Dr Serkan Aygın Hair Transplant Clinic Review

While Dr Serkan Aygın is an experienced practitioner in providing hair transplant in Turkey does the Dr Serkan Aygın Hair Transplant Clinic offer as much as you would expect? Read on and discover what this review has to stay.

Dr Serkan Aygın Hair Transplant Clinic Review Summary

Booking process


When you visit the Dr Serkan Aygın hair transplant clinic website, you will find the offer for a free hair transplant analysis, which takes all of 2 minutes! To request an online consultation, you can use the contact form to which you need to attach photos. Directions are provided on which photos to send with the form. You can also contact via WhatsApp. The site indicates that Dr Aygın will perform the consultation. Following this, one of his assistants will contact you to discuss the procedure, clarify expectations and make arrangements for your visit to the Dr Serkan Aygın clinic.

It is a little confusing when you open the site as to whether the hair analysis is part of the online consultation, which it isn’t. You need to apply for that separately. The site has a lot of relevant information as to the procedures offered with interesting, informative blog posts and a comprehensive FAQ section. Unfortunately what it does not have is a price list anywhere on the site.

(Pre-operational) Consultations


Arrival & Accommodation


All patients should have had their photos seen by Dr Serkan Aygın, but then you are told an assistant will contact you. Presumably, it is at this point when you discuss the costs and packages.

The promise of VIP transfers, English speaking drivers and co-coordinators can be found on external reviews. These reviews are mixed on the standard of this service, from excellent to communication problems and late pickups. The only comment regarding a package is a comment on the site that says ‘even if you add accommodation costs to the billing…’ which leaves you asking is it included or not?

The Dr Serkan Aygın site does not provide any information on the available hotels, so, they could be from 2* to 5*, it’s a guessing game. It appears that all of this practical information is only discussed with the patients directly and not seen as an essential element to have on their website.



The images of the Dr Serkan Aygın clinic show a very well-designed and beautifully decorated environment. Based in the 32-storey Key Plaza in the Istanbul district of Şişli. This area is a central area of Istanbul on the European side and an easy ride to Taksim, and some of the famous historical sites.

The clinic itself is not a hospital and has not got an A-licence. It does offer a modern treatment room, maintained to high standards, alongside equipment providing Laser hair therapy, density measurement and donor selection tool. Lack of the A-licence means it does not have emergency services, and any health problems arising will entail the transfer of the patient to the nearest hospital.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement


Dr Serkan Aygın has an impressive CV. that is clearly stated on the website. There are references to his assistants and co-ordinators but no introduction to the medical team. The actual procedures are very well-documented as is the pre-operative patient guide, which clearly indicates what you should or should not be doing prior to the hair transplant procedure.



There is a comprehensive post-hair transplant guide on the site that covers from day 1 to 12 -18 months after the procedure, answering many questions on what to expect. The post-procedure hair wash is clearly documented and explains what to do and when. it also states Dr Serkan Aygın clinic will provide a shampoo and lotion to use in the first month following the procedure. The clinic also provides paperwork that contains detailed information on the hair transplant procedure.

We rate Dr Serkan Aygın Clinic 2.0 / 5

Dr Serkan Aygın is an accomplished award-winning hair transplant doctor, and the clinic website reflects his knowledge and experience. The difficulty is, it’s too much information, in that it is overwhelming and spread over several pages.

The site offers several treatments including FUE & DHI for men and women, but if you are searching for prices and hair transplant packages, you will be left wanting, as neither are on the site. Nor are any costs for the hair transplantation procedures done at the Dr Serkan Aygın clinic available.

The website needs some work in providing information on the cost of procedures and what extras a patient has to pay. Information like are there any all-inclusive packages or is a deposit required? Included in the mission statement of the Dr Serkan Aygın clinic is a promise that there will be no additional charges above the quote provided. But what the quote includes is unknown.

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Hair Transplant Team

Are Dr Serkan Aygin Clinic DHI Hair Transplants Done By Dr Serkan Aygın?

According to the website, hair transplants at the clinic take between 5 -6 hours. Watching the interesting videos of the procedures on the site, it does appear that Dr Serkan Aygın does the pre-consultation on the procedure day, but it appears an assistant does the extractions with supervision from the doctor. The team at the clinic is not introduced on the website, so how many other doctors there are or how well trained is unclear, although the mission statement does refer to, “specialized doctors, all experts in their fields.”

Dr Serkan Aygın has considerable experience in the field of hair transplantation—in practice since 1996. In addition to his BA in Medicine, he has a Masters in Clinical Pharmacology and Dermatology and is a member of the International Society For Dermatology. As one of the first doctors performing DHI and FUE procedures in Turkey, he has considerable expertise. This experience was honoured at the 2019 European Awards in Medicine receiving the award for Europe’s Best Hair Transplant Surgeon.

Before and After Pictures

Dr Serkan Aygin Hair Transplant Before And After Results

Below you can find some of the before and after pictures provided by Asmed Hair Transplant Center.


Methods and Treatments

Dr Serkan Aygın Clinic Transplantation Methods & Treatments

The clinic offers hair transplantation services for men and woman, including beard and eyebrow transplants. The procedures used are FUE, Sapphire FUE and DHI. The clinic also offers hair mesotherapy & hair treatments for hair loss problems alongside LLLT, Low-Level Laser Treatment. LLLT is an FDA approved therapy that Dr Serkan Aygın provides for his patients.

Dr Serkan Aygın’s experience and skill are without a doubt top-quality, but it is unclear if the top man himself will perform your procedure. So make sure to discuss this during an online consultation. As we are unaware of who the medical team are cannot review them, although images on the website indicate this is a large team. Incorporated into the Doku Medical Centre, opened 2017, hair transplantation is available alongside cosmetic surgeries, dermatology and medical aesthetics options.

Costs and Packages

Dr Serkan Aygin Cost of Hair Transplants, Available Packages And Extras

Unfortunately, we cannot comment on the Dr Serkan Aygin price for hair transplants or any packages available as not included on any of the clinic’s websites; there are three sites. Reviews on Trustpilot do not contain any costs. However, our reviewer did find an unsubstantiated review on Google. This indicated prices started from 2,500€, but not how many grafts or what else was included.

The area of Şişli is a business hub of Istanbul, and there are plenty of hotels of every grade, but there is no indication of which hotels are in use for the patients of the Dr Sekan Aygın clinic. Patients undergoing a hair transplant procedure will need at least a two-day stay in the city. More if you wanted time to explore fascinating Istanbul.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as well as Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The clinic has a large number of videos available to watch on procedures, the clinic and Dr Serkan Aygın.

No, procedures are carried out in a licensed clinic. There are blog posts and videos detailing how the clinic is maintaining its high standards of hygiene.

No, the clinic does not have an A-licence. Not having an A-Licence means that the clinic can only conduct one transplant per doctor per day. If a medical emergency arose, the patient would be transferred to a local hospital.


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