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German Estetica Turkey Review

If before and after pictures were the only criterion to judge facilities for a hair transplant in Istanbul choosing one would be all but impossible. And, with confusing info on many sites, it’s still tough. Luckily, we go beyond pictures with this review of German Estetica Turkey.

German Estetica Turkey Rating


2.17 / 5.0

Booking Process
Arrival & Accommodation
Surgery & Doctors

German Estetica Turkey Review Summary

Booking Process

4 / 5

When looking for a hair transplant in Turkey, the standards of accommodation and transportation take priority. Besides this, you expect a smooth process with no niggles or complications. Were happy to report that the booking process at German Estetica Istanbul is just that. Booking for a transplant is quick and easy from the contact form available on their website. Filling in your name, phone number, and typing your enquiry is all you need to do. After this, the German Estetica Turkey team will contact you and answer any questions you might have.

Their website written in English is among one of the better quality sites you will see. It is clear of clutter, making navigation fast and straightforward. Despite this, German Estetica Istanbul does not indicate the prices for any of its procedures. While most clinics have adopted instant messaging like WhatsApp to ease communication, this clinic doesn’t. However, this is a minor inconvenience in your journey to hair restoration.

Pre-Operational Consultations

1 / 5

Many clinics often overlook pre-operational consultation. Giving clients reliable information before the trip is essential, but the German Estetica Turkey website has nothing remarkable to mention. Nutrition tips are a big miss here, given the clinic does not also provide any pre-operational kit. The sites simplicity is good, but it comes at the cost of information to the patients.

After sending the itinerary for your hair transplant trip, the clinic does not state whether you can reschedule the booking for free. Charging a fee for rescheduling is how most clinics compensate for downtime in case of unused facilities. Unlike many clinics, a pre-operational consultation is not given, which is a massive let-down, given most patients are first-timers. It’s always better to provide a lot of information than no information at all.

Arrival & Accommodation

3 / 5

Once you arrive in Istanbul, German Estetica provides a driver to pick you up. The driver is English speaking and will be your liaison during your trip to Turkey.

Being on the fringes of Istanbul city, the facility is 6.2 km from Sabiha Gökçen International airport. This is a quick 15-minute drive in city traffic, making it very accessible. The website also indicates that accommodation is provided for. There is no mention of the options, only that it is a five-star Western standard residence.

The length of stay is also not mentioned. Naturally, most clinics provide a three-day stay with the itinerary outlining how the bulk of those days will be spent. The first day is mostly used for arrival and check-in at the hotel. The second one is exclusive for tests and the hair transplant. The last day is spent on bandage removal and hair washing.


1 / 5

There is a high hair transplant surgery turnover in Turkey, which leads to new inventions being pioneered. German Estetica has adopted these new techniques, including laser hairline measurement and specialised density measurement tools. Despite being in a state-of-the-art building with disability access, this clinic comes short with its comfort features. The only upside is its short distance from the airport and perhaps the hotel.

Plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry are on offer, each with a specialist doctor in charge. A quick check also reveals that the clinic is not accredited with an A-Licence. Lack of this certification limits the clinic from undertaking some procedures, including emergency operations. Hair transplants are, for the most part, low-risk procedures; however, if complications arose, you will be transferred to the nearest hospital.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement

3 / 5

German Estetica has a team of 5 doctors, each a specialist in different forms of plastic surgery. Dr. Busra is the hair transplant specialist, but her credentials are not indicated on the website. Further details about her language skills are not also given, but the translation services offered will help you converse.


1 / 5

German Estetica does not give a post-treatment care package to help your scalp recover and take care of your new hair. A standard aftercare kit typically includes antiseptic solutions, anti-inflammation serums, and shampoo. If provided, they make recovery easy and help guarantee hair growth. The clinic offers a 90% hair growth guarantee, but this can be taken with a pinch of salt given there are no follow-up consultations. Based on the low quality of aftercare services, the score of 1/5 is justified.


We Rate German Estetica Istanbul


German Estetica has a team of doctors in its employ. However, the quality of services is still a significant Achilles heel. The website is short and precise but omits the mention of crucial information like pricing to its visitors.

German Estetica chase for brevity on the website hinders them from providing useful material. Information on the techniques specialised in is crucial in informing the choice of facility you choose. The oversight of pricing information does not help either. As a result, we cannot give any idea of whether they offer value for money in our review.

You can’t help but analyse that German Estetica has made deliberate attempts to limit the information offered. Whether for a justified reason or not, any information has to be on request to the facility. This makes for a lengthy exchange during booking and consultation. Overall, based on the features we reviewed this clinic scores 2.17/5.

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Are German Estetica hair transplant procedures done by Dr Busra?

The German Estetica website recognises the presence of four specialist doctors. Dr Taha is the specialist for liposuction, and Dr Halil & Dr Necdet are the specialists for rhinoplasty. Dr Busra specialises in hair transplants, but the clinic remains tight-lipped about her credentials. Sadly, this implies that further information about her has to be on request. This is not common practice for hair transplant clinics in Turkey. Information on the qualifications of a doctor is significant when choosing a hair transplant clinic.

Despite the wealth of specialists, the German Estetica approach of little information is a disservice to clients. Knowing the credentials of a doctor is how to assess their competence to take care of patients. Details like licencing, certifications, length of practice, and medical school should be no problem for a clinic of this stature. Given that most hair transplant clients in turkey are international, this is a big miss from them. Besides before and after pictures, these details affect patient sentiment about a facility.

Before and After Pictures

German Estetica Istanbul Results And Before and After Pictures

German Estetica reviews are scarce on their website. A quick look on platforms like Trustpilot and TripAdvisor brings out a similar tale. Despite these, the website is full of many before and after pictures to see which fits your hair loss. From these shots, it is clear that the hospital can handle hair restoration, both head, and facial hair.

Getting a Hair Transplant in Istanbul Was Never Easier

Methods and Treatments

German Estetica Istanbul Transplantation Methods & Treatments

German Estetica focuses on regrowing natural hair, and its team of doctors claim to be equal to the task. The clinic specialises in FUE, DHI, Choi implanter technique, and the percutaneous technique. After the intensive consultation and determination of the number of grafts needed, the best method for hair transplant is proposed to the patient.

Restoring hair is done under an injected local anaesthetic t reduce the pain felt. The emphasis is on getting good quality grafts which will not necessitate the need for plasma therapy. Six thousand grafts are the limit for one day; therefore, expect the process to be split between days if you want more.

Costs and Packages

German Estetica Istanbul Cost of Hair Transplants, Available Packages And Extras

German Estetica Istanbul gets no plaudits for being uptight about hair transplant prices. Unfortunately, this information comes upon request. Their prices depend on the number of grafts needed for the transplant and can only be determined after the first consultation. However, on the plus side, there is no mention of an initial deposit either.

No specific hotel names are stated on the site or in the reviews we looked into. There is no aftercare medical package offered, and the clinic does not also indicate possibilities for purchasing them. To make an informed choice, ask for a breakdown of all costs charged to see what you can adjust before going to German Estetica Istanbul.

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Your Questions

Yes. They have an active presence on Facebook with regular posts on their services. Most of them show before and after pictures of hair transplants, dental work, and cosmetic surgery.

No. Despite most people calling it a hospital, German Estetica Istanbul is actually a clinic. It can perform medical procedures in its infrastructure, but it is not licenced as a hospital.

No, German Estetica Istanbul is not accredited with an A-licence from the Turkish ministry of health. This limits the types of procedures carried out within its premises.

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