Sapphire Hair Clinic Turkey Review

Sapphire Hair Clinic Turkey is a popular destination for a hair transplant in Istanbul performing its aesthetic procedures in a 5-star hospital. Opening in 1995, the clinic is one of the most established and well-respected in the whole of Turkey. As part of the Medical Park Hospitals Group, Sapphire Hair Clinic is one of 29 hospitals across 17 cities.

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Sapphire Hair Clinic Turkey Review Summary

Booking process


The booking process at Sapphire Hair Clinic Turkey is as simple and professional as the website itself. Their site is well designed, and perfectly written in English, creating a great first impression. The booking process begins with a free consultation, which couldn’t be easier to organise. After filling in a short form, one of the team will follow up with a call to discuss your requirements in more detail. There is information available on both of the head doctors at the clinic, including their experience and areas of expertise.

Each of the different hair transplant methods has a dedicated page on the website, including plenty of detailed information about what’s involved. If you don’t want to read through long descriptions, the handy summaries also explain many of the important aspects. This includes things like operation duration and recovery time.

(Pre-operational) Consultations


The Sapphire Hair Clinic provides helpful information on its website about pre-operational care. Their guides involve advice on what to do before your operation, what to wear on the day, and how to prepare yourself ahead of time. The travel plans are also made clear from the outset so there’s no uncertainties there.

Pre-op consultations are included in your package price, but unfortunately any pre-operational kit or supplements are not. If you require any additional medication in the run up to your hair transplant, this will come at an extra cost to you. Also keep in mind that you will not be able to reschedule your procedure without also incurring a fee.

Arrival & Accommodation


Sapphire Hair Clinic Turkey house their patients in a beautiful beachfront hotel, close to many tourist hotspots. Nearby highlights include Istanbul Aquarium and Istanbul Aviation Museum, both perfect if you plan to do some sight-seeing.

The hotel itself looks more like a resort, with stunning views of the sea and facilities suited for the rich and famous. Rooms all feature free WiFi and a flat-screen TV, and the upper-class option includes a sea view for the ultimate experience. Beyond your room, you will find a wealth of facilities available onsite, including a bar, seating areas and a spa.

Included in your package is all of this, plus VIP transfers and an English-speaking coordinator to welcome you to Turkey. It really is a 5-star experience from start to finish with The Sapphire Clinic. The only thing missing for us is the lack of blood test done on arrival, but it’s far from the biggest factor.



Sapphire Hair Clinic Turkey is housed within the prestigious Istinye University Hospital, one of the finest establishments in Istanbul. The ultra modern facility holds an A-License, which means it is regulated by the Turkish Government and is the ultimate sign of medical quality. You’re in good hands from the minute you enter the facility.

Although Sapphire Hair Clinic itself focuses entirely on hair restoration services, many other aesthetic procedures and plastic surgeries take place within the contemporary hospital environment. Patients can undergo anything from breast augmentation, to facelifts and gastric bypass surgery. There are hundreds of doctors onsite, all experts in their own fields.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement


An impressive facility only goes so far, and what really matters is the quality of the doctors carrying out the procedures. Thankfully, Sapphire Hair Clinic also pass this test with flying colours, sporting two pretty impressive leading doctors on its staff. After graduating from Trakya University School of Medicine in 2003, Dr. Şirvan has been working as a hair transplant specialist since 2010. In this time, he has performed hundreds of successful surgeries. There will be a third-party doctor overseeing your procedure at Sapphire Hair Clinic and auditing the doctors processes, guaranteeing the best possible result for you.



Aftercare is where Sapphire Hair Clinic Turkey lets itself down. Despite a fantastic start, an easy booking process and luxury facilities, it seems as though patients are left to their own devices after their procedure. After leaving Turkey, there are no no post-treatment packages included, and this means no aftercare products or shampoos either. There is no financial help in the form of financing options, so you will need to be able to afford your hair transplant in one go. There is also a distinct lack of any hair growth guarantees, something we always like to see.

Conclusion - We rate Sapphire Hair Clinic Turkey 2.83 out of 5

Sapphire Hair Clinic Turkey is a state-of-the-art facility, offering the best hair transplant methods, carried out by the finest doctors. The initial service and pre-op care is great, but the aftercare is practically non existent.

There are no expenses spared when it comes to accommodation and initial patient care at Sapphire Hair Clinic Turkey, but taking care of patients afterwards is also of significant importance. Unfortunately the clinic falls short of their post-procedure duties, and so this has a significant impact on the overall score given.

That said, it’s hard to ignore the above-and-beyond attitude of the Sapphire Hair Clinic Turkey, ensuring visitors are comfortable and well taken care of from the second they arrive in the country. We don’t see many other clinics offering the same level of accommodation, so they deserve a special mention for that.

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Hair Transplant Team

Are Sapphire Hair Clinic Turkey procedures done by Dr. Şirvan?

Hair transplant surgeries at Sapphire Hair Clinic Turkey are carried out by Dr. Şirvan or Dr. Tosun, both of whom have incredible expertise in the field. Everything from your initial consultation, right through to the procedure itself, will be taken care of by one of these two impressive doctors. As well as this, there will also be a third-party doctor overseeing the processes of the hospital, ensuring the highest level of care possible throughout your stay.

There are nurses and other operational staff on-hand to help with your preparations for surgery. They are also responsible for your comfort and recovery immediately after your procedure. This means that you will always have somebody taking care of you throughout your stay. This is a vital aspect to any hair transplant clinic review, as a facility is only ever as good as the staff that work there, and they will make or break your entire experience.

Before and After Pictures

Sapphire Hair Clinic Turkey Results And Before and After Pictures

There are many Sapphire Hair Clinic Turkey reviews available on their website from real patients and their success stories. As well as this, you can look at plenty of before and after pictures. These pictures will give you a great idea of the kind of result you can expect from your own procedure.


Methods and Treatments

Sapphire Hair Clinic Turkey Transplantation Methods & Treatments

There are two different hair transplant techniques available at Sapphire Hair Clinic Turkey. These are FUE and DHI. Many clinics are still also offering the FUT method, despite the fact that it is becoming quite outdated, but Sapphire prefer to focus on the newer technology. As well as standard FUE, you can also have the prestigious sapphire FUE.

The Sapphire FUE method is very similar to traditional FUE, with a few clear advantages. The process is virtually pain-free and promises a quicker recovery time than the standard FUE approach. The DHI method does not involve any incisions whatsoever, and so is popular amongst patients, but may not be suitable for everybody, depending on their hair loss type.

Costs and Packages

Sapphire Hair Clinic Turkey Hair Transplants Available Packages And Extras

There is no price list available on the Sapphire Hair Clinic Turkey website, and patients are required to have a consultation before that can get an indication of costs. This is pretty standard practice, and the clinic does still promise fantastic and fair pricing. There are several things that will come as part of the standard package, including:

  • Pre-op Consultations
  • Procedure Cost
  • 5-Star Seafront Hotel
  • VIP Transfers

The level of luxury offered at both the facility itself and the accommodation is above-and-beyond most clinics in Turkey, and this really does create a unique experience for patients. There are also handy transfers and English-speaking staff, which are all great additions to the standard package to help everything go as smoothly as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Sapphire Hair Clinic Turkey can be found on Instagram using the handle @sapphirehairclinic. Their profile includes plenty of before and after pictures and case studies.

Yes, the hair transplants are done in the prestigious Istinye University Hospital. Sapphire Hair Clinic uses both the newest and the finest in transplant technology.

Yes, the Sapphire Hair Clinic Turkey does have an A-License, meaning that is it regulated by the Turkish Government to maintain the highest levels of care.


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