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Istanbul Hairline is a hair transplant clinic in Turkey. The clinic offers several hair transplant procedures and the typical hair transplant package. However, with some pockets of negative patient reviews online, it’s expected that you’d want to find out more about this clinic. So, should you be worried? We will be reviewing Istanbul Hairline in this expert review.

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1.9 / 5.0

Booking Process
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Expert Review

Istanbul Hairline Review Summary

This review was published in April 2024. We have also added user reviews and the possibility for you to leave your review directly. If you wish to engage with former patients of Istanbul Hairline Turkey, share your thoughts on the Hair Back App.

Our Experience with Istanbul Hairline: Step-by-Step

Our initial exploration of Istanbul Hailine took us to their website. The website’s homepage looked easy to use and readable. However, upon navigating to other pages, we found the content difficult to read and with no clear sections.

We found a lot of generic content on Istanbul Hairline’s website. The website has a patient guide page that explains what patients should expect during their procedure. We expected to find specific guidelines and instructions, however, it was all generic content.

It seems Istanbul Hairline focused more on marketing than actually explaining how their services work. On the homepage, Istanbul Hairline has a banner that says they offer aftercare kits, but upon further research, we couldn’t find any mention of this on their website or from previous patients.

istanbul hairline home page

Booking Process

1.5 / 5

Istanbul Hairline’s website has a contact page with a booking form. We couldn’t find a WhatsApp chat or even a live chat icon. However, the website provides a number and email address you can send messages to.

Additionally, we couldn’t find any mention of the clinic offering a free hair consultation. As we mentioned earlier, the website has a patient guide page with detailed information about their procedures, although generic.

Furthermore, although the website has a pricing page, it does not mention the price of Istanbul Hairline’s hair transplant package, only generic information. We also couldn’t find any team information.

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Pre-Operational Consultations

1.2 / 5

We can’t say much about Istanbul Hairline’s travel itinerary or schedule for prospective patients traveling to Turkey for their hair transplant procedure. This is mostly because the page that provides this information has a lot of generic content.

While this information may be provided to patients individually after the consultation, having it available upfront would facilitate informed decision-making before committing to the booking and consultation process.

We also couldn’t find any information on whether patients can reschedule bookings for free or if the clinic provided nutrition advice and supplements. 

Clarifying these details would provide patients with a better understanding of the comprehensive support they can expect post-procedure.

Arrival & Accommodation

2 / 5

Istanbul Hairline includes accommodation in all their packages, which is a positive aspect for patients seeking convenience. However, the need for more clarity regarding the specific hotel raises questions about the location of accommodation provided. 

According to their website, Istanbul Hairline provides a 3-night stay in the hotel. They also provide free VIP transfers and a local coordinator for patients.


2 / 5

Although images of Istanbul Hairline facilities were not available on their website, our online search unveiled that the clinic boasts state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge medical equipment. 

We couldn’t find any more information in this regard on their website or anywhere else online.

vobe clinic facility

Surgery & Doctor Involvement

2 / 5

The limited information available about Istanbul Hairline’s surgical team raises questions about the comprehensiveness of their medical staff. 

Additionally, the website does not feature the images of any staff member or details about their qualifications and roles, leaving prospective patients uncertain about the expertise and experience of the team.


1 / 5

We couldn’t find any information about their hair transplant aftercare procedures. 

conclusion expert review

Lisa writer at

We Rate Istanbul Hairline Turkey

1.9 / 5.0

Our first impression of Istanbul Hairline was mixed, with the website offering a user-friendly homepage but lacking clarity and specificity in its content across other pages. While the site appeared easy to navigate initially, further exploration revealed generic content and a lack of clear sections, making it challenging to understand the clinic’s services comprehensively.

Despite Istanbul Hairline’s emphasis on marketing, the website failed to provide detailed information about their procedures and aftercare services. While a patient guide page was available, it contained generic content rather than specific guidelines and instructions, leaving prospective patients wanting more detailed information.

Concerns also arose regarding the booking process, as the website lacked clarity on whether a free hair loss consultation was offered and provided limited details about the procedures and pricing. Additionally, while accommodation and facility information was provided, there was a lack of clarity regarding specific details such as the location of the hotel and facility amenities.

Furthermore, the absence of detailed information about the surgical team’s qualifications and roles raised questions about the clinic’s transparency and the expertise of its staff. The lack of clarity extended to aftercare procedures, with no information available on the website.

In conclusion, while Istanbul Hairline’s website initially appeared promising, further exploration revealed significant gaps in information and transparency. Clearer and more detailed content, particularly regarding procedures, pricing, aftercare, and staff qualifications, would enhance prospective patients’ confidence and facilitate informed decision-making.

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Istanbul Hairline Background Information


Istanbul Hairline Clinic Team

Prospective patients may find it challenging to assess the qualifications and experience of the entire team, potentially impacting their decision-making process. Clear communication about the clinic’s team composition and credentials would enhance transparency and build trust among patients seeking hair transplant services.

Before and After Pictures

Istanbul Hairline Turkey Before And After Results

There are several before and after photos on Istanbul Hairline’s website.

before and after photos Istanbul Hairline
before and after photos Istanbul Hairline
Getting a Hair Transplant in Istanbul Was Never Easier

Methods and Treatments

Istanbul Hairline Turkey Hair Transplant Procedures

Istanbul Hairline provides various hair transplant treatment options, including DHI hair transplant, FUE Sapphire hair transplant, and procedures tailored for women, beard, mustache, and eyebrow transplants. 

Their website provides detailed explanations of each procedure.

Costs and Packages

Istanbul Hairline Turkey hair transplant cost and price - What is included in the hair transplant package?

We couldn’t find any information about Istanbul Hairline’s hair transplant cost on their website or online. 

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Your Questions

You can find Istanbul Hairline on Youtube, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Istanbul Hairline is a medical tourism agency and they are partnered with several other hospitals. 

We are not sure if they have an A-license.

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