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Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic Review

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Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic presents itself as a distinguished healthcare provider in Istanbul, Turkey. Our comprehensive review unveils the seamless journey with Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic, covering booking, pre-operative consultations, arrival, accommodation, facility insights, surgery details, doctor involvement, and exceptional aftercare. Your guide to a transformative experience starts here.

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Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic Review Summary

This review was originally published in December 2023 and updated in January 2024 to ensure its relevance and accuracy. If you have any feedback about Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic or want to talk to former patients of Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic, post it in the Hair Back App.

Our Experience with Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic: Step-by-Step

Dr. Resul Yaman, a distinguished figure in hair transplantation, boasts over 13 years of experience, having restored confidence to thousands globally. His website lives up to this image and provides plenty of comprehensive information on most doubts that potential clients might have.

Renowned for DHI and FUE hair transplants in Turkey, his clinic is a pinnacle of cutting-edge technology. Dr. Yaman’s clinic guarantees personalized care, limited daily patients, and complimentary hotel transfers. An active contributor to professional communities, he’s featured in esteemed publications.

Driven by a personal experience with hair loss, which adds up to his credibility, Dr Resul Yaman’s Clinic stands out by providing detailed information on how potential patients can best prepare for a hair transplant, with in depth descriptions. Furthermore, the clinic offers a free consultation option via a contact form available on the website.


Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic

Booking Process

3.6 / 5

Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic’s booking process seems easy to go through. By providing details and pictures of their scalp, potential patients start the personalization of their hair transplant package. There is also a chart with prices, where it is explained how much is the cost of the different types of grafts, as well as the amount used.

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Pre-Operational Consultations

3.2 / 5

Before the actual procedure takes place, Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic guarantees that each patient will be submitted to a complete set of pre-operative consultations. These consultations are carried out either by himself or by highly experienced doctors from his team, who carefully assess the patient’s hair loss condition, then discuss the desired results, and finally formulate a personalized treatment plan.

Arrival & Accommodation

3.3 / 5

One of Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic’s strong points lies in the availability of a 24/7 consultant/interpreter who speaks each client’s language. Clients are assured of a comfortable stay in either a 3, 4 or 5-star hotel, depending on their chosen package, coupled with VIP transfers for maximum comfort.

However, the website doesn’t specify whether meals are included in these packages, which could be an important detail for clients on a budget. Clarification on this aspect earlier on is fundamental to avoid unexpected costs during the stay.


3.6 / 5

The Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic website showcases their commitment to patient comfort, with mentions of entertainment, and constant support and availability from the medical staff. However, there is no information on whether patients will be served meals during the day of the procedure, which can take up to seven hours. 

Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic highlights its commitment to providing high-quality treatments with advanced technologies and provides a whole guide on each different technique, with an in-depth explanation on their website.

According to the website, the hair transplant procedures at the Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic usually span a duration of 5 to 7 hours, although this timeframe depends mainly on the quantity of grafts being transplanted.

With an A-License certification, the clinic vows to live up to the highest standards of sanitation, prioritizing the well-being of every patient. Furthermore, each individual is assigned a private room for increased comfort. However, I would have found it more reassuring if there were pictures of the clinic’s premises.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement

3 / 5

Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic provides an overview of the hair transplant procedures they offer, including FUE and DHI. There is also detailed information about the surgical team’s lead’s qualifications.  

However, on Dr Resul Yaman’s Hair Clinic website, I saw mentions of up to 6000 grafts implants, which seemed odd. The most that hair clinics can provide in terms of graft quantity is generally, about 5000. 

Considering that a hair transplant that will use 5000 grafts takes up to 8 or 9 hours, the amount of 6000 sounded somewhat unrealistic. Additionally, if we take into account the fact that Dr. Yaman’s website explicitly states that procedures last between 5 and 7 hours, it made me wonder as to how much time it would be needed in order to perform a transplant of 6000. 


3.8 / 5

Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic mentions aftercare services as part of their packages, and ensures that all patients will be given post-operative care, including the provision of any additional aftercare products and consultations they might need.

However, Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic’s services would be even more attractive if there were any financing options available.

conclusion expert review

Lisa writer at

We Rate Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic


Upon investigating Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic’s TrustPilot page, we discovered that there are no reviews, while on other alternative websites, we found plenty of positive reviews. However, due to the limited amount of reviews, we cannot provide a conclusive statement on whether Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic is to be recommended or not.

It’s important to approach claims on hair transplant clinic websites with a critical eye, as there can be variations in the techniques used, the expertise of the surgical team, and the specific needs of each patient. The number of grafts that can be transplanted in a single session depends on several factors, including the patient’s donor hair availability, the transplant method used, and the skill of the surgeon.

While it’s not impossible to transplant 6000 grafts in a single session, it is indeed on the higher end and might be a cause for skepticism. The density and coverage achieved also depend on the recipient area’s condition and the overall quality of the grafts.

The duration of a hair transplant procedure can vary based on the complexity and the number of grafts being transplanted. As you rightly pointed out, procedures involving 5000 grafts typically take a considerable amount of time, often ranging from 8 to 9 hours. If a clinic claims to perform a 6000-graft transplant in 5 to 7 hours, it could raise questions about the thoroughness and precision of the procedure.

It’s recommended to consult directly with the clinic, ask specific questions about the procedure, and seek testimonials or reviews from previous patients. Additionally, consider getting a second opinion from another reputable hair transplant specialist to ensure that the proposed treatment plan aligns with realistic expectations for your specific case. Always prioritize safety, expertise, and transparency when choosing a hair transplant clinic.

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Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic Background Information


Meet the Founder: Dr Resul Yaman

The clinic was founded in 2009, by Dr. Resul Yaman, a seasoned hair transplant surgeon with over 13 years of experience. Dr Yaman is renowned for his expertise in DHI and FUE procedures. Operating out of a well-equipped clinic, he provides personalized care, limiting daily patients to ensure individual attention. Beyond his surgical proficiency, Dr. Yaman is an active member of professional communities, contributing to industry publications.

Motivated by his personal struggle with hair loss during medical studies, he entered the field to make a meaningful impact on those facing similar challenges. Specializing not only in hair transplants but also in eyebrow, mustache, and beard procedures, Dr. Yaman brings a blend of experience, compassion, and transformative results to his patients.

Before and After Pictures

Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic Hair Transplant Before And After Results

While exploring Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic, we came across a collection of Before and After hair transplant pictures that effectively showcase the outcomes of their procedures. Unlike most clinics, each picture was accompanied by a complete description of the number of grafts used to achieve these results.

Getting a Hair Transplant in Istanbul Was Never Easier

Methods and Treatments

Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic Hair Transplantation Methods And Treatments

The clinic specializes in Direct Hair Transplants (DHI) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedures, utilizing the advanced Sapphire FUE Transplant method.

In the Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) procedure, a specialized tool, often referred to as the Choi pen or implanter pen, is utilized. This method entails the individual extraction of hair follicles from the donor area, making it particularly beneficial for those in the early stages of hair loss seeking protective solutions through transplant surgery.

On the other hand, the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant is a minimally invasive approach designed for achieving natural results. This technique involves densely implanting a mix of single hair and multi-grafts. What distinguishes the Sapphire method from standard FUE transplants is the utilization of a sapphire blade, known for causing less tissue damage and promoting faster healing.

Costs and Packages

Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic hair transplant cost and price - What is included in the hair transplant package?

The total cost of the package is contingent upon the procedure chosen and the number of grafts that will be transplanted. To receive a quotation for a hair transplant Turkey package from Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic, prospective clients are required to furnish their details along with pictures of their scalp. Following this, a consultant will craft a personalized package.

Typical inclusions in Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic packages consist of:

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You can find Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, Twitter and Reddit.

No, all procedures are carried out in his specialised clinic in Istanbul.

Yes. According to the clinic’s website they are certified.

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