Cosmedica Review

Quality That Attracts Stars

Cosmedica Hair Transplant Center

  • Founded: 2011
  • Locations: Istanbul
  • Hair Transplantation Methods: FUE
  • Medical Team: Dr Levent Acar & trained medical personnel
  • Medical facilities: Yes
  • Certifications: JCI – US
  • Treatments per year: N/K. Over 15,000 patients worldwide.
  • Prices: €2100 – €3490
  • The  maximum number of grafts per treatment: 2,000 – 6,200
  • Finance Assitance: No
  • All-inclusive packages: Yes
  • Guarantees: See FAQ
  • Accreditations: What Clinic 2018 Patient Service Award, ISHRS Associate Member
  • Before procedure support: Yes
  • After procedure support: Yes
  • Languages: English, Turkish, German
  • Contact: Email, Phone, Whatsapp

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Cosmedica - A Well-Known Hair Transplant Clinic Turkey

We found the hair transplant information on the website comprehensive and clear, helping to answer a lot of the questions clients have about hair transplant methods. The clinic’s medical director is Dr Acar, who has over 10 years of experience in providing hair loss treatments. Social media and review sites frequently comment on his friendliness and approachability.

What Makes Cosmedica Popular?

The ethos of Cosmedica appears to be about information and individual attention. The medical staff appear to offer a level of support that is adaptable to the individual client’s specific needs. This can be seen from their clients voting the clinic into taking the top award at What Clinic Customer Service Awards for five years. The attention starts with the clinic’s medical team taking their time to give a detailed breakdown of what the client should expect once they choose to move forward with the procedure. In this way, people can manage their expectations of what is achievable.

In addition to the medical staff, Cosmedica clinic also has an unusual assistant. This is Pepper – a humanoid robot that is at your service while you attend the clinic.

This clinic performs hair transplants using some of the most recent hair implant techniques. That includes the use of new-age surgical tools such as the Sapphire tip to create micro-channels for the donor implants. Prices for the hair transplant procedures can be easily found on the website, and we found the breakdown of the packages on offer very useful. Cosmedica comes with different packages, that cover all hair loss options including female hair transplants, eyebrow transplants, beard transplants as well as hairline transplantation procedures.

Quality That Attracts The Stars

One of the most popular procedures performed at Cosmedica is hair implantation. That’s the field that Dr Acar is most noted for having expertise in, having performed FUE transplants on patients for over a decade now. With that knowledge, patients from Turkey and beyond can look forward to growing back their hair loss with ease. His celebrity list has some familiar names like Athletico Madrid player Milinko Pantić and British TV star Callum Best.

Dr Acar is noted for his expertise in hair transplantation having performed FUE transplants on clients for over a decade now. The site offers clarity in how the FUE and Sapphire FUE are performed, even showing comparisons between using a metal tip or a Sapphire one.

Apart from being a leading hair transplant clinic in Turkey, Cosmedica also offers other cosmetic procedures. These include breast augmentations, tummy tucks, liposuctions, rhinoplasties, and even post-childbirth surgical procedures.

The clinic also performs treatments such as chemical peels to treat skin surface issues, liquid facelifts using Hyaluronic acid, and also botox treatments to help minimise the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. Assisting people to regain their confidence in how they look is an evident goal of Cosmedica.

FAQ  - Cosmedica

The clinic’s homepage is offering FUE transplants with a guarantee but no further explanation is available on site. We think it is safe to say after 10 years, and the Cosmedic client feedback we reviewed, the clinic is meeting client expectations. As a partner of the Largest Hospital Group, they do offer competitive prices that are around 80% cheaper than the USA, UK and Europe.

It is often the case with all cosmetic procedures, that results may vary based on a variety of factors. Some of these elements are entirely out of the medical team’s control. However, the Cosmedica staff attending to patients ensure they do everything, to ensure all procedures are performed in a manner likely to generate the most favourable results.

Cosmedica comes with three price packages for its hair loss clients. If you are interested in finding out more contact us via the online form and we can help you select the best hair transplant price for your needs and budget.

Every patient that visits Cosmedica Turkey is different. However, you can expect to see significant hair transplant results anywhere from 5-12 months after the procedure is done.

Selecting the right clinic, doctor and hair transplant procedure can be a time consuming business. Contact us direct and let us use our expertise to help you choose the best clinic in Turkey for your hair loss problem.

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