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Thanks to the high criteria for quality and affordable rates, hair transplantation in Turkey has established a reputation as one of the most efficient and cost-effective procedures available. Turkey hair transplant results continue to prove that hair transplant clinics in Istanbul offer the highest success rate in the world. One factor that stands out is the Turkey Hair Transplant Package.

Get the best hair transplant Turkey offers right here. Prices start from as little as €2,000, and we offer our hair transplant services to people around the world. Skilled experts in Turkey use the latest hair transplant methods at a fraction of the price. Treatments range from between 2,000 and 6,000 grafts or more, and the final result will be a natural and undetectable hairline.


  • World Class Medicine
  • High Success Rate
  • Fast Treatment Schedule
  • All-Inclusive Packages
  • Low Cost

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Who are Hairline Transplant Turkey?

At Hairline Transplant Turkey, our aim is to provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision about your hair restoration journey. As well as answering questions such as how much is a hair transplant in turkey, we provide you with comprehensive information about hair transplant clinics in Turkey, we also offer informative articles about hair loss as well as hair restoration options.

Best Hair Transplant in Turkey

Get an All-Inclusive Treatment Package

Here you can find the best hair transplant Turkey package has to offer. Prices start from as little as €2,000, and we offer our hair transplant services to people around the world. Skilled experts in Turkey use the latest hair transplant methods at a fraction of the price. Treatments average between 2,000 and 6,000 grafts or more, and the final result will be a natural and undetectable hairline. 

Different clinics offer different packages. Some are so detailed that all you will have to take care of yourself is the Turkey hair transplant airplane tickets!

Experienced Doctors

Experienced Doctors

Experienced hair transplant surgeons in Turkey draw many patients to hair transplant surgery. Doctors in Turkey are highly skilled at performing hair transplant treatments as they have become specialists in hair restoration.

Doctors in Turkey carry out over 500,000 hair transplants each year. This is more hair transplants than the rest of Europe perform, combined. They also lead the way with transplants of 3,000 to 4,500 grafts, way above industry standards. Your doctor will perform the procedure within 10-12 hours, and there will be a follow-up within a day or two.


Hotel Accommodation

Your hairline transplant package always includes accommodation. This will be a 4 or 5-star hotel for up to 3 nights, depending on your package. Your accommodation will be comfortable and you will get breakfast as standard. At Hairline Transplant Turkey, we prefer at least a 3-night stays as they provide more recovery time.

Dending in the clinic that you book with, you can expect to be accommodated at a Junior Suite with a healthy breakfast included. Perfect for relaxing as you recover from your procedure.

spa and massage

SPA & Massage

The hair transplant process can be demanding and tiring for some. This is particularly true for those that travel from abroad, as the pressure of travelling, combined with any apprehensions you may be having about your treatment. 

In a country renowned for its spas and baths, you couldn’t be in a better place for some relaxation. This is why most clinics will include a complimentary spa and massage on the day of arrival.

Local Coordinators

Local Coordinators

Istanbul and Turkey are very popular destinations, with so much to see and do. If you want to get a little more out of your trip with some sightseeing, our clinics can accommodate you. You will be able to meet with multilingual staff, fluent in many languages. 

These locals live in Istanbul and can help you with your plans in your own language. These coordinators can do more than just translate for you. They can offer suggestions on what to visit with the added local knowledge of the best times to go.



Many of our clinics will offer optional sightseeing tours as part of your package. You may just want to spend your time in Turkey relaxing after your transplant, but if you’re the adventurous type, this could be for you.

With a local expert showing you all of the sights of Istanbul, it’s a great way to get more out of your trip. Whether you are alone or with a friend or family member, the tour can be tailored to your needs. Speak to your consultant at the clinic when discussing your booking details.

post op care package

Post-Operation Care Package

Most clinics offer a post-op care package after your procedure. This will include top-quality products like creams and shampoos, designed to aid recovery. These products are an important part of the process, so always ask if they’re included in your price. You should receive enough to last you 3 to 4 months.

Some clinics have spent years researching and designing their own specialised products. A Turkey hair transplant package could include products prior to the transplant, to help your scalp prepare.


VIP Airport Transfer

We wouldn’t want you to travel in anything less than style, so we’ve got you covered. 

Each package includes drivers and coordinators who will pick you up from the airport. 

Transport from your hotel to the clinic and back is also included. So you don’t need to worry about navigating the hectic Istanbul traffic. Simply sit back and enjoy the sites of this unique city while your driver takes care of you.

one year support

One Year Support

The high level of service doesn’t stop after the procedure. The best hair transplant clinics in Istanbul will offer a full 1 year of support for patients. This means that you can talk to specialists, ask questions or get advice whenever needed. 

From a great experience before and during your transplant, right through to aftercare, it’s all taken care of. As many clinics do not offer this vital support, it is worth asking about during your enquiries

Breakfasts and Lunch

Breakfasts & lunch

Turkish cuisine is well known worldwide and the perfect chance to try new dishes is during your visit for a hair transplant in Turkey. 

Turkish food lives up to its reputation, and most of it is included in your package. Clinics will provide breakfast at your hotel and will make sure you’re well-fed on the day of your procedure. You definitely won’t be going hungry in this beautiful country renowned for its cuisine, so you can relax and enjoy.

new technology

New Technology

Technology is advancing and it’s having a positive impact on so many aspects of our lives. The good news is that this same technology and artificial intelligence is also helping to improve cosmetic procedures, like hair transplants.

The process is now finer than ever, as robots are now helping doctors with pin-point precision harvesting and implanting. This new Robotic FUE method isn’t available everywhere, but it will soon become the norm for a Turkish hair transplant.

What We Look For In a Hair Transplant Turkey Clinic

When it comes to choosing your hair transplant clinic to get the best hair transplant in Turkey, you shouldn’t cut any corners. While the factors mentioned above are certainly important, they are not the only ones to be taken into consideration. Using a site like ours helps you to identify only the very best clinics, including award-winners.

  • Our clinic review criteria include all aspects of pre and post-op care. We want to see fantastic service, as well as state-of-the-art and cutting-edge technology. 
  • Another important aspect of a clinic is value for money. Not only do we expect a top hair transplant centre, but the prices should be competitive. The highest number of grafts, for the lowest price, while maintaining great standards of quality, is the perfect combination.
  • High-profile doctors and specialists are a huge selling point to any hair transplant clinic, and this is something we always look for. 
  • We want to see proven experience in transplants, including the use of modern techniques and technology. 
  • A guarantee of results should come as standard, and this is also an important aspect of our reviews. Sharing Turkey hair transplant before and after pictures will stand in a clinic’s good favour.

We would never recommend a doctor that we didn’t truly believe in. So you can trust that we are reliable, knowledgeable and the best place to find your hair transplant clinic in Turkey.

Why Turkey is Famous for Hair Transplant Procedures?

There is no one answer as to why Turkey remains the number 1 destination for hair transplants. There is a combination of factors that ensure that it stays the favourite country for men and women to improve their hairline. There are however two reasons that stand out;

Turkish Ecomomy

Thr Turish government recognises that private health care, or meical tourism, is benefical towards its economy, which has a turbulant history. Hospital and clinics that offer cosmetic procedures to internation visitors receive tax breaks which in turn lower the cost of the procedure. This is passed onto the clients.

The cost of living is lower than competing countries and it is also cheaper to rent property in Turkey, so clinic rental space overheads are less and hotels can offer a better standard of service to the client for a fraction of the price it would cost in other countries.

Hair Transplant Specalists and Research

Competition in Turkey is rife. This means that to stay ahead of the competition, specialists must be highly trained and keep up to date with the latest technology and methods.Many facilities conduct their own research to ensure they are at the forefront of their field.

We Are Offering Reliable Hairline Transplant Treatments

Hair loss and a receding hairline are common problems, and you are not alone. Whether you have advanced baldness or just a thinning area, hair loss can be detrimental to your confidence. 

Together with our hair transplantation specialists, you will come up with the best hair transplant surgery for you to achieve your Turkish hairline. We continuously update and upgrade our techniques, technology and knowledge to provide you top quality transplant services. hair transplant before and after Turkey results are higher than the industry average.

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Hair Transplant Istanbul Reviews

There are hundreds of hair transplant clinics in Istanbul, Turkey. A visit to any of their websites will naturally try to convince you that their clinic and surgeons are the best. 

While in many cases, the surgoens and clinics are undoutably good, there are some who will not tell you the whole story. For example a less-than-trustworthy site maay tell you that you can have hair transplant 8000 grafts in one session! For this reason we conduct unbiased reviews on clinics in Trukey to give you a broader impression of them and help you decide which is the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey for your needs.. 

We take the following into account;

  • Booking Process
  • Pre-Operational
  • Arrival & Accommodation
  • Facility
  • Surgery & Doctors
  • Post-Operational
  • Customer Reviews
These reviews are ranked according to the score achieved in each element, helping to narrow down your choice.

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Wondering about prices?

Common Hair Transplant Myths

There is a lot of sceptism around hair transplant, much of it based on myths and misperceptions. Here are a few that you have probably heard yourself;

Everyone can see when you have had a hair transplant

False. While back when hair transplants were in their infancy, it was often apparent. With the modern procedures such as FUE and DHI techniques all that anyone can see will be a fuller head of hair. From the early 2000s, Turkish hair plugs have been a thing of the past.

Transplanted hair comes from somewhere else on your body or from a donar

False. Hair used in transplants always comes from you and never from a donor. Your body would reject another donor’s hair without immune-suppressant drugs! As a rule, hair from healthy donor sections on your head are used in hair transplants, and is very seldom taken from other parts of the body.

Only young men can have hair transplants.

False. This myth stems from a complete misunderstanding of hair transplants, what causes hair loss and hair restoration procedures. It has also led to many women believing that hair transplants are not an option for them. Our article on Female Hair Transplants goes into more detail about why women hair transplants are a feasible option and success rates are as high as that of their male counterparts.

Hair transplant Turkey results are immediate.

False. To date there are no hair transplant methods that provide instant results. You will see your completed result between 12 – 18 months. 4 months after your hair transplant, you will start to notice natural hairgrowth and your hairline will start to transform.

Hair transplants will make holes in you head

Although minute holes (less than 1mm) must be made to insert the donor hair into your scalp, these heal quickly and no holes will remain in your head. This can be an issue for people suffering from hair transplant Trypophobia whose fear of holes stop them from exploring hair implants Turkey.

Your Questions

We’re here to make the entire process as easy as possible for you. Travelling abroad for a hair transplant may seem intimidating or daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. Hairline Transplant Turkey has reviewed hundreds of clinics, and developed great relationships with the very best in Turkey. Because of this, you are guaranteed the most competitive prices.

The consultation process couldn’t be any more simple. Fill in the form below to request more information, or to discuss your requirements in detail. We can help you to plan and book your procedure, as well as answer any questions, and there is no obligation.

As with any operation, there is a slight possibility that a hair transplant might harm the nearby nerves.Following a hair transplant, it’s extremely common to feel some tingling and numbness in the scalp while the nerves heal from the shock of surgery.

Usually, these adverse effects disappear quickly. However, in extremely rare circumstances, the nerves could never entirely recover, leaving some numbness behind.

There are a number of factors at play when it comes to having a hair transplant. Whether you’re a suitable candidate for a transplant comes down to your type of baldness and condition of your existing hair. As with any cosmetic procedures, no doctor will carry out a procedure that they don’t think will be successful. This is exactly why the consultation process exists. To assess your suitability for the transplant, as well as to assess the number of grafts you may require to grow hair.

You may be wondering why we recommend travelling to another country for your new head of hair. First and foremost, it’s impossible to ignore the cost saving of having a hair transplant in Turkey. 

You’re looking at as much as 75% when compared to The USA prices. Because the packages we offer are all-inclusive, the only additional cost is your international flight. More details about clinic packages can be found in our hair transplant Turkey Istanbul reviews.


Talk to one of our experts for your hair transplant in Turkey, learn about the availability, procedure and payment options.