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How Long Does a Hair Transplant Take?

How Long Does a Hair Transplant Take

There are many common questions asked by prospective patients, but this one comes up more frequently than most. The age-old question of ‘how long does a hair transplant take?’ is a sensible one to ask.

The length of the procedure forms part of your planning, and it’s good to get a full understanding before you travel. In this article, we look at how long a hair transplant takes, and what influencing factors can impact it.

What Influences How Long a Hair Transplant Takes?

What influences how long a hair transplant takes

The very first thing that your doctor will decide is how many grafts you need. This will depend on the severity of your hair loss, measured using the Norwood Scale. Simply put, the more grafts, the longer it will take. Harvesting and implantation is a very meticulous process and doctors cannot rush.

Another influencing factor in the length of a hair transplant is the method used. Again, the method chosen will depend on your hair loss as well as your budget, as techniques vary in price. Newer approaches like FUE and DHI take longer than FUT as they place more emphasis on precision. Both FUE and DHI are also advertised as minimal scarring, so more time and care need taking.

These are the two main things that will impact how long your transplant takes to carry out. Another common one is the capabilities of the clinic and the surgical doctor. Better technology and a more experienced transplant specialist are likely to be faster.

So How Long Does a Hair Transplant Actually Take?

As we have explained, the number of variables makes it difficult to be exact. That said, the average hair transplant takes anywhere between 4 and 8 hours.

Clinics do things differently, and it may be that you have the entire transplant done in one sitting. Otherwise, this gets split between two, or even three sessions, depending on each case. Remember, most hair transplants now offer needle-free anaesthetic and virtually painless procedures. So, despite it being quite a lengthy process, it shouldn’t be too uncomfortable.

The majority of hair transplant clinics in Turkey offer an all-inclusive service. This includes transport to and from the clinic as well as a stay at a luxury hotel. So the good news is that after a long day having your hair transplant, you can relax in style.

Is a Hair Transplant Worth Having?

You might be looking at the 4 to 8-hour timescale and wondering if the end result is worth it. Look at it this way – it’s a day of waiting around having the procedure done, for a lifetime of new hair.

The before-and-after results of hair transplants are staggering. As technology continues to develop, they’re becoming even more impressive. Suitability for a transplant is subject to doctor approval. If approved, you will see a dramatic difference, resulting in fuller, thicker hair. So ultimately the answer is yes, regardless of how long your procedure may take, it’s absolutely worth having.

Finding The Right Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

If you’re wondering how to go about finding a hair transplant clinic in Turkey, you’re certainly in the right place. Hairline Transplant Turkey has hundreds of reviews of clinics throughout the country.

We look at important aspects, including costs, techniques, facilities at the clinic and what you get for your money. So check our reviews to save yourself plenty of time and stress, and contact us if you need any further help and advice.