Clinmedica Istanbul Review

Clinmedica Istanbul is a clinic specialising in hair transplantation and plastic surgery. Having helped over 50,000 patients, their mission statement includes a commitment to restoring confidence and changing lives. If you are considering a hair transplant in Istanbul
chances are that you’re looking for the best place to do it. In this review, we assess the and services and processes at Clinmedica to help you decide whether it’s the clinic for you.

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Clinmedica Turkey Review Summary

Booking process


Looking past the questionable design choices, the Clinmedica Istanbul website is a fantastic place for hair transplant resources. Not only will you find pages of helpful information, but there is great FAQ area which addresses many of the most common patient questions. You will find detailed overviews of hair transplant methods including pros and cons for each. This is a great way for you to familiarise yourself with the techniques available and which you might prefer.

As with most clinics, your journey begins with Clinmedica by booking a free hair loss consultation. The great news, though, is there there a comprehensive fixed price list for you to see beforehand. Starting at €2,090, their prices aren’t the lowest we have seen, but the list of what is included is endless. This makes the booking process so much better, and you know exactly what you will spend before even making contact.

(Pre-operational) Consultations


Your travel plans are clear from the outset, meaning there’s one less thing for you to worry about. You will know exactly where you need to be, when, and for how long. The only thing left for you to do in regards to travel is to arrange your own flights.

Unfortunately you will not receive a pre-operational kit, but this is not a deal-breaker, and actually, very few clinics offer this when dealing with international patients. It’s a shame that there isn’t the ability to have a pre-operational consultation by zoom. A consultation like this can help to assess your hair loss and planned procedure more thoroughly.

Arrival & Accommodation


As well as taking care of all of the arrangements ahead of your trip to Turkey, Clinmedica are also there for you when you arrive.

You will be taken to your luxury hotel by your English-speaking driver who will be there to meet you at the airport. As well as airport transportation, the travel between your hotel and the clinic itself is also included. Your accommodation is booked for 3 nights, leaving plenty of time for preparation and recovery either side of your procedure.

It’s a shame that the clinic don’t specify exactly which hotels they use for a better indication of where you will be staying. Despite this, it’s 5-star and so you can expect a touch of luxury during your stay. The only criticism we have of the arrival processes is that your blood tests are not completed on arrival, but again, this isn’t make or break.



So far so good. Clinmedica do a great job of the booking process, there’s plenty of help before your procedure and fantastic service on arrival. To top all of this off, we’ve awarded a 5 out of 5 for their seriously impressive facilities. The clinic conducts its surgeries across some of the best hospitals in Istanbul, all backed by the coveted Turkish A-License.

You will enjoy the latest state-of-the-art technology and the best in patient care and comfort, including an ergonomic chair and bed for your recovery. It’s not just hair transplants being carried out at these clinics, other services include many types of plastic surgery, as well as dental cosmetics. You will be spending your time in a true 5-star medical environment.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement


Clinmedica explains that their hair transplant procedures are carried out by the most experienced plastic surgeons and specialists in Turkey. This is great, but unfortunately there’s no information about who these doctors are specifically, and what experience or accreditations they have. There is also no mention of the nursing team or other staff at the clinic. One thing we always like to see is the promise of an English-speaking team, and this is something Clinmedica guarantees.



The aftercare services at Clinmedica are disappointing, especially considering their quality thus far. There are no payment options available and so you will need to be able to finance the procedure yourself in full. This is particularly poor considering that their prices aren’t the cheapest, and so could be made more affordable with payment plans. There is also very little in the way of aftercare medication or support. However, we do have to give a special mention to their guarantee. Not only do they guarantee growth and no loss of implanted grafts, they provide a lifetime warranty.

Conclusion - We rate Clinmedica Turkey 3 out of 5

Clinmedica have achieved a fairly impressive score of 3 out of 5 for their hair transplant clinic and services. Everything is made as simple as possible for the patient from the very beginning, starting with clear pricing options and a quick booking process.

High quality accommodation and a world-class facility contributes greatly to the final Clinmedica score, too. Their company mission and values promise high quality care and a customer-centric environment, and boy do they deliver on both. You will be comfortable, well taken care of, and have a hair transplant using some of the most modern technology for optimum results.

Perhaps the single most impressive aspect of the Clinmedica service is their lifetime warranty. They’re so confident in what they do, that they will guarantee satisfactory results for the rest of your life. This should give you the upmost confidence that you’re going to get a great quality hair transplant.

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Hair Transplant Team

Are Clinmedica Turkey hair transplants done by qualified doctors?

The Clinmedica website claims that all of their procedures are carried out by leading doctors in the hair transplant field. While we can believe it, we would much prefer to see some real evidence. Doctor names and profiles can go a long way, and it’s extra piece of mind for a patient too who may want to do their own research. This is a quick-fix, though, and we wouldn’t let it put anybody off booking.

As well as this information about the surgical doctors, we would like to see an insight into the other people working at the clinic. Disappointingly, there is no reference to nursing staff, which is important considering they are the ones that will be taking care of you during your hair transplant. Further information on the clinic staff and surgical doctors would see the Clinmedica review score increase, as this is one of their biggest drawbacks.

Before and After Pictures

Clinmedica Turkey Results And Before and After Pictures

There are plenty of Clinmedica reviews available on their website, and by clicking through to, where they are rated 5-stars. Despite the availability of reviews, it’s surprisingly difficult to find before and after pictures. Most of their social media posts are of the staff and the inside of the clinic, but not of patients or results. This could be easily improved.


Methods and Treatments

Clinmedica Turkey Transplantation Methods & Treatments

Clinmedica provide patients with the latest in hair transplant technology and techniques. FUE, Sapphire FUE and DHI are their 3 primary methods used, each with their own price tag. The type of hair transplant you have will depend on where your hair loss falls on the Norwood Scale, the universal measurement for male pattern baldness.

Other services offered by Clinmedica include afro hair transplants, hair transplants for women and beard or eyebrow restoration. Separately from hair services, the clinic provides breast surgery, facial plastic surgery and all aspects of dental cosmetics. That’s not all, you can even have laser eye surgery and IVF at Clinmedica.

Costs and Packages

Clinmedica Turkey Cost of Hair Transplants, Available Packages And Extras

Clinmedica Turkey has transparent fixed pricing, so that every patient gets the same value. Prices start from €2,090 for the standard FUE package and increase to €2,340 for Sapphire FUE. The most expensive option is €3,100, which is for the high-end DHI technique. Regardless of which you choose, the following aspects are all included in your price:

  • Procedure Cost
  • 3 Night Hotel Accommodation
  • English-Speaking Medical Team
  • Lifetime Warranty

Albeit the prices are higher than in some other clinics in Istanbul, you’re getting a lot for your money with Clinmedica. Every aspect of your stay in Turkey is taken care of, and you also know that you’re getting a transplant at one of the best clinics in the country.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Clinmedica is on Instagram and can be found with the handle @clinmedica. Their profile is in English and is fairly active, but unfortunately there’s not many before and after examples or results published.

Yes. Clinmedica Turkey carries out all of its procedures in state-of-the-art hospitals across Istanbul. They have contracts with several hospitals including Memorial, Medipol and Hospitadent.

Yes. Clinmedica Turkey has an A-License and is regulated by the Turkish Government. This is the ultimate sign of quality and is the highest accreditation a hospital can get in Turkey.


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