How we Review Clinics

Deciding on getting a hair transplant is both incredibly exciting as well as a little bit scary. We’re here to help you choose the right clinic for your treatment. As you can see – our hair transplant reviews range from near perfect for some to almost 0 for others. Here’s how we rate each clinic so that you understand why.

Our Scoring Matrix Explained

All clinics are scored with a point system ranging from 1-5 based on the below 6 main criteria and then the total is summarised and divided by 6 to get the final score. All listings a free of charge and links to the website of the clinic is free without any extra costs. 

Booking Process- Website and documentation in (well-written) English
- Clear and all-inclusive offer/prices,
- Free hair loss consultation
- Procedure information on the website
- Team information is available on the website
Pre-operational- Pre-operational consultation(s) included
- Pre-operational kit (Dermaroller, shampoo, serum) included
- Clear trip itinerary before the trip
- Possibility to reschedule the booking for free
- Nutrition advice and supplements
Arrival & Accomodation- VIP Transfers included
- English speaking driver/person available
- 3 nights stay included (allowing one day for rest)
- Blood test is done upon arrival
- 5-star Western standard hotel included
Facility- Comfort. Lunch, entertainment, clothes, ergonomic chair and bed.
- Regulated EU Accredited Private Hospital with its own room for surgery,
- A-license (regulated by the Turkish government)
- Laser Measured Hairline, Density Measurement- and Donor Area Selection Tool
- Hospital Endorsed and Guaranteed Operation
Surgery & Doctor Involvement- Reputable Doctor Part of Operational Team
- Nurses Part of Operational Team
- Third-Party Doctor Auditing of Operation for Perfect Result
- Needleless anaesthetics, FUE Sapphire, ICE
- English Speaking Medical Team
Post-operation- minimum 2 months of aftercare products included (shampoo, foam, serum, oil)
- Post Treatment PRP included
- Post Treatment Mesotherapy included
- Minimum 3 post-operational consultations
- 90% hair growth guarantee

Disagree with the score?

What do we do if a hair transplant clinic in Turkey disagrees with our score? All clinics listed have the right to -free of charge- resubmit their clinic for a re-evaluation once a year and the result will be available within 4 weeks from submission. Additional re-evaluations or faster results are charged at 750. 

You can request changes here, please make sure you include the URL of the clinic.

Missing a hair transplant clinic in Turkey?

Let us know! We’re more than happy to review (your) clinic. Please submit the clinic name and website here. Review requests are published within 4 weeks or can be published faster for a one-time fee of €750. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

If you’re a hair transplant clinic in Turkey and want to discuss sponsorship opportunities with us, that is possible. Please do note, we do require a minimum 4.0 or higher rating in our review.