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By Hair Clinic Turkey Review

Looking for a hair transplant in Istanbul? By Hair Clinic Turkey is one of many to choose from. They promise three days in a 4-5 star hotel with several extras including VIP transfer, plasma treatment and a warranty certificate.
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By Hair Clinic Turkey Rating


2.17 / 5.0

Booking Process
Arrival & Accommodation
Surgery & Doctors

By Hair Clinic Turkey Review Summary

Booking Process

3 / 5

Welcome to the world of hair transplantation! Getting a hair transplant in Turkey is a great idea if you are wanting to restore your crowning glory at a fraction of the price. But when you begin to try and find a safe and affordable clinic, things start getting complicated. No single clinic seems to give all the information you want. There is always either deliberately or accidentally missing information making the process more about guesswork. By hair clinic Turkey is the epitome of a confusing hair transplant clinic website.

When you log on to the website the first thing we noticed was that the website is unsecure. So do not pay deposits on this website. The home page presents a package deal immediately so we were hopeful of a transparent site. But to get an actual price you need to enter your details and someone will call you back. Or you can use the 5 minute Whattsap chat to get more information and presumably a quote. The site gives some basic information about procedures and is written in good English. But there’s no information about the team.

Pre-Operational Consultations

1 / 5

By hair clinic like many clinics didn’t do very well at scoring in this section. A hair transplant is more successful if the scalp is prepared first. If a thorough examination is performed, then the correct solutions and shampoos can be used prior to surgery to get the best possible result.

This is an area that a lot of clinics fall down on and there is no mention of nutritional supplements to prepare your body either. We couldn’t find any information about whether you can reschedule. So other than getting an itinerary before you travel, By clinic scores only one point in this section.

Arrival & Accommodation

4 / 5

With limited written content about the package, we watched the Youtube video on the English home page to find out more. The video follows a patient as he arrives for his By Hair clinic procedure.

It’s just as well there are subtitles, otherwise you’ll need to brush up on your high school French. Regardless of the video being in French which lacks a certain level of professionalism, the video does show the patient being taken to what seems like a very acceptable and pleasant hotel room in a complex with a nice pool.

If you wanted to keep yourself to yourself, By Hair Clinic has other ideas. On day one, the clinic send staff to take you for lunch and a sightseeing tour of Istanbul. All very pleasant, but we were surprised at the rather revealing nature of the female assistants outfits as they amuse the guests. On operation day, the same scantily clad assistants will come and take you to the clinic. If that’s what you enjoy you’re sure to have a great stay while you have your procedure but it does lack a certain level of professionalism.


2 / 5

The By Hair Clinic scored just two in this section. They appear to be very good when it comes to hospitality never leaving your side during your stay. That extends to making sure that you get lunch while you have your transplant. The clinic also uses advanced tools to make sure that your procedure is natural looking which scored them a further point.

The downside is that By Hair clinic like the majority of hair transplant clinics are just that – clinics. The By Hair Clinic looks nothing more than an acceptable to high end beauticians. It’s not a hospital, they don’t have an A-license and in the highly unlikely chance you had a reaction to the anaesthesia or had any other difficulties you would be transported to a hospital.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement

0 / 5

It’s difficult to assess but there doesn’t seem to be any involvement by an actual doctor. There are plenty of people in the video that might be doctors and nurses but we think if there were they’d mention it. The By Hair Clinic relies on generic information a great deal and videos to tell their story. But while that answers some questions it doesn’t answer many.


3 / 5

By Hair Clinic scores well in this section, although there are not after care products or post operational consultations. But the clinic scores an extra two points because they offer plasma treatment as standard in the package (even though we don’t know the price), and another point is given because they offer financing. This could very well be a deciding factor for many people as not everyone can afford to pay for a hair transplant in full which is going to be at least 1100EUR.

But be aware, that you could end up paying far more with a finance package. The clinic also scores an extra point because they offer a warranty with their hair transplant. But aside from saying they offer a warranty there are no further details about this. What is a warranty with a hair transplant, anyway? That is yet another unanswered question in the minefield that is By Hair Clinic’s website.


We Rate By Hair Clinic


By Hair Clinic didn’t get a particularly high score by our criteria. It’s important to consider what we scored the clinic for. Yes they get a point because they serve you lunch while you have your operation. But that’s no major thing.

When it comes to more important criteria, such as is the company operating in a hospital, the answer is no. When it comes to information about doctors, there is none. Yes By Hair Clinic get points for including a 3 day stay in a 4-5 star hotel, which is great. No one wants a dirty, outdated hotel and a miserable stay. But let’s face it, anyone can offer a 4-5 star hotel or you could book that yourself.

That’s not a very important factor. Not least, while you are assured of high quality accommodation, you are not given a price. So the offer is somewhat meaningless. There are no prices anywhere, so it’s frustrating. It’s impossible to tell whether By Hair Clinic is a low, medium or high priced clinic.

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Are By Hair Clinic transplants done by qualified doctors?

The section regarding doctor involvement is perhaps the most important part of our review. And you’ll note they score zero. The video shows no evidence of whether By Hair Clinic have any qualified doctors. There are no well-known doctors detailed. There is no team gallery and no mention that the procedures are performed by doctors. This is very concerning, and it seems if you had doctors you’d mention it. There is absolutely no indication of a doctor in any of the procedures, whether it’s overseeing either the harvesting, opening of channels, or giving anaesthesia.

We recommend watching the video on the site to find out more, but don’t if you are squeamish. The video shows close ups of beard and hair transplants moments after completion, and believe us, it is not pleasant viewing. The point we need to stress is that no doctor is mentioned anywhere on this site. The word is not used. Is this an oversight, or is it intentional? We think it’s more than likely intentional.

Before and After Pictures

By Hair Clinic Turkey Results And Before and After Pictures

By Hair Clinic Turkey is a perfect example of the differences in culture you face when shopping for a hair transplant in Turkey. Yes there are lots of before and after pictures for you to see. Aside from that though there is also a stream of short staged videos from supposedly happy patients. Except with their shaved heads and bloodied scabbed heads from surgery performed just minutes ago, the ‘delighted’ patients look a little like paraded prisoners – all of them saying how well they have been treated giving a forced thums up sign. The videos might seem like a great idea to By Hair Clinic’s marketing team but they tell you little about the clinic or the transplant. With surgeries completed so recently who can tell if these patients will still be happy in a year from their surgery?

Getting a Hair Transplant in Istanbul Was Never Easier

Methods and Treatments

By Hair Clinic Turkey Transplantation Methods & Treatments

By Hair Clinic offers FUE and DHI transplantation as well as plasma treatment. You’ll probably know the basics of these methods if you’ve researched a little. The transplantations at the clinic are performed on the head, eyebrows, beard or moustache area. They clinic don’t offer any other services. Which is fine, but we think it may offer a clue as to whether there is even a doctor working here.

With many Turkish hair transplantation clinics you’ll find there’s often dental and cosmetic surgeries available as well, so there are definitely doctors working there. But with just these limited services we are more than inclined to draw the conclusion that By Hair Clinic is working without not just a specialist hair transplantation surgeon but without an anaesthetist or any medically qualified doctor at all.

Costs and Packages

By Hair Clinic Turkey Cost of Hair Transplants, Available Packages And Extras

The By Hair Clinic Turkey falls down in many places with no hospital and potentially no doctors. But aside from that there are no prices anywhere, not even a ballpark figure. Some companies believe that hiding the cost is a good idea, as you’ll make an inquiry to find out what the price is. We don’t think it’s a good idea. The package offered includes:

Even in the FAQ section, the how much does a hair transplant cost question is once again irritatingly dodged with a sketchy answer which comes down to it depends on how many grafts. Well, of course, that’s true but it would be good to know how much a single graft costs at By Hair Clinic to gauge their pricing. Without any mention of a doctor, please be careful about booking a procedure with this clinic.

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Your Questions

Yes By Hair Clinic is on IG, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. There are an astonishing number of Fadebook followers with well over 100,000. Once again those of a squeamish nature might want to avoid the close ups of recently operated-on scalps displayed on FB.

By Hair Clinic performs their procedures in treatment rooms much like a high-end beauticians. The rooms appear hygenic but it’s a clinic just like it says on the tin.

No. By Hair Clinic does not have an A-license. This means that in the event of an unlikely complication you would be sent to a local hospital.

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