Gold City Hair Istanbul Review

If you want a first-class hair transplant in Istanbul then Gold City Hair Istanbul is an excellent choice for a VIP experience. From its facilities to accommodation, everything about this clinic oozes class and finesse.

Our Gold City Hair Istanbul review shows it all.

Gold City Hair Istanbul Review Summary

Booking process


The first thing to notice about Gold City Hair Istanbul clinic is its sleek and elegant website which shows you’re dealing with a refined clinic. Every option is clearly identified, and the site is generally user-friendly. Even though the site is in English, there few parts in Turkish, which is an unfortunate oversight. Immediately below the slide show of photos is an elaborate free hair analysis procedure for you to follow by filling in the steps.

The hair analysis is divided into four steps and starts by choosing your gender & age bracket and finishes by selecting the type of hair loss you have from the Norwood scale available. Information regarding the types of treatments offered and the lead doctor is available, but is no info on their prices or packages.

(Pre-operational) Consultations


Before you book your flight to Turkey, it is important to have a rough idea of what to expect or what is required of you before the day of the procedure. Unfortunately, the clinic doesn’t provide any pre-operation consultation to its clients. A thorough check of their FAQs section showed nothing about any advice on what to do before the procedure.

The best chance of getting any information is to inquire about it during the hair analysis consultation. Dr Harun Alakaya is the chief hair transplant surgeon, who will be able to answer any questions you might have. It would have been good to see some advice about nutrition and supplements to take before the procedure.

Arrival & Accommodation


Gold City Hair is all about creating a luxury and memorable hair transplant experience from the moment you land in Turkey. You will have a driver waiting for you in a black Mercedes van holding a placard displaying your name.

A translator, is also provided throughout your stay. The driver will then take you to either of the two 5-star hotels that the clinic has booked for you—the Wish More Hotel Istanbul or the Green Park Hotel Pendik. Both hotels are luxurious and elegant with exquisite rooms and facilities such as a spa, outdoor pool and gym.

The clinic will book three nights at the hotel, which will be adequate for you to recouperate. While in Turkey, your driver will take you to and from the clinic, and there is an allowance for a drive through the historic city of Istanbul. The city has a lot of historical sites to visit and also tasty local cuisines to enjoy. If you’d like to stay a little longer contact the clinic since they can get you the best rates.



Gold City Hair is a state-of-the-art clinic with the latest equipment and uses the latest technology. The interior design of the clinic will leave you in awe, and the rooms are spacious enough for you to feel comfortable. Once you enter the clinic, there is a vibrant lounge area and straight ahead is the reception’s desk.

To guarantee safety for its customers, Gold City Hair is located inside the Ataşehir Acıbadem hospital that is JCI accredited. The hospital is well equipped to handle any emergencies, so you can be sure that you are in safe hands. The clinic itself holds an A-License from the Turkish government, proving it adheres to all the set regulations.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement


Every operation in the clinic is performed by Dr Harun Alakaya, who is a specialist hair transplant surgeon. He is assisted by a hair transplant specialist, Elif Abaci, and a team of nurses. From the before and after pictures of their clients, it is evident that the clinic does a good job. Dr Harun Alakaya is involved in every step of the procedure, and his patients don’t fail to mention this in their reviews.



Gold City Hair doesn’t shy away from promising its clients a 100% satisfaction in their hair transplant results. After the procedure, the clinic provides a 12 months postoperative follow-up by Dr Harun himself. In case of any issue or whether you have questions about what you’re experiencing or what you can do, then these and any other queries will be dealt with promptly. However, there was nothing about aftercare products being offered by the clinic. These often cost upwards of 100 euros per month, so be sure to budget for these, to get the best results.

Conclusion - We rate Gold City Hair Istanbul 3.3 out of 5

With a rating of 3.3 out of 5, Gold City Hair clinic does an excellent job and delivers on its word. It is a clinic we would recommend since it checks all the right boxes.

Any facility with an A-License and a JCI accredited hospital is one you can trust with your procedure. Also, Gold City Hair has photos of the clinic on its site as well as the doctor’s info which shows the clinic doesn’t have anything to hide. Gold City Hair promises to go beyond your expectations and has hundreds of satisfied customers.

The only question left to be answered by Gold City Hair Clinic is how much does their package cost? No information on their site could provide a hint for a rough estimate of the cost of their procedures. You can always contact the team via Whatsapp or email to inquire about the cost which is a bit of time wastage, we think.

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Hair Transplant Team

Are Gold City Hair Istanbul procedures done by Dr Harun Alakaya?

The man behind all hair transplants at Gold City Hair is Dr Harun Alakaya—currently totalling more than 3,000 operations. He graduated from the University of Istanbul Faculty of Medicine in 2010 and has specialized in hair transplants ever since then. The doctor has attended several hair transplant conferences and has trained other doctors and nurses on the subject. His preferred method of hair transplants is the sapphire FUE technique which he finds to deliver excellent quality results.

Dr Harun Alakaya is closely assisted by Elif Abaci, who is a hair specialist and the main coordinator at the clinic. Other than her, the team at Gold City Hair is made up of qualified nurses who have been trained by Dr Harun himself and have been working with him a couple of years. From the online reviews available, the team is said to be professional and very friendly, making clients feel as comfortable as possible.

Before and After Pictures

Before and After Pictures

Gold City Hair Istanbul Results And Before and After Pictures

Any review wouldn’t be complete without a look at the before and after pictures of the patients to confirm operations in the clinic are successful. Looking at Gold City Hair Istanbul, the clinic takes pride in its work and posts its clients’ photos on their website and all social media pages.


Methods and Treatments

Gold City Hair Istanbul Transplantation Methods & Treatments

Gold City Hair is a clinic that specializes in more than one service, and they include hair restoration, plastic surgery and dental aesthetics. A clinic that also does plastic surgery is always a good sign. There are several ‘clinics’ in Turkey that are little more than beauticians performing hair transplants.

A clinic with a full range of dentistry and cosmetic surgery is proof this is a true medical practice with fully qualified doctors. Dr Harun Alakaya is the specialist in charge of hair restoration, and the clinic provides a variety of hair transplant treatments. You can choose to have an FUE, DHI, beard or eyebrows transplant, but the most popular procedure is the sapphire FUE hair transplant.

Costs and Packages

Gold City Hair Istanbul Cost of Hair Transplants, Available Packages And Extras

We found nothing on the prices for a hair transplant in Gold City Hair Istanbul. While we understand each case is individual, even a price per graft helps to guage the overall price. The little we could find from their site included the following as part of their VIP package,

  • VIP Transfers
  • 5-star Hotel
  • Needless anaesthesia
  • 1-year postoperative follow up

Gold City Hair clinic is all about providing VIP treatment to its clients from the minute they land in Turkey. Your driver will be waiting for you in a sleek car, and the choice of hotels available are both 5-star status. The clinic emphasizes on providing the best experience, but we can’t speculate whether their service is good value or not.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, and not only Facebook but also Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. They post regularly, and their feed is a great place to view before and after pictures of their previous clients.

Yes, it does. The hospital is called Ataşehir Acıbadem, which is a private hospital accredited by the JCI. It is a modern and well-equipped facility with all the necessary provisions for an emergency.

The clinic has done its due diligence and has an A-License from the Turkish government. Meaning the clinic operates in a safe and regulated environment.


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