Safe Hair Transplant Turkey Hair Transplant Review

Safe Hair Transplant Turkey claim to be the best and safest place in the world for aesthetic procedures. With a hair transplant in Istanbul starting as low as €1,699 all inclusive, we had to take a closer look.

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Safe Hair Transplant Turkey Hair Transplant Review Summary

Booking process


The transparency of Safe Hair Transplant Turkey is a breath of fresh air, with a crystal clear price list available and total of 5 packages to choose from. From the very outset you know what it’s going to cost and exactly what you get for it. This is a real rarity from a hair transplant clinic, notorious for their ambiguous prices and spiel about case-by-case circumstances. The pricing availability is a real highlight of the booking process with Safe Hair Transplant Turkey.

You can still claim a free consultation, aimed at identifying the type of procedure and method best for you specifically. The good thing about this is that, because the prices are fixed, the consultation will genuinely be just about the hair transplant itself, not a hard sell. The website is written in English, but it’s not the best in some places. There are some broken sentences here and there and a lot of the videos only feature Arabic.

(Pre-operational) Consultations


There is a clear indication of travel arrangements give by the clinic, and you know the order in which things will happen from the second you touch down in Turkey. The piece of mind of this is huge, leaving you with nothing but your great new head of hair to think about.

Unfortunately, none of the advertised packages offer much in the way of pre-op care. You will have your initial consultation but that’s about all between the point of booking and the day of the procedure. There is no guidance or help to prepare for your op, including any medications or shampoos.

Arrival & Accommodation


Safe Hair Transplant Istanbul know how to look after their patients, and this is evident in their stellar service from the point of arrival in Turkey.

Not only will you be greeted by a friendly and English-speaking driver at the airport, but you will be taken to your 5-star luxury hotel to rest up before and after your procedure. Your stay will last 3 nights, providing an ample about of time for recovery before travelling home.

No expense is spared when it comes to your accommodation and travel, but it barely feels like you’re the one paying for it. The all inclusive prices are incredibly cheap, especially considering they include all of this, the procedure itself, and elements of aftercare, for one small and affordable cost.



From the moment you arrive, you’re well looked after. The transfers are luxury and the accommodation is 5-star, but unfortunately the clinic at Safe Hair Transplant doesn’t quite live up to these standards. While there’s nothing wrong, and it’s perfectly safe to be at, there’s just no standout wow factors.

We had high expectations because of the previous attention to detail, but we were left feeling a little disappointed. The clinic isn’t EU-regulated, as it’s a hair clinic and not a hospital, and it also don’t hold an A-License. The absence of these two things doesn’t necessarily impact the quality of procedure carried out, but they make for a nice extra seal of approval.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement


You will be guaranteed English-speaking doctors and medical staff, and the needle-free and pain-free anaesthesia is a great addition to the service. Unfortunately, there’s no reference to the specific doctors and specialists working at the clinic, and also no mention of any nurses or patient care staff. Most clinics will take time to highlight their experts, so it makes you wonder why this has been missed.



The aftercare at the Safe Hair Transplant clinic leaves a lot to be desired. There is no 90% hair growth guarantee, so you are taking a bit of a gamble on your results, and there are also no post-op packages that include medications or follow-up appointments. At best, we would expect flexible financing options to pay for the procedure, but the clinic also does not provide this. After some strong elements throughout the review, it’s a shame that it ends on such a bad note.

Conclusion - We rate Safe Hair Transplant 2.33 out of 5

Safe Hair Transplant has an almost impeccable booking process, giving the impression of a professional clinic from the outset. Their transparent pricing options and high level of detail about the procedures available gave them almost perfect marks in this area.

The booking process is only topped by the service on arrival in Turkey and at the Safe Hair Transplant clinic. From luxury accommodation and comfortable travel, to a 3-night stay included in the price to aid recovery. There’s also the option of package upgrades if you fancy some sightseeing with a guided tour, too.

The things that let Safe Hair Transplant down is their facility and the level of aftercare (or lack thereof). We’ve looked at some world-renowned clinics offering the best technology and services for patients, and Safe Hair just doesn’t match up. There is also a complete disregard to aftercare and you’re essentially left to fend for yourself after your procedure is over.

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Hair Transplant Team

Safe Hair Transplant Turkey hair transplants are done by qualified doctors

The Safe Hair Transplant clinic has qualified doctors who specialise in hair transplantation, so you don’t need to worry about being looked after by an experienced medical professional. The fact the website doesn’t mention specifically who the doctors are is a let down, as this is often one of the biggest selling points a clinic uses to draw in new patients. We would like to see more information on which individuals make up the team at the clinic.

Doctors aside, we also love to see a real emphasis on patient care, both before and after the procedure. This is usually done by nurses and specific care staff, but again, we’re left knowing very little about who works at the clinic and what patients can expect. Having fantastic pricing and an impressive website is nice, but it also needs to make prospective clients feel confident and comfortable with booking at the clinic, and this lack of information makes this harder.

Before and After Pictures

Safe Hair Transplant Turkey Results And Before and After Pictures

You have to look a little hard through the website to find the before and after pictures, but they are there. There are a few blog posts demonstrating success stories with some pretty impressive results from real patients. This is an important aspect of deciding if the clinic is good enough at what they do.


Safe Hair Transplant Turkey Transplantation Methods & Treatments

The Safe Hair Transplant website provides a lot of information about the methods and treatments offered at the clinic. As well as hair transplants, they also offer a wealth of other services, including plastic surgery, botox and fillers and dental cosmetology, which is the sign of an advanced aesthetics centre.

There is a complete and very helpful step-by-step guide of the hair transplant process, from the very beginning right through to the end. Their preferred method of transplant is the Sapphire technique, promising the best results in a single session. The clinic offers painless anaesthesia, perfect for those nervous of needles.

Costs and Packages

Safe Hair Transplant Turkey Hair Transplant Prices, Available Packages And Extras

The hair transplant costs are available on the website for everybody to see, and they’re pretty impressive. You can choose between just the procedure with up to 1,500 grafts from as low as €1099, or a 2,500 graft procedure only package for €1199. If you’re looking for something all inclusive, the procedure, transfers and accommodation are all included in one affordable package, costing €1699 – this package includes:

  • Hair transplant procedure
  • VIP transfers
  • 5-star hotel (3 nights, 4 days)
  • English speaking coordinator

You can even upgrade your all inclusive package to something a little more exciting, with the clinic also offering a 1-day guided Istanbul tour included in their premium option, priced at €2099. It’s completely up to you whether you want to be in and out, or whether you want to make something more of your stay in Turkey.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Safe Hair Transplant clinic has a Facebook page, but it’s not very active. The content includes a lot of the same stock photo, so there’s not much to see. The handle is @safehairtransplantturkey. 

No, they are not. The procedures are carried out in a specialist centre for hair services, not a medical hospital. This does not impact the quality of service.

No, the clinic does not hold an A-License. This is an accreditation meaning that the clinic is regulated by the Turkish Government, and is usually given to hospitals.


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