istanbul airport, you will be chauffeured by an English speaking driver. You’ll also be staying comfortably in lavish accommodation near the clinic. These extra services are in all of Smile Hair Clinic transplant packages.

The provison of a luxury all-inclusive package is great to see. However, the clinic only provide a two night stay. Anything beyond that will incur extra charges for some packages. Unlike other clinics, they’re not offering a third day stay for you to rest after the operation. Extending your stay will incur additional charges. This is a shame, as we think three nights is necessary.

Before the operation, a blood test is necessary. You will go through this test upon your arrival to the administration of local anaesthesia. Although, we think that it would have been better if you underwent the blood test immediately once you arrived. That way, any problems regarding your health and condition are handled right away.

Facility 5/5

  • YES: Comfort. Lunch, entertainment, clothes, ergonomic chair and bed.
  • YES: A-license (regulated by the Turkish government)
  • YES: Laser Measured Hairline, Density Measurement- and Donor Area Selection Tool
  • YES: Regulated EU Accredited Private Hospital
  • YES: Hospital Endorsed and Guaranteed Operation

Smile Hair Clinic has a modern and elaborate facility. It’s obvious how much thought they’ve put into making their clients feel at ease and comfortable during the entire transplant procedure. They use high-technology devices during the transplant that guarantees seamless surgery. The overall sanitation and sterilization of operating equipment is obviously a priority.

At Smile Hair Clinic, all hair transplant surgeries are performed in a hospital setting. Regardless of what package you’ve chosen, a medical doctor will supervise the entire operation. Although serious risks are very unlikely to happen during this kind of procedure, knowing that medical support is within reach is always good.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement 5/5

  • YES: Reputable Doctor Part of Operational Team
  • YES: Nurses Part of Operational Team
  • YES: Third Party Doctor Auditing of Operation for Perfect Result
  • YES: English Speaking Medical Team
  • YES: Needleless anaesthetics

All operations are performed by medical doctors in a hospital setting. In addition to that, Dr.Mehmet Erdoğan, a well-known reputable hair transplant surgeon, will do the surgery will oversee your case and the doctors performing the proccedure. His achievements and experience are enough for him to be considered a veteran in this field.

Aftercare 0/5

  • NO: Standard Post Treatment Packages included
  • NO: Financing options available
  • NO: Minimum 3 post-operational consultations, 2 provided
  • NO: Min. 2 months of after-care products provided
  • NO: 90% hair growth guarantee

Smile Hair Clinic was off to a great start in terms of their additional services. They have recommendations as to how you should take care of your hair during post-operation on their site. But they missed out on more vital inclusions. For instance, their aftercare consultations are limited and have barely reached the minimum. We think that aftercare products are essential and it’s unfortunate that they will be an additional extra. Clinics often don’t include these products in the package as they can cost around Є100-200 per month. So, make sure to budget for these.

Conclusion – We rate Smile Hair Clinic 2.8 out of 5

Sure, Smile Hair Clinic website is a reliable reference. Their blogs and FAQs provide helpful inputs and answers. However, their unclear pricing list for their services is a major drawback. The need to contact them to ask for a quote ia also inefficient and time-consuming. But, it is to be expectd from manyhair transplant clinics.

We cannot disregard their effort in making their clients comfortable and at ease during the whole stay. It’s great that the Smile Hair Clinic prepares transportation and accommodation so patients have one less thing to worry. The main selling points to Smile are their lead doctor, and the fact that procedures are carried out in a hospital. On the downside, their pre and post operative care is not adequate in our opinion, and you could be asked to foot the bill for aftercare products.

Procedure wise, we trust that the Smile Hair Clinic transplants are going to be successful. With Dr.Mehmet Erdoğan, there’s no doubt he is an expert in this area. His presence and supervision during the surgery along with the high-end technology they use, it’s a strong enough assurance of an excellent outcome.

Hair Transplant Team

Smile Clinic hair transplant Turkey is done by Dr.Mehmet Erdoğan

Dr.Mehmet Erdoğan is not only a surgeon, but he’s also one of the founders of this Smile Hair Clinic. He is considered remarkable for his expertise in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique. Since 2013, he’s been actively participating in various hair restoration operations not just in Istanbul but all over the world. Aside from surgeries, he’s also been practising other medical alternatives and treatments to provide effective solutions for hair loss. His association with other world-renowned hair specialists, surgeons, and trichologists does create a positive reputation for Smile Clinic.

Aside from Dr Mehmet Erdoğan, Dr Gökay Bilgin is also one of the biggest reasons to trust Smile Hair Clinic, who specialises in hair mesotherapy. This aftercare treatment is often overlooked but it can optimise your hair transplant result as it increases the blood flow to the scalp. Typically the procedure is carried out after your hair transplant operation. Smile Hair Clinic revolves around these two highly sought after professionals. The clinic also provides a team photo of other health professionals, adding further credibility.

Before and After Pictures

Smile Hair Clinic Turkey Results And Before and After Pictures

If you are looking for before and after images, they have a bunch of collaged photos posted on their social media. On their website are linked videos too. The videos appear to be an episode on BBC and Nord TV featuring the clinic’s services. There are snippets of Smile Hair clinic Turkey reviews presented as well, along with their average trust score.

Smile hair clinic turkey reviews

Methods and Treatments

Smile Hair Clinic Turkey Transplantation Methods & Treatments

Smile Hair Clinic specializes in Micro FUE methods. A process of harvesting follicular units/grafts from the donor area using micromotor. This procedure is a highly extensive method that’ll take upto 8 hours to complete under local anaesthesia. This technique is suited for patients with severe hair loss and gives natural and healthy results.

Aside from Micro FUE, they also offer DHI or Direct Hair Implant type of hair transplant. This method, on the other hand, is done with an implanter pen injector. However, this method carries a higher cost. Smile also offer other services like hair treatment with mesotherapy, and transplant for eyebrows, body hair, and beards.


Smile Hair Clinic Turkey Cost of Hair Transplants, Available Packages And Extras

There is no definite price range mentioned on the site. Although they indicate inclusions of the services, you will have to directly contact Smile Hair Clinic Turkey for the pricing related information. They will give you the quote after they evaluate your hair condition. We think it would have been better if they at least put estimates for customers to have ideas of the pricing range. Here are some of the inclusions in their package deal.

  • Transportation and accommodation in a five-star hotel
  • Post-operative Medical Pack
  • Health services and examinations
  • English speaker coordinators

You could take advantage of these inclusions regardless of what package you chose. Transportation is also available; they’ll take you to your accommodation from the airport and chauffeur you to the clinic. However, these stay is limited to two days. We think this timeframe is too short and patients are not given enough time to recover before the flight home.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Smile Hair Clinic Turkey on Instagram?

Yes, you can follow Smile Hair Clinic Turkey on Instagram. Their username is @smilehairclinic. Feel free to direct message them for any inquiries and questions relating to their services.

Is Smile Hair Clinic Turkey performing surgeries in a hospital?

Yes, they perform surgeries in a fully equipped hospital setting. There are nurses, medical support, and specialists that will monitor the operation to ensure safety and success.

Does Smile Hair Clinic Turkey have an A-License?

Yes, Smile Hair Clinic Turkey does have an A-license that’s regulated by the Turkish government. The surgeons and staff are also professionals and accredited in their respective fields.