Longevita Istanbul Turkey Review

For those looking for a hair transplant in Istanbul Longevita Istanbul Turkey makes an excellent choice. The company with a HQ in London offers Brits all-inclusive packages from £1350. Let’s see whether Longevita ticks those all important boxes in our in-depth review.

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Longevita Clinic Istanbul Review Summary

Booking process


With a HQ in London the Longevita Clinic Istanbul is definitely on the lookout for Brits that want affordable hair transplants in Turkey. It goes without saying that the site is well produced and written in good English. The site far exceeds our expectations by offering a e-consultation which you can book and get an expert to assess your case individually. The next thing we look for in this category is for the Longevita Istanbul Turkey site to give information about the doctors.

Once again, it doesn’t disappoint here with detailed information. The site also contains extensive information about the procedures that it carries out. Where most hair transplant sites fall down is their refusal to give some straightforward pricing information. This company understands how important this is and there is also details of an all-inclusive package that is just £1350, so right from the get go, prospective clients have a good idea of the pricing.

(Pre-operational) Consultations


We have yet to see clinics doing well in this section. It’s difficult to offer preconsultations from abroad but Longevita does offer an e-consult as we mentioned which is as good as it is likely to get when travelling abroad for a hair transplant. They do score two marks for providing a clear itinerary of your trip and offering the ability to rescedule.

If you had the surgery in your resident country it would be easier to prepare a surgery by providing a pre-op kit and supplements. The problem with offering these perks are that they cost and until you have met with the doctor and had blood tests there is no guarantee that the surgery will even go ahead. This is a major reason why we are rarely seeing these things offered.

Arrival & Accommodation


As you would expect from a company with a London HQ, Longevita Istanbul understands that Brits travelling abroad for medical tourism do not want to slum it in a 3-star or lower Turkish hotel just to save a few pennies.

Longevita offer five star hotel accommodation. However, they lose a point for trying to skimp on a third days stay. We recommend that you rest up for three days before flying home as this is an operation after all. So if you choose Longevita, we’d recommend paying a little extra for a third night.

Longevita also offers a VIP transfer from the airport and to the clinic and hotel which means you don’t need to worry about anything except sleeping in! Longevita like many clinics perform the necessary blood test on the day of the operation. This means they lose a point as we prefer that it is done as soon as you land. That being said, it’s no big issue as the results for the blood test will come back in less than an hour while you consult with the doctor before the procedure.



Longevita Istanbul only scores three points in this section which is a very important section. We look for the procedure to be carried out in a hospital as it is after all an operation. It’s highly unlikely anything would go wrong and you would need an emergency help during the procedure.

What we are looking for is for the surgery to be done in operating conditions and this can only be absolutely guaranteed if it is a hospital that has an A license and is carried out in a perfectly sterile environment. Longevita also makes sure that you are provided with lunch during what can be an eight hour or longer procedure.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement


Longevita also scores well again in this next crucial section. It’s vital that the procedure is carried out and overseen by qualified doctors and surgeons that have experience in the field and this is absolutely the case with Longevita. Dr Onay and Dr Akdemir are the internationally certified surgeons that will oversee your procedure with other qualified people taking part. Needleless anaesthesia is also a plus.



Longevita Istanbul also manage to score highly in our aftercare section with an impressive score of 4. A great thing about this reputable company registred at Company House UK is that you can pay for your hair transplant in affordable monthly payments spread over 12 months. So as long as you can afford an extra £100 or so a month extra over a year, you can access this service. Longevita also have a 12 month aftercare service and will provide you with medication, shampoo, and lotion. Better still the procedure carries a lifetime guarantee.

Conclusion - We rate Longevita Istanbul 3.5 out of 5

Longevita Istanbul has managed to pull off one of the highest scores we’ve awarded to any of our clinics that we have reviewed. They scored almost top scores or top scores in the booking process, team categories and also for aftercare.

Another great feature of Longevita Istanbul is that you can visit a UK clinic to recieve follow up aftercare consultations. There is a clear price that you are given of £1350 and this includes the maximum grafts that can be performed in one day. So there are not packages with ever increasing pricetags.

The extras you may incur are if you book an extra night in Turkey which won’t be much. Longevita Istanbul does provide after care products but you might want to buy more when you arrive back to ensure an optimal result. Another standout feature with Longevita is the fact you can spread the cost affordably across a year.

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Hair Transplant Team

Are Longevita Clinic Istanbul procedures done by qualified doctors?

Longevita Istanbul have a detailed list of the doctors and surgeons that will carry put your operation. there isn’t a great deal of information about each doctor but both Dr Kuddusi Onay and Dr Sakir Akdemir have been practising FUE hair transplantation since 2014. There are also another two additional members of the team which are Yasemin Turgut who is listed as a hair transplant surgeon that has been practising FUE hair transplantation since 2005.

There is also a surgeon called Bahar Kara who has been practising FUE hair transplantation since 2012. Yasemin is an expert in hair transplantation techniques for individual with scars or burns. She is also experienced in facial hair and eyebrow transplant. Ms Turgut has performed 8,000 procedures over 25 years and speaks both Turkish and English. Dr Kuddusi Onay has performed over 3,000 operations in six years he is laso bi-lingual and can converse in both Turkish as well as English.

Longevita Istanbul Results And Before and After Pictures

Longevita Istanbul reviews and gallery section is also a welcome relief on a well thought out site. It’s often that on many hair transplant sites you’ll find there are very few if any images and if you do want to check out results you will need to then head to social media pages.


Longevita Istanbul Transplantation Methods & Treatments

Longevita Istanbul carries out FUT, FUE, sapphire FUE, unshaven, and DHI hair transplants for their patients. They can provide hair transplants for female patients and they also cater for clients with afro hair. It’s not just the hair on your head they transplant, they can perform beard, moustache, and even sideburn transplants

The additonal things they offer are body hair transplants. While women are busy removing body hair, in men body hair is associated with masculinity so Longevita perform body hair transplant to implant hair into the chest, abdomen, armpits or pubic area. They can even perform hair transplants into scar areas of the scalp that have been left from FUT procedures.

Costs and Packages

Longevita Clinic Istanbul Cost of Hair Transplants, Available Packages And Extras

Longevita Istanbul Turkey has to be applauded for providing clear and straightforward information about their packages and costs which is a breath of fresh air and a rarity in this industry. The package they offer is clear and well-documented on the site. It is £1350 or approximately 1500EUR. This includes:

  • Max Grafts Single Session in Istanbul
  • Medication, Shampoo, Lotion
  • 2 Nights @ 5 Star Hotel
  • Private Airport Transfers (Roundtrip)
  • Translator/Interpreter Services
  • 12 Month Aftercare Programme
  • Lifetime Warranty Certificate

Longevita makes a great choice for a hair transplant in Turkey with these upfront costs, all-inclusive package, and quality all round service. We would have liked to see a slightly higher price and 3 nights, but it won’t cost much to add to your package. If you are choosing the finance package, this won’t be interest-free so be aware of that.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes they are on Facebook as well as Instagram. What’s more impressive still is their Youtube channel that features some patients talking about their hair loss and procedure.

No they are not performed in a hospital, they are performed in a clinic. The operation is however fully insured and the conditions are sterile.

No the clinic does not have an A-license. However, the clinic is safe and the op is performed by highly experienced hair transplant doctors and surgeons who are more important in providing you with the best result.


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