Este Turkey Hair Transplant Clinic Review

With one of the most reputable doctors in Turkey as their lead surgeon, Este Turkey Hair Transplant Clinic is dedicated to providing the best hair transplant in Istanbul. Dr Ilhami and his team are here to help you overcome your hair loss with the latest technology and skills. Upon further research on this clinic, here’s what you need to know when deciding whether to make it your hair transplant destination.

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Este Turkey Hair Transplant Clinic Review Summary

Booking process


At Este Turkey Hair Transplant Clinic, booking an appointment couldn’t be easier. Once you log in to their website, you’ll be asked to fill a form that is short and easy to read. Following this, one of their experts will analyze your hair loss to determine an operation plan and your price estimates. This examination is free of charge, and for any queries concerning hair transplants, they offer reliable customer care service and a comprehensive FAQ section.

After your consultation, a member of their staff will help you book an appointment for your operation. Additionally, you can find extensive information about the Este Turkey clinic on the website, including its various packages and procedures. Relevant information about members of their medical team has been included, along with some of their pictures.

(Pre-operational) Consultations


The offering of pre-operational service and care at Este Turkey is completely unsatisfactory. The site provides no details concerning the availability of pre-op consultations essential for the preparation of patients during the weeks before the surgery. Neither do they say whether they offer their clients the required pre-operational treatments, supplements, and nutritional advice.

Unfortunately, this clinic also doesn’t give its clients a chance to reschedule their hair transplant sessions for free. And, their failure to provide a clear travel itinerary could make the process of booking your flights and planning your trip more difficult. The pre-op stage of a hair transplant is important for good results, and the fact that they overlook these services at Este Turkey is somewhat off-putting.

Arrival & Accommodation


From the moment you arrive in Istanbul, Este Turkey ensures you have a member of their team at your disposal. This means that you’ll be fully informed of your schedule so that the whole process is as smooth as possible.

A driver is provided by the clinic to safely pick you at the airport and take you back during your departure. What’s more, they provide VIP transfers within the city and a native interpreter to avoid any confusion during communication. It is unclear on the site whether they administer their blood tests upon arrival or on the day of your procedure.

Este Turkey mentions the provision of accommodation for their clients on the site but fails to specify the ratings of their hotels. The site also lacks specific information concerning the length of time the clinic pre-books the hotels. It appears that most of this information is discussed directly with their patients, which is not only time consuming, but also very inconvenient.



Este Turkey clinic is dedicated to providing their patients with the best possible service with cutting-edge, advanced technology. Because of this, they use lasers to measure the desired hairline as well as a donor area selection tool for precision. Further, the images of the clinic show it offers a well-organized and spacious environment for its clients.

Although the site states that it is a hospital, Este Turkey performs its operations in a clinic. This means it does not offer emergency services, and the occurrence of any health problems during surgery will result in the transfer of the patient to the nearest hospital. They also lack an A-license, but, they have several certificates, which means they adhere to high standards of hygiene and safety.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement


During their procedures, the patients at Este Turkey are usually awake under local anaesthesia or in a dreamy state under sedation. The clinic does provide a step to step documentation of all the procedures on its site, which is useful for their clients. Also, their lead surgeon, Dr Ilhami Komur, is renowned for his expertise and experience in the field of hair transplants. His assistants and coordinators are professionals, and their details are available on the site along with their impressive CVs.



It is evident from their site that Este Turkey is not keen on extending its services to providing high-quality aftercare. They only state the progressive results you should expect from your transplant up to the tenth day. Other than that, the site provides shallow details on how to take care of the transplanted hair, and it doesn’t mention the provision of any aftercare products. Another downside to this clinic is their lack of a hair growth guarantee to project their confidence in their services.

Conclusion - We rate Este Turkey Clinic 1.5 out of 5

When it comes to their overall experience, Este Turkey falls short of the basic standard. Had it not been for the glaring oversight of some essential services and omission of information, we would have given this clinic a higher rating.

Once you are done with the booking, Este Turkey does very little to prepare you for the procedure. Their website has no relevant information on pre-op care nor, do they provide a travel guide to help you with planning. Aftercare has also been neglected in this clinic, and there are many ways you could end up spending a lot more on post-treatment medication.

On a positive note, the Este Turkey clinic has a team of specialists with a well-recognized doctor as their lead surgeon, meaning that they are good at what they do. On top of that, they are well-equipped with modern technology and use the latest techniques in their procedure. However, unlike many clinics in Turkey, they fail to offer a guarantee for their results, which is disappointing.

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Hair Transplant Team

Are Este Turkey procedures done by Dr. İlhami Kömür?

Working at Este Turkey Hair Transplant Clinic since 2018, Dr. Ilhami Komur is the most notable figure in the clinic. He got his Ph.D. in 2004 at the Selcuk University Faculty of Medicine and proceeded to work in the ministry of health as a medical doctor. He also worked as a medical doctor at Forensic Medicine Institute, Acibadem Hospital, and Transmed Hair and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. Additionally, he has attended various seminars and courses including, Mesotherapy at Istanbul Medipol University and Forensic chemistry at Forensic Medicine.

Other than Dr. Ilhami, the Este Turkey team comprises of experienced health care professionals—including plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and cosmetic dental experts. The doctors are all highly trained and operate according to international standards to guarantee first-class treatment with perfect results. Moreover, the clinic has included useful information about other members of their staff, such as nurses and receptionists, who are critical in the provision of on-hand care and comfort for patients. The medical team at the clinic is one that earns your trust and confidence.

Before and After Pictures

Este Turkey Hair Transplant Results And Before and After Pictures

There are no Este Turkey Hair Transplant Clinic reviews and before and afters on their website, which is quite a shame. However, you can get several useful posts on their social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Google rates their services 4.4 out of 5, but this does not accurately reflect its offerings as it is based on only 21 reviews.


Methods and Treatments

Este Turkey Hair Transplant Clinic Transplantation Methods & Treatments

At Este Turkey, they use a variety of the latest techniques to perform their hair transplants. These methods include robotic hair surgery, DHI hair transplants (without shaving), Sapphire FUE hair transplant, and the classic FUE technique. Each method is specially chosen to suit the patient’s needs and demands. Also, the clinic offers hair loss treatments including, hair laser, Mesotherapy, and hair serum and laser combination.

In addition to hair transplants, you can have breast aesthetics, such as breast lifts and reconstructions, as well as nose surgeries and facial plastic surgery. Body contouring surgeries including, liposuction, fat injections, and tummy tucks, are also done at Este Turkey. And, apart from hair transplants on the head, they perform moustache/beard and eyebrow transplants.

Costs and Packages

Este Turkey Hair Transplant Clinic, Available Packages And Extras

Este Turkey Hair Transplant Clinic has not disclosed any information about their pricing or their packages on the site. They prepare their costs according to the specific needs and expectations of their clients and determined during the free online consultation. However, from external reviews, we have determined that they include the following in their standard package:

  • VIP transfers
  • English Interpreter
  • FUE & DHI procedure
  • First Hair Wash

On the site, it is clear that you will incur the cost of all the medication administered after the procedure. The clinic offers the first washing before you leave Istanbul. You can also have your hair washed at the clinic for eight days at an additional price. Este Turkey fails to detail much else on the costs on their website.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Este Turkey is on Instagram where they continually update their feed with before and after results and reviews from their hair transplants, plastic surgeries, and dental procedures.

No. It is important to note that the Este Turkey services are conducted in a clinic and not a hospital. Though equally safe, the clinic is not properly equipped with emergency services.

No. Este Turkey does not have an A-license, meaning the Turkish government does not regulate it. It does, however, hold several other accreditations that ensure it operates within the stipulated guidelines.


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