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Dr Serdar Çağlayan Review

The Dr Serdar Çağlayan clinic provides hair loss solutions with the latest methods and technology. And, thanks to their lead doctor’s knowledge and experience since 1994, the centre has become among the most popular places to have a hair transplant in Istanbul. Upon further research on this clinic, here’s what we have found.

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2.5 / 5.0

Booking Process
Arrival & Accommodation
Surgery & Doctors

Dr Serdar Çağlayan Review Summary

Booking Process

4 / 5

Booking an appointment at Dr Serdar Çağlayan hair transplant clinic can be quickly done on their website. Once you log in to their site, you’ll be asked to fill in an appointment form, which is straightforward and easy to read. Following this, one of the members of their team of experts will ask you for photos related to your hair loss. They will then analyse your pictures to determine an operation plan and pricing estimates and get back to you via Whatsapp or Email.

If you decide to proceed with treatment after this stage, you will need to fill a patient registration and disclosure form. Also available on the website are details of their procedures and extensive information on the clinic so that their clients are well informed. Relevant info about members of their medical team has been included, along with some of their pictures.

Pre-Operational Consultations

1 / 5

After you have purchased your flight ticket, you’ll be asked to send a booking confirmation. In this confirmation, you should also state whether a member of your family will join you on your trip for the necessary arrangements to be made. The site mentions that you should not take alcohol at least three days before your procedure and also advises on the supplements to avoid during this period.

There is no information as to whether the clinic offers any pre-operational consultations anywhere on their site. Details on pre-operational kits are also not available. For any queries you might want answers to about their pre-op services, they do provide a contact you can call 24/7. All in all, the site is lacking enough info on measures to take for the days leading up to the procedure.

Arrival & Accommodation

3 / 5

The Dr Serdar Çağlayan team makes all the arrangements concerning your stay. They can also make your flight plan provided you give adequate information on where you come from and the airport you would like to arrive and depart.

If you are looking to make a holiday out of this period, the clinic can organise city and shopping tours according to your wishes. Concerning your accommodation, the Dr Serdar Çağlayan clinic also has you covered. They determine the hotel alternatives that are nearest to the clinic and cooperate with the hotels to ensure a comfortable stay.

On the downside, the site fails to specify the length of time they will book your hotels for. They also don’t mention the rating of the hotels they provide. They, however, offer VIP transfers to and from the airport as well as within the city and an interpreter to avoid the language barrier.


2 / 5

Once your front hairline is determined using a laser technique, the Dr Serdar Çağlayan team of specialists prepares you for the operation. They do this by completing the necessary procedures, such as hair design and graft calculation. The surgery is then conducted with advanced equipment and in the technique best suited for your hair loss.

The clinic has an A-license, which ensures they maintain high standards of cleanliness and safety for all their clients. Furthermore, their professional team is qualified and specialised in hair transplants. However, it would be best if you took note that this being a clinic, it is not adequately equipped with emergency facilities. In the unlikely event, there’s an issue in your procedure; you will be transferred to the nearest hospital for treatment.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement

4 / 5

The process of transplanting hair is done by a team consisting of a plastic surgeon, a physiology specialist, and a dermatologist. Dr Serdar Çağlayan is the lead surgeon at the clinic. He is well-reputed, highly experienced with hair transplants, and is dedicated to providing quality service. You are guaranteed a medical team that is conversant with English to explain every step of your procedure. Local anaesthesia is performed by an experienced anaesthetist to ensure there is no pain during the surgery.


1 / 5

After your operation is done, the doctor will prescribe painkillers and other medicines to use to ease your pain and speed up your recovery process. Their website does not say whether there are any post-op consultations included, but there is useful information on how to take care of your scalp. If your results are unsatisfactory, a corrective treatment will be organized by the Dr. Serdar Çağlayan clinic. However, this is unlikely as it provides all its clients with a 90% hair growth guarantee, which means they are dedicated to delivering excellent results.


We Rate Dr Serdar Çağlayan


There are many perks of having your hair transplant at Dr Serdar Çağlayan. For starters, they have been operating since 1993; hence, your treatment is under safe hands with experienced doctors.

The Dr Serdar Çağlayan clinic uses modern techniques to cater to all their cases. Additionally, they plan your entire trip and processes with an added allowance of touring with your relatives or friends. You can also enjoy the privilege of getting services from VIP transfers, accommodation, and interpreters. Another great feature of the clinic is the result guarantee they provide for all clients.

That said, the Dr Serdar Çağlayan clinic has overlooked several crucial services. These include pre-op and post-op consultations, which are essential for producing the optimal outcome. Unfortunately, they also do not prioritise comfort as they do not offer lunches, entertainment, or clothes while you are at the clinic. Furthermore, they fail to specify the rating of the hotels they provide, which could be a little off-putting for clients.

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Are Dr Serdar Çağlayan procedures done by qualified doctors?

The surgeries in this clinic are performed by a team of professional specialists that work under the leadership of Dr Serdar Çağlayan. He began his medical journey at the Haceteppe University in the faculty of Medicine, where he received his degree and got his medical license afterwards. In 1993, the doctor founded Istanbul Dermatology Clinic and achieved world-wide recognition for his application of the FUE technique in pubic hair transplants in 2002. Dr Çağlayan is currently a member of the Turkish Medical Association and the Turkish Physiology Institution and provides training about cosmetics, dermatology, and hair transplants globally.

Moreover, the doctor has published 15 publications and presented 19 articles at various conferences. He is fluent in English and German, so little interpretation services are needed during his procedures, which is very convenient. On the Dr Serdar Çağlayan website, there is also ample information on his assistants at the clinic, including nurses who are crucial in each operation. The doctors are all qualified and operate according to the international standards to guarantee the best possible results.

Before and After Pictures

Dr Serdar Çağlayan Results And Before and After Pictures

If you are looking for more on what to expect from your procedure, you can find a gallery of before and after pictures on the clinic’s website. There are also useful Dr Serdar Çağlayan reviews and videos posted on their social media pages including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Google rates their services 4.2 out of 5, but this does not accurately reflect its offerings as it is only based on 20 reviews.

Dr Serdar Çağlayan reviews: Before and After Pictures
Getting a Hair Transplant in Istanbul Was Never Easier

Methods and Treatments

Dr Serdar Çağlayan Transplantation Methods & Treatments

When it comes to hair transplant with the latest technology, two techniques come into mind. These are the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and the Direct Hair Implant (DHI) methods. Luckily, they use both techniques for hair restoration at Dr Serdar Çağlayan and are applied according to the number of grafts to be transplanted.

In addition to hair transplants on the head, Dr Serdar Çağlayan conducts transplants in other areas including, eyebrows, eyelids, and pubic areas. Also, they perform scar removals and plasma therapy treatments to help prevent further hair loss after your surgery. Their procedures are for all genders and are geared towards improving your overall aesthetic in the best way possible.

Costs and Packages

Dr Serdar Çağlayan Costs, Available Packages And Extras

At Dr Serdar Çağlayan, there are many packages for their patients to choose from. Their costs are prepared according to the specific needs and expectations of their clients and determined during the free online consultation. The pricing is then sent to the clients as a disclosure form. Their standard package includes:

The site is not clear as to whether their aftercare shampoos and medications are included in their packages. Neither do they specify whether their involvement in planning your flights and touristic exclusions is at an extra cost. One thing that the clinic assures you is that all procedures are done by the reputable Dr Serdar Çağlayan.

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Yes, Dr Serdar Caglayan clinic has a Facebook account. It also has Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube accounts, where they post useful reviews and pictures of some of their results.

Yes, IdealofMeD is a hospital. It’s located in central Istanbul and is considered to be one of the main locations for exclusive overseas patients with over 29 specialist doctors.

Yes. Dr Serdar Caglayan clinic does have an A-license, meaning they adhere to high standards of hygiene and health to provide a safe environment for all of their clients.

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