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Emrah Cinik Hair Transplant Review

Emrah Cinik hair transplant restores your confidence with costs ranging from €2,090 to €2,900. The cost is all-inclusive and covers 4-star hotel accommodation, airport transfers and operation; the question remains, is this hair transplant in Istanbul worth it?

Emrah Cinik Hair Transplant Rating


3.0 / 5.0

Booking Process
Arrival & Accommodation
Surgery & Doctors

Emrah Cinik Hair Transplant Review Summary

Booking Process

5 / 5

Emrah Cinik clinic gets a thumbs up from us when it comes to its booking process, which is well elaborated on the website. Clients can reach out to the clinic through an online contact form, and shortly after, the team at Emrah Cinik will respond. This is the first step of the free online consultation offered by the clinic, where you will engage with Dr Emrah Cinik about your hair analysis. To determine the best course of action for your Emrah Cinik hair transplant, clients are required to provide several images of their hair for evaluation.

After the evaluation, Dr Emrah will advise you on the best treatment, and then you can proceed to book a date. A good thing about the clinic is that all the necessary information is readily available on the site for you to scrutinise. Costs of the various packages are clearly stated, and the procedure is highlighted from the start till finish. One thing to note is that the clinic requires a deposit fee of $500.

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Pre-Operational Consultations

2 / 5

The clinic only sets a date when the client is comfortable to travel to Istanbul for the hair transplant, and issues on visa arrangements are all up to the client. For the short period before you take your flight, Dr Emrah advises his clients to avoid smoking. Other than that, there was no information on the site about the clinic’s input in your travel arrangements.

Likewise, there are no recommendations on the best nutrition to maintain as you wait to have your hair transplant. What the clinic assures you, however, is that once you land in Istanbul, everything will be taken care of. After spending a night in Istanbul, there will be another intensive consultation the next day at the clinic, which aims to capture every vital detail, and a few tests will also be carried out.

Arrival & Accommodation

4 / 5

Upon your arrival in Istanbul, your driver will be waiting for you at the airport ready to take you to your hotel. Emrah Cinik has organised a three nights stay at Dedeman Istanbul Hotel, which is a luxurious 4-star hotel.

Other than comfortable rooms, the hotel will offer you breakfast and Wi-Fi. So, meals such as lunch and dinner will come at an extra cost, or you can have them outside the hotel. Your driver will be available for your internal transfers to and from Emrah Cinik Clinic. Also, the driver will be proficient in English so you won’t have to worry about the language barrier.

Your first day in the clinic is all about getting to know the staff and the doctor personally and having your blood test done. As you wait for your operation the next day and also the days after, you can go on an excursion and check out the two closest malls to the clinic—Cevahir and Zorlu shopping centres.


2 / 5

Emrah Cinik is a state-of-the-art hair transplant clinic in Istanbul with a modern design and latest equipment. The interior design of Cinik Plaza is stylish and spacious, creating a friendly and bright atmosphere. Even though the clinic says, it has 28 operating theatres; it only has one doctor meaning the number of operations done is still at a minimum.

The clinic boasts of two awards so far as indicated on their site—the Patient Service Award 2018 WhatClinic and 5-Star Treatment rating by WhatClinic. Emrah Cinik clinic will sometimes be referred to as a hospital which can be quite confusing, but more information about its other services isn’t available. In our opinion, Dr Cinik Clinic is only an advanced hair transplant facility.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement

5 / 5

Dr Emrah Cinik is the surgeon behind all operations in the clinic but is assisted by a professional and highly trained team. However, the package you choose will decide on the involvement of the doctor. Only exclusive packages will have Dr Cinik open your canals and also in case you would prefer needle-free anaesthesia; you have to pay an extra cost of €250.


0 / 5

Your first aftercare procedure is a thorough hair wash done before your transfer to the airport. During this session, Dr Emrah Cinik also gives you a demo on the post-surgery process, which includes medication advice, washing procedure and good daily practices. Some of the supplies that clients are provided with are a special foam spray, shampoo, a special hat and a sleeping pillow. Even though the clinic doesn’t offer a success guarantee, the aftercare measures in place aim to achieve the best final results.


We Rate Emrah Cinik


When compared to hair transplant costs across Europe, the rates at Emrah Cinik are cheaper. The clinic has five different packages based on the various techniques they use, and the sapphire package is the most expensive at €2.3 per graft, which is higher than the average cost in Turkey.

Emrah Cinik clinic has built its reputation around Dr Emrah solely and has provided little information about the support staff. For those packages where the doctor isn’t fully engaged, one is left wondering who exactly will take over the process? As for the operation, the clinic uses needle-free anaesthesia so you won’t be feeling any pain.

All in all, if you’re looking for a clinic that will offer you a great hair transplant experience, Emrah Cinik is a clinic you can consider. It has an ultra-modern facility and uses the latest techniques in all its procedures. Also, the choice of hotel is a luxurious one that you wouldn’t mind to extend your stay even after the procedure is done.

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Emrah Cinik Hair Transplants Are Done By Dr Emrah Cinik

Dr Emrah Cinik is the lead doctor at the clinic, and his vast experience in hair transplants started in 2003. He is a medical aesthetics doctor and founded his first medical aesthetic centre in 2007. According to the doctor’s portfolio on the site, he is said to have carried out more than 1,000 hair transplants. The reputable doctor Emrah Cinik is a member of the ISHRS. Dr Emrah makes a point to attend the association’s annual conferences to learn more and develop his skills.

The team at Emrah Cinik also comprises of nurses and medical technicians who are said to have been trained by Dr Emrah himself for one year. Some of the employees were part of the doctor’s journey from the start. The clinic states that the entire staff and surgical team is multilingual, which was somewhat different from what we found out from previous clients reviews who appreciated the help of a translator that the clinic provided. It would also be best if the clinic mentioned or highlighted some of the members of the support staff.

Before and After Pictures

Emrah Cinik Hair Transplant Before And After Results

The before and after pictures of each patient will give you insight into the skills of the doctor and also the clinic. For Emrah Cinik clinic, the photos can be accessed on their site or Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. The posts are recent and get quite the engagement. A look at Dr Emrah Cinik reviews on Trustpilot showed a rating of 4.8/5, and most clients were satisfied with their results.

Getting a Hair Transplant in Istanbul Was Never Easier

Methods and Treatments

Emrah Cinik Hair Transplantation Methods And Treatments

At Emrah Cinik, the popular methods used for hair transplants are FUE, DHI and Sapphire. The type of technique used determines the cost of the procedure and the sapphire method, which uses the latest tech, is the most expensive. For this technique, Dr Emrah uses a micro motor with blades made from sapphire, which make the incisions more precise and finer.

The clinic carries out only one operation per day, which takes 6-8 hours, and the maximum number of grafts is 4,200. However, if your operation requires more grafts, the procedure will be split into two sessions. Appealing to some readers, we also found out that the clinic has specialised in afro-hair transplants.

Costs and Packages

Emrah Cinik cost for hair transplants and their hair transplant packages

Dr Emrah Cinik prices depend on the technique you choose for your hair transplant. Their packages include FUE, DHI and Sapphire, all which are either primary or exclusive. The cheapest package is the Primary FUE that goes for €2,090 while the most expensive is the Sapphire Package that costs €2.34 per graft. The most common package is the Primary FUE and includes:

The all-inclusive package offered by the clinic attends to each of your needs for your stay in Istanbul. From airport and internal transfers to your hotel, Emrah Cinik Clinic ensures that their clients are as comfortable as possible. The Dedema Hotel, which is where you will be staying, is close to the clinic, malls as well as various tourism spots perfect for excursions.

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Yes, as well as Instagram and YouTube. Their IG page, in particular, has a large following of 266k followers and is regularly updated with before and after pictures of their new clients.

No, operations are done in an ultra-modern clinic. Though the clinic might look modern and have some of the best equipment, it cannot be considered as a hospital.

No, it doesn’t. The clinic lacks an A-License which limits the number of operations it can do per day, and in case of any emergency, patients will be rushed to the nearest hospital.

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