Dr. Ziya Yavuz Hair Transplant Clinic Review

When you are looking for a hair transplant in Istanbul it’s not about cost – it’s about value, and above all trust. Hair transplants typically use donor follicles from the back of the head to cover male pattern baldness on the top of the head. And those follicles are a valuable resource. Once those follicles are gone through a botched hair transplant procedure, little can be done. Well in this review we think we’ve discovered a real gem that you can trust – the Dr. Ziya Yavuz hair transplant clinic.

Find out why in this complete review.

Dr. Ziya Yavuz Hair Transplant Clinic Review Summary

Booking process


The Dr. Ziya Yavuz hair transplant clinic starts off with an excellent score of 4 out of 5 from us. The site looks great with a little sketchy English is places if you were being very picky. There’s lots of information about the procedures, and the package, as well as Dr Yavuz. All the most important information you want is available on the home page – which you’d often find scattered over several pages on most hair transplant sites.

You can request a free quote by using the chatbox, or you can send a message via Whattsap. Alternatively you can leave your details on the contact form on the contact page. The home page details everything you get in the all inclusive package, which is great – if only there were a price, then this would have been a top score.

(Pre-operational) Consultations


The home page explains that the hair transpant process works by you emailing the clinic your flight tickets and they take it from there. So all the itinerary will be worked out from there. Unfortunately we tend to find that most clinics score poorly on this section about pre operative care.

Most clinics including Dr Yavuz’s clinics miss out on offering nutritonal supplements or kits prior to surgery. While we appreciate this might be a little difficult to achieve with overseas clinics. If you had the surgery in the UK, you would most likely have pre operative consultations and the doctor would prescribe shampoos and supplements to prepare your scalp and your body before surgery.

Arrival & Accommodation


The Dr Ziya Yavuz site has a real edge to it that feels as though a marketer of some caliber has been involved in putting it together.

In terms of arrival and accommodation, medical tourists do not want surprises, they want guarantees that they won’t be slumming it or things left to chance. A 3 nights stay at the 5-star Hilton is luxury that Western guests know and trust. Aside from your five star stay allowing you to relax before and after surgery, you also get lunch at the hospital.

That’s a nice touch. In addition as soon as you touch down you’ll get 24/7 assistance and free airport, hotel, and hospital transfers. That’s all well and good, in writing but what makes this clinic stand out from the crowd is the video on the homepage, which shows two UK patients going through the hair transplant process.



While it is not made abundantly clear it does appear that Dr Ziya Yavuz performs the surgeries at his own clinic within the Acıbadem Kadıköy Hospital. This is a complete hospital with several departments including an intensive care unit. That way you can know that you are completely safe and standards are high.

In the BBC video on the homepage one unhappy hair transplant customer explains that at some point during his lengthy surgery (which can take up to 8 hours or more), the doctors stopped and called out for takeway leaving him hungry. That won’t happen here as it is clearly stated that if your surgery is going on throughout the day, lunch will be provided.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement


We are left in no doubt that the surgery will be performed by fully qualified and specialist hair transplant doctors. All the surgeries are overseen by Dr Ziya Yavuz and it’s also good to see the inclusion of needlefree anaesthesia as standard. Most people don’t like needles and if they can be avoided, that’s great, especially at no extra cost.



We could only award 2 points to Dr Ziya Yavuz in this section which is where many clinics fall down. Aftercare products can be very expensive and it’s touch and go as to whether they are included in the package as typically they can cost around 100-200 euros per month. However, the site does say medicines and shampoos are included so we have awarded 1 point for this. Above all else, what is included is a guarantee that the operation will be successful which is of real value. It’s a shame that we couldn’t see any evidence of a finance package and rather strangely it says that the operation needs to be paid in cash. That’s rather abnormal and means you are going to have to carry a lot of currency with you, as not all banks will neccessarily let you take out the amount of cash required.

Conclusion - We rate Dr Ziya Yavuz hair transplant clinic 3.33 out of 5

Dr Ziya Yavuz scores 3.33 out of 5, and that’s a great score as we rarely find a clinic that can score above 4 with out comprehensive criteria. The clinic does well on accommodation, facilities, and the booking process.

The clinic falls down on pre-operative care and after care, but we have yet to see clinics scoring highly in our pre-operative care section. But as we mentioned previously the main thing that clients are looking for us is who can they trust with their one and only head of hair. What makes Dr Ziya Yavuz stand out in the crowd, and then some, is their BBC clip.

Dom Littlewood is a well known BBC presenter that famously tracks down rogue tradesmen and makes them answer for what they have put their customers through. In the clip, Dom follows two guys travelling to the Dr Ziya Yavuz clinic in Turkey to find out more about hair transplant tourism to Turkey. You can absolutely bet money that the BBC would NEVER suggest you went to anything other than a succecssful and trustworthy clinic. And you can also guarantee they spent a long time researching which clinic they are essentially endorsing. If we could add points for this endorsement we would. This is truly a huge boon and an incredible endorsement.

Our Top 5

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Hair Transplant Team

Are Dr Ziya Yavuz hair transplant clinic procedures done by Dr Ziya Yavuz?

Dr Ziya Yavuz is the star behind this clinic but he also works with other fully qualified doctors who are specialists in the field. After graduating in medicine in 2003, Dr Yavuz wasted no time in choosing his specialist field of hair transplantation and completed his specialist training in Aesthetic Medicine and Hair Transplants in 2005. He has worked at various clinics and hospitals from then through to 2018 when he founded his own clinic.

To date he has performed over 5,000 hair transplants which is a lot of practice! He is currently the coordinator of his own hospital and a fellow member of World Fue Institute. The video shows other doctors performing hair transplant surgery but it appears Dr Yaviz will have some input to each patients care. The website says that Dr. Yavuz draws the hairline, it then seems that other doctors take over the procedure from there.

Before and After Pictures

Dr Ziya Yavuz Hair Transplant Clinic Results And Before and After Pictures

When it comes to Dr Ziya Yavuz reviews and before and after photos we are limited to the results we can show you. There’s no reason to be alarmed though. We learned something new on Dr Yavuz’s site and it appears that displaying before after results of patients is prohibited according to the healthcare marketing laws of Turkey. If you would like to see before and after photos all you have to do is input your email address to get photos sent to you automatically which only includes photos that patients have authorized. We checked the link but in keeping with the sites wishes will not be posting the images here. Instead we have posted a picture of cat-loving Dr Yavuz.


Methods and Treatments

Dr Ziya Yavuz Hair Transplant Clinic Transplantation Methods & Treatments

Dr Ziya Yavuz offers a range of treatment options and you can also have a beard or eyebrow transplant as well. The all-inclusive package includes the SAPPHIRE FUE technique which uses finer blades which are designed to minimize scab formation. This also speed up the recovery process as the channels are smaller.

Aside from this method you may also be suitable for DHI or a non-shaven method. This method uses a choi pen to implant the hair into the recipient area. The donor area will still need to be shaved but it is done so that it is undetectable. The method is preferred by women as the whole head does not need to be shaved. However, this method is more costly and better results are observed with people who have thicker straighter hair.

Costs and Packages

Dr. Ziya Yavuz Hair Transplant Clinic Costs, Available Packages And Extras

It’s a real shame that like many hair transplant clinics, Dr. Ziya Yavuz hair transplant clinic keeps the price a secret until you apply. Yes, of course we know that a one price fits all is not what every clinic wants to offer. Unfortunately there isn’t a price per graft either, so we therefore cannot gauge whether this is a low, medium or high priced clinic.

  • Sapphire Slit
  • Needle Free Anesthesia
  • 24/7 assistance
  • Staying at 5 stars Hilton Hotel
  • Free Airport, hotel, hospital transfers
  • Lunch at Hospital
  • Medicines, Shampoo after HT
  • Special Hat
  • Guarantee Certificate
  • First Wash
  • After operation follow up


We can’t stress enough what the BBC endorsement means. There is absolutely no way that the British Broadcasting Corporation that is globally trusted is going to suggest you went to a clinic that is anything other than absolutely excellent. For this reason, we would definitely recommend this clinic to readers.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Dr Ziya Yavuz Instagram page has been neglected and there are no posts and only a few followers. But you can get info from the Facebook account. Follow him here at https://www.facebook.com/drziyayavuz.

Yes. The surgery is performed in a clinic which is part of the Acıbadem Kadıköy Hospital. This means that in the rare case you had a reaction you would already be in a fully equipped hospital capable of dealing with any health emergency.

Yes. The procedure is performed in a hospital with an A-license. This means it is regulated by the Turkish Government. The clinic also has a World Fue Institute accreditation.


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