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At the heart of Istanbul, Turkey, Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu’s distinguished healthcare institution stands as a beacon of excellence, specializing in a diverse range of services with a focus on transformative hair transplant procedures. This detailed examination takes you on a step-by-step journey through the entirety of your experience with Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu. From the meticulous booking process and pre-operative consultations to arrival and accommodation arrangements, facility insights, surgery specifics, doctor participation, and post-operative care – discover what this clinic has to offer. Let’s assess together if this is the ideal choice for your hair transplant needs, ensuring a confident and informed decision.

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Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu Review Summary

This review was originally published in January 2024 to ensure its relevance and accuracy. If you have any feedback about Hair Center of Turkey or want to talk to former patients of Hair Center of Turkey, post it in the Hair Back App.

Our Experience with Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu: Step-by-Step

Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu‘s website has a simple and user-friendly design. The easy to use layout facilitates effortless navigation, providing visitors with an optimal browsing journey. All details concerning the procedures are accessible and the explanations are quite thorough. It is also worth noting that what is most impressive about Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu’s clinic is that it is the founder itself who carries out each one of his surgeries. Also, Dr. Sahinoglu sees no more than one patient a day to ensure the highest service quality possible.

Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu offers clear guidance on how to secure a personalized quotation. Emphasizing the significance of individual assessments for precise pricing, this approach ensures clients receive a customized package tailored to their unique needs. However, the absence of upfront pricing might leave prospective patients in a state of uncertainty.

The clinic provides multiple contact options, including a website form where you can submit your name, email, and phone number for a prompt response. Additionally, they are accessible through WhatsApp chat and Instagram, enhancing convenience and communication flexibility.

Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu

Booking Process

3.5 / 5

Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu seems simple. Prospective patients are invited to kickstart the customization of their hair transplant package by furnishing essential details and photographs. Nevertheless, the lack of a pre-established price list may be a concern for those looking for transparent cost information before making a commitment.

Upon reaching out to them and offering additional details about your specific hair loss concerns, a consultant will present you with hair transplant options tailored to meet your individual needs. This personalized approach aims to provide a more in-depth understanding of the procedures aligned with your requirements.

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Pre-Operational Consultations

3.1 / 5

Before the actual procedure, Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu guarantees that each patient will undergo complete pre-operative consultations. Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu himself conducts these consultations, carefully assessing the patient’s hair loss condition, engaging in discussions about the desired outcomes, and formulating a personalized treatment plan. 

Arrival & Accommodation

3 / 5

It is unclear whether Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu’s clinic offers a hotel stay. According to the website, we learnt that after booking their flights, patients must send their flight details to the clinic, and then await the clinic’s assistance in booking their accommodation. However, no further details are provided.

Furthermore, the website lacks clarity on whether meals are included in these packages, a crucial consideration for clients managing their budget. Clarifying this aspect is vital to prevent unforeseen costs during the stay.


3.2 / 5

The facility, accredited internationally, employs state-of-the-art technology and equipment to ensure the incorporation of the latest advancements in hair transplant techniques, guaranteeing the highest levels of sterilisation and disinfection procedures available.

Boasting an A-License certification, the clinic prioritizes the well-being of each patient. Individualized care is further emphasized with private rooms assigned to every patient, enhancing comfort and providing a personalized environment for dedicated care.

Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu
Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu
Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu

Surgery & Doctor Involvement

3.8 / 5

The procedures at Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu use grafts, containing one to four hairs, extracted through either the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) methods. FUT, or the “Strip Excision” technique, removes a strip of donor scalp containing multiple grafts, leaving a linear scar. Microscopic processing prepares the grafts for transplantation, with trichophytic closure minimizing scarring. Advancements in technology make FUE’s growth rates comparable to or even better than FUT.


3 / 5

While Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu mentions aftercare services, including medications, such as anti-swelling, analgesic and antibiotic, following a patient’s hair replacement procedure. However, the specific contents of these medications are not clear. Clear communication regarding post-operative care, encompassing the provision of aftercare products and consultations, is crucial to ensure a seamless recovery process.

conclusion expert review

Lisa writer at

We Rate Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu


While Dr. Kayihan Sahinoglu’s hair transplant clinic undoubtedly offers a comprehensive and transformative experience, a few areas warrant critical consideration. The meticulous journey from booking to post-operative care, while thorough, may benefit from more accessible information for prospective clients, ensuring a smoother decision-making process.

The detailed exploration of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) methods is commendable. However, a more nuanced discussion about the potential drawbacks or limitations of each technique would provide a balanced perspective for those seeking a well-informed choice.

While FUE’s punch-like extraction device minimizes visible scarring, the extensive punctures required for graft extraction might raise concerns for some individuals, and a more in-depth discussion on potential post-procedural discomfort could be beneficial.

In evaluating the clinic’s commitment to aesthetic outcomes, the discussion around FUT’s linear scar, despite trichophytic closure, warrants transparency about potential scarring visibility in specific cases.

Despite these considerations, Dr. Kayihan Sahinoglu’s clinic remains a solid choice, offering advanced methodologies, commitment to patient care, and impressive results. Our rating reflects a recognition of these strengths while acknowledging the importance of addressing these nuanced aspects for a more comprehensive client experience.

If you seek guidance in finding the best hair transplant in Turkey for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to me!


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Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu Background Information


Meet the Founder: Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu

Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu, the visionary behind this hair transplant clinic, has earned an unwavering reputation for consistent excellence in the field. His commitment to delivering unparalleled results attracts patients from around the globe, with a remarkable 85% of their clientele comprising international visitors. The daily influx of patients seeking Dr Sahinoglu’s expertise highlights the trust placed in his hands, drawing patients not only from Europe but also from the United States.

Dr Sahinoglu’s track record (claiming to have performed over 5000 hair transplants so far) and expertise make it evident why he stands as the foremost choice for individuals considering hair transplantation. 

Before and After Pictures

Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu Hair Transplant Before And After Results

While exploring Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu, we came across a collection of Before and After hair transplant pictures that effectively showcase the outcomes of their procedures. Regrettably, the provided information lacks details regarding the number of grafts employed to achieve these visible results.

Getting a Hair Transplant in Istanbul Was Never Easier

Methods and Treatments

Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu Hair Transplantation Methods And Treatments

Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu specializes in transplantation, offering a spectrum such as FUE, DHI, and Hybrid hair transplantation techniques, meticulously designed by Dr Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu himself. Thorough examination and analysis of thinned hair before transplantation ensure optimal results, providing patients with permanent and natural-looking hair.

Costs and Packages

Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu hair transplant cost and price - What is included in the hair transplant package?

The total cost of the package is contingent upon the specific procedure chosen and the number of grafts to be transplanted. To receive a quotation for a hair transplant Turkey package from Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu, prospective clients are required to furnish their details along with four head pictures. Following this, a consultant will craft a personalized package.

Typical inclusions in Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu packages consist of:

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Your Questions

You can find Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu on Youtube, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

No, all procedures are carried out at its specialised clinic in the cosmopolitan neighbourhood of Atasehir, in Istanbul.

Yes, Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu is a honorary member of the ISHRS and ABHRS (both certificates are on his website).

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Our dedicated team of experts is readily available to assist you. Whether you have inquiries about the cost of hair transplantation or the procedure itself, feel free to reach out. You can either give us a call or complete the contact form, and we’ll be delighted to provide the information you need.

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