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Esthetic Hair Mexico is a branch of Esthetic Hair Istanbul. With up to 5 hair transplant clinic branches across the world, this hair transplant clinic has a significant presence globally. Although this clinic is in Mexico, a majority of its medical team are from Turkey. However, does this global presence translate to quality service? Can you trust Esthetic Hair Mexico with your hair transplant surgery? Let’s see.

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Esthetic Hair Mexico Review Summary

This review was published in February 2024. We have also added user reviews and the possibility for you to leave your review directly. If you wish to engage with former patients of Esthetic Hair Mexico, share your thoughts on the Hair Back App.

Experience With Esthetic Hair Mexico: Our Unbiased Review

Upon reviewing Esthetic Hair Mexico’s website, we initially found it to be user-friendly and informative, providing detailed insights into the clinic and its hair transplant procedures. However, upon closer examination, it became evident that the website lacked transparency regarding crucial aspects such as pricing.

Despite featuring a pricing page, the website failed to provide clear information about the cost of hair transplant procedures and package details. Instead, it diverted attention to comparisons between hair transplants in different countries, seemingly sidestepping the issue at hand. This lack of directness and evasion of pertinent questions may raise concerns about the clinic’s commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction.

It appeared that the clinic prioritized showcasing its international presence over addressing fundamental queries potential patients may have about their services. This approach could potentially lead to frustration and confusion among individuals seeking clear and concise information about hair transplant costs and treatment options.

In summary, while Esthetic Hair Mexico’s website offers initial impressions of professionalism and accessibility, its failure to provide straightforward answers to essential questions may leave prospective patients feeling uncertain and dissatisfied with the level of transparency provided.

esthetic hair mexico review

Booking Process

1.5 / 5

Another significant drawback for Esthetic Hair Mexico is the lack of transparency regarding their pre-operational procedures. Despite offering consultations, the website fails to provide clear details about the consultation process. Prospective patients are left in the dark about what to expect during these consultations.

Furthermore, while the website features a patient guide page outlining the steps before, during, and after a hair transplant, the content appears generic and lacks specificity. Without clear information about the consultation process and itinerary before the trip, prospective patients may feel uncertain and uninformed about what to expect from their experience at Esthetic Hair Mexico.

Overall, the clinic’s failure to provide transparent and detailed information about pre-operational procedures undermines its credibility and leaves prospective patients with unanswered questions and concerns.

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Pre-Operational Consultations

1.2 / 5

Despite the apparent lack of details about hair transplants, our efforts to uncover information about pre-operational consultations proved futile as there was no mention of them on Vobe Clinic’s website.

Moreover, we couldn’t find a clear itinerary or schedule for potential patients, leaving uncertainty about what to expect when undergoing a hair transplant procedure. Additionally, the absence of price information for hair transplants or medical tourism services on their website further complicates the decision-making process for prospective patients. 

While Vobe Clinic does provide price information for some of their other cosmetic procedures, the lack of transparency regarding hair transplant pricing is concerning.

Arrival & Accommodation

0 / 5

It appears that Esthetic Hair Mexico’s approach to arrival and accommodation arrangements may be somewhat lacking in detail. While they outline a basic timeline for patients arriving in Mexico for a hair transplant, the information provided seems minimal, leaving many logistical questions unanswered.

The clinic’s expectation that patients can easily navigate their way to the clinic and arrange accommodations independently may pose challenges for some individuals, especially those traveling from abroad. Additionally, the brief description of the post-transplant process, while helpful, lacks specifics about the type of accommodations or assistance provided during the waiting period.

Moreover, it’s not clear if the clinic will provide a translator. Some reviews from past patients suggest that the clinic does not offer translation services and that language may be a huge barrier.

Without clearer instructions or assistance with logistics, patients may find themselves navigating unfamiliar territory during what can be a significant and potentially stressful experience. This lack of comprehensive support in terms of arrival arrangements and language assistance may hinder the overall patient experience and raise concerns about the clinic’s commitment to patient care and comfort.


0 / 5

Unlike other hair transplant clinics such as IdealofMed and Cosmedica, which proudly showcase their state-of-the-art facilities and hospital-level sanitation, Esthetic Hair Mexico seems to lack transparency in this regard. Despite efforts to gather information, we couldn’t find any images or videos providing insight into the clinic’s facilities or cleanliness standards.

While some clinics prioritize transparency by offering virtual tours or detailed descriptions of their facilities, Esthetic Hair Mexico’s website lacks such visual representations. Additionally, the only video available on their website was not in English, making it inaccessible to many prospective patients who may be seeking clarity on the clinic’s infrastructure and amenities.

This absence of facility imagery or detailed descriptions may leave potential patients with lingering doubts about the clinic’s standards and amenities. In an industry where trust and confidence are paramount, providing transparent and comprehensive information about facilities can significantly enhance a clinic’s credibility and reassure patients about the quality of care they can expect to receive.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement

0.8 / 5

Esthetic Hair Mexico’s website provides minimal information about their medical team, with only a vague mention that they are from Turkey. The lack of detailed profiles or information about the qualifications and expertise of their team members raises concerns about transparency and accountability.

Prospective patients may find it difficult to make informed decisions without knowing who will be performing their surgeries or providing their care. Additionally, the absence of clarity about the language proficiency of the medical team could pose a significant barrier for patients who do not speak Turkish.

Without clear information about the credentials and qualifications of their team members, patients may feel uncertain about the level of expertise and professionalism they can expect from Esthetic Hair Mexico. This lack of transparency regarding the medical team undermines trust and confidence in the clinic’s ability to deliver safe and effective hair transplant procedures.


1 / 5

It’s disappointing to note that Esthetic Hair Mexico’s website lacks clarity regarding their aftercare services. While they provide detailed instructions about post-transplant hair washing and emphasize the importance of proper care, crucial information about standard post-treatment packages, post-operational consultations, after-care products, and any guarantees offered is noticeably absent.

The absence of information about standard post-treatment packages and after-care products leaves prospective patients in the dark about what to expect after their procedure and whether any additional services or products will be provided to support their recovery and optimize results. Additionally, the lack of clarity regarding post-operational consultations raises questions about the clinic’s commitment to ongoing patient care and support.

Furthermore, the absence of any mention of a hair growth guarantee or financing options may deter potential patients who are seeking assurances about the effectiveness of the procedure and exploring payment options.

Overall, the lack of transparency regarding aftercare services and guarantees on Esthetic Hair Mexico’s website may leave patients feeling uncertain about the level of support they will receive post-procedure and could impact their decision-making process when considering the clinic for their hair transplant needs.

conclusion expert review

Lisa writer at

We Rate Esthetic Hair Mexico

0.8 / 5.0

Esthetic Hair Mexico presents itself as a hair transplant clinic with a strong online presence and a promise of quality service. However, upon closer inspection, several concerning issues arise.

Transparency is a significant concern, as the clinic’s website lacks detailed information about crucial aspects of the hair transplant process, including pricing, team members, facilities, and aftercare services. This lack of transparency may leave prospective patients feeling uncertain and hesitant to commit to treatment.

Furthermore, the absence of clear information about the clinic’s medical team and their qualifications raises doubts about the expertise and experience available to patients. Without assurance of the qualifications and proficiency of the medical professionals performing the procedures, patients may be reluctant to trust their care to Esthetic Hair Mexico.

Additionally, the clinic’s apparent focus on marketing and social media presence over providing comprehensive and transparent information about their services is troubling. Patients deserve clear and honest communication about all aspects of their treatment journey, from initial consultation to post-operative care.

Overall, while Esthetic Hair Mexico may offer hair transplant services at a competitive price point, the lack of transparency, detailed information, and assurance of quality raises significant concerns about the clinic’s reliability and suitability for prospective patients. As such, individuals considering hair transplant treatment should approach Esthetic Hair Mexico with caution and seek out alternative options that prioritize transparency and patient care.

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Esthetic Hair Mexico Hair Transplant Reviews

Patient reviews collected bi-weekly from:

Rated 5.0 out of 5
5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 4 reviews)
Very good0%

Une tres bonne experience a la…

Rated 5.0 out of 5
May 8, 2023

Une tres bonne experience a la clinique esthetic hair mexico.La clinique est tres propre. Le staff est tres Professional. Je recommande vivement.

elif yalniz

I did my eyebrows in here

Rated 5.0 out of 5
May 8, 2023

I did my eyebrows in here. If you are in Mexico and need someone that you can trust about the real results, this is the best place to choose. The team was very good.

Tuğçe keskin

I had very good experience with…

Rated 5.0 out of 5
May 8, 2023

I had very good experience with Esthetic Hair Mexico. From Welcoming from airport till the washing everything was super. The medical staff was very professional. Dr. Umran did her job very good. Thank you. I am totally satisfied with the results of the operation.

Eliza Ismailova

Thanks for this journey !!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
May 8, 2023

Such a good place to be ! I felt really confortable in clinic and everything was so fine. I did my eyebrows and I am really happy about the result. You should visit them for your hair or your eyebrows if you need some transplant in Mexico !!

Zeynep Us

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Esthetic Hair Mexico Background Information


Esthetic Hair Mexico Team

We couldn’t find details of their Turkish medical team or their Mexican technical team.

Before and After Pictures

Esthetic Hair Mexico Before And After Results

There are several Esthetic Hair Mexico before and after photos and results on their website. Although we would have loved to see the number of grafts harvested and transplanted in each result, we can still make do with the pictures on their website and social media.

esthetic mexico hair-transplant-before-after
Getting a Hair Transplant in Istanbul Was Never Easier

Methods and Treatments

Esthetic Hair Mexico Hair Transplant Procedures

Esthetic Hair Mexico provides a range of hair transplant services, including DHI, FUE, Sapphire FUE, female hair transplants, unshaven procedures, beard transplants, and eyebrow transplants. These options cater to various hair restoration needs, offering individuals specialized solutions to address their concerns.

Costs and Packages

Esthetic Hair Mexico hair transplant cost and price - What is included in the hair transplant package?

Prospective patients are expected to proceed with the initial consultation before getting a quote for the hair transplant cost. Esthetic Hair Mexico is not transparent when it comes to its pricing or packages.

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You can find Esthetic Hair Mexico on Youtube, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Yes, Esthetic Hair Mexico hair transplants are carried out in a hospital.

We are not sure if they have an A-license.

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