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Ista Clinica offers cosmetic surgeries including hair transplants, dental aesthetics, and plastic surgery. This thorough assessment will guide you through the entire experience with Ista Clinica Turkey, shedding light on the meticulous steps, such as the booking procedure, pre-operative consultations, arrival and accommodation arrangements, facility overview, details about the surgery and doctor participation, and the post-operative care extended by the center. 

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Ista Clinica Review Summary

This review was published in March 2024. We have also added user reviews and the possibility for you to leave your review directly. If you wish to engage with former patients of Ista Clinica Turkey, share your thoughts on the Hair Back App.

Experience With Ista Clinica: Step-by-Step Guide

In our initial exploration of Ista Clinica, the first stop was their website. Our findings indicate that the website is not only user-friendly but also direct and easy to navigate. Ista Clinica appears to have invested considerable effort in providing comprehensive information, evident in their attempt to address potential queries.

While the website offers valuable insights, our attempt to reach out to the clinic directly via WhatsApp or live chat did not yield a response at the time of this review. Prospective patients may want to consider alternative communication channels for a more immediate interaction.

Ista Clinica maintains an active and well-maintained presence across various social media platforms. This commitment to social media engagement reflects a dedication to staying connected with the audience through trending content.

ista clinica home page

Booking Process

1.5 / 5

The booking process on the Ista Clinica website is pretty straightforward. Prospective patients can make an appointment via the website, WhatsApp, or Instagram. Patients are required to send pictures of their hair from different angles.

Ista Clinica’s website has some information about their hair transplant procedure. However, we hoped it would have been as detailed as that of IdealofMed or even Asmed.

Their website does not have details of their hair transplant surgeons or medical staff. Additionally, there is no clear price list available on their website or any of their social media pages. This leaves a gap in transparency regarding the financial aspect of the procedure.

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Pre-Operational Consultations

1.2 / 5

Besides the booking form, we couldn’t find any more details about Ista Clinica’s pre-operational processes. Despite offering consultations, the website fails to provide clear details about the consultation process. Prospective patients are left in the dark about what to expect during these consultations.

Furthermore, while the website features a hair transplant page outlining the general details of hair transplantation and hair transplant treatments, the content appears generic and lacks specificity. 

Without clear information about the consultation process and itinerary before the trip, prospective patients may feel uncertain and uninformed about what to expect from their experience at Ista Clinica.

There is also no information about pre-operational consultations or even a clear itinerary for patients.

Arrival & Accommodation

2 / 5

Besides the images of a bus, a hotel room, and a plane, we couldn’t find clear details about the accommodation and arrival procedures at Ista Clinica.

Their website only mentions that they provide premium accommodation and VIP transfers. Besides that, there is a lack of specific information about the hotel, the duration of the stay included in a typical package, and other essential details raises concerns.

Additionally, it remains unclear whether patients have access to a translator or any other support services during their stay. This lack of transparency regarding the arrival and accommodation process adds another layer of uncertainty for potential patients considering Ista Clinica for their medical tourism needs


2 / 5

We were only able to find a map of the clinic. The website has no picture or video of the facilities available. 

Surgery & Doctor Involvement

2 / 5

We were hoping to find some information about Ista Clinica’s medical team. However, just like the rest of this review, we couldn’t find any details on their website. 


1 / 5

Although Ista Clinica’s website has a line saying they offer post-treatment packages, there are no specifics about what is included in this package. As far as we can tell, the clinic does not even offer aftercare products or consultations.

conclusion expert review

Lisa writer at

We Rate Ista Clinica Turkey

1.9 / 5.0

Ista Clinica presents itself as a comprehensive destination for cosmetic surgeries, including hair transplants, dental aesthetics, and plastic surgery. While the clinic’s website offers valuable insights into its services and procedures, there are significant gaps in transparency and detail that may leave prospective patients feeling uncertain about their experience.

The clinic’s website is user-friendly and provides basic information about procedures and booking processes. However, the absence of detailed information regarding the medical team, pricing, and pre-operational consultations is a notable drawback. Prospective patients may find it challenging to make informed decisions without clarity on these essential aspects.

Despite offering consultations, the website fails to provide clear details about the consultation process and pre-operational procedures. This lack of transparency may lead to uncertainty and hesitancy among potential patients.

Furthermore, while the clinic promises premium accommodation and VIP transfers, the website lacks specific details about these arrangements. The absence of information about translators or support services adds to the uncertainty surrounding the arrival and accommodation process.

Similarly, the lack of visuals or detailed descriptions of the clinic’s facilities raises questions about the quality of care provided. Without clear information about the medical team’s involvement and aftercare services, patients may feel apprehensive about their post-treatment experience.

In conclusion, while Ista Clinica offers a range of cosmetic services, including hair transplants, the clinic’s website lacks the transparency and detail necessary to instill confidence in prospective patients. 

Clear and comprehensive information about procedures, pricing, medical teams, and aftercare services is essential to facilitate informed decision-making and ensure a positive patient experience. Prospective patients should carefully consider these factors before choosing Ista Clinica for their cosmetic surgery needs.

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Ista Clinica Hair Transplant Reviews

Patient reviews collected bi-weekly from:

Rated 5.0 out of 5
5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
Very good0%

I had my hair transplant operation in…

Rated 5.0 out of 5
November 23, 2022

I had my hair transplant operation in Ista clinica, everything is managed from beginning to end, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. I was worried about hair transplant for woman I took a step and choose them for the operation, everything goes professional and happy with my new hairline that reduced my forehead.

Natalie Dantes

Best Hair Transplant Turkey

Rated 5.0 out of 5
November 21, 2022

I contacted them via their website after noticing my colleague’s hair change after having a hair transplant here. I quickly got complete responses to all of my inquiries. My hair loss was already advanced because of how hard I worked and how stressed I was. It was extremely pricey in my own country. When I arrived in Istanbul, they had all of my procedures for accommodation, transportation, and hair transplant scheduled. I traveled while receiving treatment for three days; I want to thank my doctor and his staff for their excellent work. The greatest hair transplant clinic in Istanbul is you.


Amazing experience

Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 10, 2022

Amazing clinic and experience , thank you for taking care of everything starting from my pick up to my drop off. They made sure I’m comfortable, they booked a really good hotel for me and welcomed me well at the clinic all the doctors were really nice and I had all the treatments I needed before a Hollywood smile and now i’ll be back there with my relatives for their treatments as well because they are the only one I trust

Bombom El

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Ista Clinica Background Information


Ista Clinica Team

As we mentioned earlier, we couldn’t find any information about Ista Clinica’s team on their website or online.

Before and After Pictures

Ista Clinica Turkey Before And After Results

Ista Clinica’s website has several before and after photos of hair transplant patients.

ista clinica before and after
Getting a Hair Transplant in Istanbul Was Never Easier

Methods and Treatments

Ista Clinica Hair Transplant Procedures

Ista Clinica offers several hair loss treatment options for patients. Some of these treatments include eyebrow transplant, beard transplant, DHI hair transplant, FUE hair transplant, and hair mesotherapy.

Costs and Packages

Ista Clinica hair transplant cost and price - What is included in the hair transplant package?

We couldn’t find a clear price list or package details on Ista Clinica’s website. Prospective patients may need to book an initial consultation and provide their details to get a custom quote.

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You can find Ista Clinica on Youtube, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Yes, Ista Clinica performs hair transplants in a clinic.

We are not sure if they have an A-license.

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