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Asmed Hair Transplant Center Review

With prices between €5,000 and up to €12,500 for a hair transplant, Asmed Hair Transplant Center is one of the best, but most expensive hair transplant clinics in Turkey. Is it worth it or is it better to look at alternatives for your hair transplant in Istanbul?

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4,2/ 5.0

Asmed Hair Transplant Center Review Summary

Booking Process

4 / 5

The booking process on the Asmed site is clear and details the procedures well. If you’re looking for a free hair transplant consultation at Asmed hair restoration clinic, then Asmed clinic offers a sleek and thorough way to submit your details. The site has an extensive form where you can submit twelve photographs of your head. Once you have done this you are assured that you will receive a preliminary evaluation and an estimate of the approximate costs for free, from Dr. Erdogan, himself.

While it might be time-consuming to take 12 photographs of your head, the consultation appears to be very thorough and you’ll receive an extensive report for free about how to proceed. The site  also lacks a clear price list of procedures with details of additional upgrades and costs for different packages. Typically the clinic charges per graft, starting from 2,5€, which makes Asmed one of the most expensive clinics out there. 

Pre-Operational Consultations

4 / 5

Once you have booked your procedure, there will be some involvement by the clinic to help you. However, none of this information is clearly detailed on the site. It appears as though patients will need to arrange any required visas needed, themselves.

There aren’t details of preoperational shampoos or serums provided to patients. There is advice about smoking on the site but nutritional advice for patients is given upon booking. However, you’ll be given an itinerary to follow as soon as you land at the airport.

Arrival & Accommodation

5 / 5

ASMED Hair Transplant Surgical Centre is located close to the five-star Radisson Blu where patients can take advantage of reduced hotel prices. Additionally, there is the option of staying in a luxury suite at the ASMED surgical centre.

The Asmed offers airport transfers which come at an additional cost between the airport, your chosen hotel, and the clinic. If you book an airport transfer, you can expect excellent service. The clinic will even send a photo of your driver, so you can easily identify your coordinator.

Again, it would have been useful to find a breakdown of costs for the extras offered by the Asmed medical centre. There are plenty of optional extras available that are not listed in an easy-to-view price list for reader


4 / 5

The Asmed Clinic, Istanbul is an impressive facility. Health and sanitary regulations are excellent and similar to hospitals and clinics in America, the UK, or Europe. The clinic has a special team guaranteeing the sterilization and overall cleanliness throughout and, in particular, the operating rooms.

The Asmed Clinic is a dedicated clinic with several doctors and an anaesthetist. But it’s not a hospital. While it’s unlikely that any emergency would occur because of local anaesthetic and small incisions, in the worst-case scenario, you would be transferred to the nearest hospital.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement

5/ 5

At Asmed doctors and nurses will be present during your procedure, you can also expect an anaesthetist to be in the room. In addition to several doctors that will perform the surgery who are likely to speak English, a native speaker is guaranteed to be with you at all times.


3/ 5

The Asmed clinic provides patients with an aftercare package included in the hair graft price. This includes instructions of what to do and when to expect results along with a pillow, shampoo, lotion, and spray.  The  post operational consultations are included as well.  Asmed doesn’t guarantee any results as they do not consider this ethical, however the results are among the best in the industry. 


We Rate Asmed Hair Transplant Center


In reviewing the Asmed clinic, it’s important to not lose sight of the average cost of a hair graft in Turkey which is just €0.80. This is less than a third of the basic price at the Asmed of €2.50 per graft. 

Asmed certainly offers a top-of-the-range option and several people take it. If you are looking for a short luxury stay in Turkey with state-of-the-art facilities, accommodation, and expertise, then Asmed is an excellent choice. But it all comes at over triple the average price in Turkey. You can find better value options around, still with first-class facilities by browsing our other reviews.

People are often happy to pay more when it comes to cosmetic surgery and their hair, but it’s important to note that there are no guarantees with any surgery. Despite the price point of Dr. Erdogan and the Asmed clinic, there are no guarantees offered.

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Asmed Fue Hair Transplants Are Done By Dr Koray Erdogan

Those booking a hair transplant at Asmed are often interested in having a hair transplant done by Dr. Koray Erdogan himself.
Dr. Erdogan is regarded as a pioneer in the field of hair transplantation. Many of the methods and tools used at the clinic have been designed by him, such as the KEEP, Koray Erdogan Embedding Placer, the KE-Bot, and the KE-Rest. But Dr. Erdogan can’t perform all the hair transplants that take place at the Asmed medical centre.
The hair clinic works in a way that is not dissimilar to a designer hairdresser. For an additional fee, you can have Dr. Erdogan make the incisions. An expert team will then complete the process and embed the hairs, once the direction and angle of the hair have been determined by him.
Most people will have a hair transplant that is overseen by Dr Erdogan and performed by other highly trained doctors.

Before and After Pictures

Asmed Hair Transplant Before And After Results

Below you can find some of the before and after pictures provided by Asmed Hair Transplant Center.

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Methods and Treatments

Asmed Hair Transplantation Methods And Treatments

While Asmed performs FUT hair transplantations, the most popular method is FUE where hair follicles are harvested individually. Innovations that you’ll find at the Asmed clinic can improve the effectiveness of this treatment. 

If you require a larger number of grafts, then a mega session can be arranged involving more surgeons to harvest and embed the follicles. A maximum number of grafts per session is still 3,000, so the surgery can be conducted over consecutive days for some patients.

Costs and Packages

Asmed hair transplant cost and price – What is included in the hair transplant package?

There are several packages that you can have at the Asmed. But, there is not a detailed price list on the site to see how much extras are.

Costs are detailed as 2.5 euros per graft which include:

There are options to upgrade to the Radisson Blu with reduced rates at this five-star hotel. Or you can take a luxury suite at the Asmed clinic, if it’s available. An airport transfer is also an extra to be added to the price.

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Is Asmed On Instagram?

Yes, Asmed is on IG as well as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Is Asmed Performing Surgeries In A Hospital?

No, they are performed at a licensed Medical Center with a range of facilities.

Does Asmed have an A-License?

Yes, by the Turkish Ministry of Health and under the Turkish Health Tourism regulations. Hair transplant surgeons at the clinic are also accredited members of the ESHRS, ISHR & IAHRS.

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