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Eurasia Hair Transplant Istanbul Review

A hair transplant in Istanbul has become a popular choice for most people seeking hair loss recovery. Not only are the costs affordable but also the hair transplant doctors in Turkey are highly qualified. So, does Eurasia Hair Transplant Istanbul have those similar qualities, or does it fall short?

Eurasia Hair Transplant Istanbul Rating


2.33 / 5.0

Booking Process
Arrival & Accommodation
Surgery & Doctors

Eurasia Hair Transplant Istanbul Review Summary

Booking Process

3 / 5

Eurasia Hair Transplant Istanbul has made it easy to look for any information on their website. The site is neatly organised and also has an appealing design. Just below the slide show of images on the homepage, is the online contact form which potential clients need to fill for a hair analysis. The form requires you to fill in your details and add photos of your head, after which the clinic promises to call you back as soon as possible.

The hair analysis is done by an expert doctor who will get back to you and discuss the best way forward. If you want to find out more about the procedure, the clinic has a “Patient Guide” subpage that details the instructions to follow before, during and after the procedure. We commend the clinic for having a complete step by step guide for the procedure, but the same should have also been done for their price list. There was no information on the costs of their packages, so you must inquire from the team during the first consultation.

Pre-Operational Consultations

2 / 5

Although the clinic doesn’t provide pre-operational consultation or kit, it has an in-depth instruction list of the best practices to follow before the procedure. For instance, the clinic advises its patients to avoid smoking, drinking coffee or alcohol, or take any aspirin one week before the procedure. It also advises against taking vitamins B or E as they will increase bleeding during the operation.

Patients are required to inform the doctor of any illnesses or any allergies to any medication they might have so that the clinic can consider the info in their hair transplant plan. In case of any question, the clinic is available 24/7 and can be contacted via Whatsapp, email or phone call.

Arrival & Accommodation

3 / 5

When preparing to book your flight, Eurasia Hair Transplant recommends its clients to choose Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport as the destination. The airport is closest to the clinic than any other, and on arrival, your driver will be waiting to pick you up.

Eurasia clinic has organised for VIP transfers for all your internal travelling to and from the clinic and hotel. Depending on your native language, the clinic will have a translator with you throughout your stay in Turkey. Your accommodation will be at a 5-star hotel; however, there were no specific details as to which one exactly.

The number of nights booked at the hotel is also not mentioned, so its important to fill these gaps during the initial consultation with the staff. According to the reviews on their website, previous clients seemed to enjoy the experience they had at the clinic from the hotel stay to the procedure.


1 / 5

The state of the facilities at Eurasia Hair Transplant is hard to tell because information about them is scarce. Even though the clinic says, it operates in a JCI accredited hospital, mentioning the hospital or having photos of the facility on their website would support their claim. The only photos you can find of the facility are on their Facebook page, and they still don’t come out clearly.

On a positive note, the Eurasia clinic uses the latest technology not only during the procedure but also when measuring your hairline. Laser technology is used to draw the hairline accurately for the perfect final results. The clinic lacks an A-License which shows it operates without following the regulations and guidelines from the Turkish Ministry of Health.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement

1 / 5

Eurasia clinic started its operation in 2010, and its team of doctors has been growing ever since. If the information on their site is to go by, the clinic says it has a large staff of 40 people comprising of 18 plastic surgeons, 17 hair transplant specialists and five nurses.


4 / 5

Eurasia Hair Transplant does well in its aftercare services by providing all the essentials. For starters, the clinic offers a certificate after the operation as a lifetime guarantee of your hair transplant and includes the number of grafts that were implanted. Eurasia also has a post-operative instructions list on their site that advises on what to do for a speedy recovery. The information includes the hair wash procedure to follow for the first 15 days as well. Patients get a post-operative medical package with shampoo, lotion, medicine and a neck-pillow after the operation.


We Rate Eurasia Hair Transplant Istanbul


Based on our evaluation criteria, Eurasia Hair Transplant Clinic scores 2.33 out of 5, which is an average performance. Some of the things the clinic got right include aftercare services, arrival & accommodation and booking.

On the flipside, Eurasia Hair Transplant scores poorly in its facility, medical team and pre-operational consultation. Not having any details about the specifications of its facility as well as the doctors in charge doesn’t instil confidence in a potential client. The clinic also doesn’t have a clear price list on their site, which can waste a lot of time, especially if the costs are more than your budget.

Overall, Eurasia Hair Transplant clinic is in between good and bad, and by only reaching out to the team at the clinic will you be able to conclude whether it’s the clinic for you. However, the VIP transfers and the 5-star hotel stay will offer you a luxurious experience while in Turkey.

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Are Eurasia Hair Transplant Istanbul procedures done by qualified doctors?

There isn’t much information about the doctors at Eurasia Hair Transplant clinic, which can be a red flag. The only info available is that the clinic has a large staff with 17 hair transplant specialists and five nurses. With no further details on any of the doctors, it is hard to tell the competence of the team exactly. However, Eurasia clinic indicates that it started operations in 2010, and its medical team has built on its experience ever since.

The clinic assures its clients that all operations are performed or supervised by expert doctors. Also, Eurasia clinic has a 97% patient satisfaction rate which is comforting to potential clients. The doctors at the clinic carry out various treatments with the most popular one being FUE hair transplant which takes 6-8 hours. We can say the high success rate comes from the clinic’s commitment to adopt the latest technology making its operations as efficient as possible.

Before and After Pictures

Eurasia Hair Transplant Istanbul Results And Before and After Pictures

Eurasia Hair Transplant Istanbul has before and after pictures posted on their website, Facebook and Instagram. There are lots of photos with added details of the number of grafts that were implanted. Also, the clinic has published some reviews from their clients from different parts of the world, all of which were positive remarks.

Eurasia Hair Transplant Istanbul: Before and After Pictures
Getting a Hair Transplant in Istanbul Was Never Easier

Methods and Treatments

Eurasia Hair Transplant Istanbul Transplantation Methods & Treatments

Eurasia Hair Transplant clinic only uses the FUE technique in all its procedures. Doctors at the clinic prefer this method as compared to FUT because of its precision and the fact that it leaves patients with minimal scars. Any procedure at the clinic starts by administering local anaesthesia to numb the scalp and reduce the pain.

On the clinic’s website, the stages of the FUE procedure are highlighted, and you can familiarise yourself with it before the day of the operation. The maximum number of grafts the clinic can transplant in one session is 5,000 grafts, but in case your procedure demands more, a second session is planned.

Costs and Packages

Eurasia Hair Transplant Istanbul Cost, Available Packages And Extras

If you are wondering about the hair transplant costs for Eurasia Hair Transplant Istanbul, you will have to ask the team directly. Their website has no price list to compare with your budget, so reaching out to the staff is the only way to get that info. However, the clinic does at least let you know what to expect of their all-inclusive package.

The services offered by the clinic in their all-inclusive package are above average, but at which cost? Depending on the answer you receive from the team, Eurasia clinic can either be affordable or expensive. The clinic gets a thumbs up from us for its aftercare services which are more than what you will get in other clinics.

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Your Questions

Yes. The clinic is also on Instagram using the handle @eurasiahairtransplant. Even though it doesn’t have a large following, the clinic’s timeline has recent posts.

Yes. Eurasia Hair Transplant Clinic mentions it performs its operations in a JCI accredited hospital but doesn’t say which hospital specifically. You can reach out to the clinic to find out which hospital.

No. There was no mention of an A-License on the clinic’s site. However, seeing that the clinic operates in an EU regulated hospital means that it meets the hygiene and cleanliness standards.

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