Sule Hair Transplant Turkey Review

The decision to have a hair transplant at one clinic and not at another is about trust. Clinics build trust when they provide clear information about their services and cost. Also, when they professionally deliver information. That is the secret of the most successful clinics. Does the Sule Hair Transplant Turkey Clinic meet the cut? Read on to find out if the clinic is the place to have a hair transplant in Istanbul or not.

Sule Hair Transplant Turkey reviews

Sule Hair Transplant Turkey Review Summary

Booking process


The Sule Hair Transplant Turkey website is well laid out and displays without breaking in the common web browsers. It contains factual and in-depth information about the hair transplant procedures available at the clinic. The booking process is smooth and begins when you schedule a free hair loss consultation. You get to do that by filling in and submitting your information in a designated form on the home page of the clinic’s website, after which a medical consultant will contact you and walk you through the process.

There’s a snag, though. There’s no information about the team that would be performing the hair transplant on the clinic’s website. Also, there is no price list for the hair transplant procedures featured on the website. You only get to know what your hair transplant would cost after your hair loss consultation.

(Pre-operational) Consultations


The clinic has a clear 4-day travel plan for everyone heading there for a hair transplant. It’s one of the best we’ve come across. On day 1, you arrive in Istanbul. Day 2 is when you have your hair transplant operation. On day 3, the medical team will spend time in post-operative processes such as wound-dressing and hair therapy. Finally, on day 4, you get a hair wash at the clinic and depart for your home country.

Sadly, the clinic misses the mark in other aspects. You will not be able to reschedule a hair transplant session for free. Also, there will be no pre-operational consultations for you to attend. The clinic will not give you any pre-operational kit or advise you on nutrition in the days leading to your hair transplant. Unfortunately, this is the norm with clinics overseas due to the difficulty and cost of providing patients with these services. However, we would like to see improvements such as Zoom appointments.

Arrival & Accommodation


Sule Hair Transplant excels in this category of the review. An English-speaking guide will be at the airport to welcome you. Afterward, your guide will take you to your hotel accommodation in a luxury car.

You will be staying for three nights in a 5-star hotel during the time you will be in Turkey. A luxury car and a driver will always be on standby to take you anywhere you want to go. It doesn’t matter where you are headed — to the clinic for an appointment or into town to sight-see — the clinic has you covered with VIP transfers.

Take note that the clinic will not be carrying out the required blood test on the day you arrive. You will do it on the day of your hair transplant. We don’t expect that to affect your experience much, even though we prefer that you do your blood test on the day you arrive in Turkey.



Sule Hair Transplant Clinic has put in place every amenity to ensure that your stay is comfortable. The clinic will provide lunch, plus entertainment as you undergo your hair transplant. There are ergonomic chairs and beds too, which makes a lot of sense because you will be required to sit or lie in the same position for several hours as you have your transplant.

The clinic has the technology that will make for a great hair transplant, for example, laser equipment to measure hairlines and donor area selection tools. The clinic does not have the coveted A-license, so it is not a hospital. That means you will not be undergoing your hair transplant surgery in a hospital environment.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement


Sule Hair Transplant Clinic has two positives going for it in this section of the review. One is the fact that the medical team speaks English. The other is availability of the option of needleless anaesthetics for patients. On the other hand, the clinic does not have a doctor performing the hair transplants carried out there. Also, we found no information about nurses that might be a part of the medical team.



Sule Hair Transplant Clinic does a poor job of providing aftercare for patients that underwent a hair transplant there. The clinic will guarantee patients 90% of hair growth. Also, it will oblige patients with two post-operational consultations, and then, that’s pretty much it. In the clinic’s aftercare program, patients will not be getting post-treatment packages or two months’ worth of aftercare products. And do patients have the option of financing the hair transplant surgery itself? No, they don’t.

Conclusion - We rate Sule Hair Transplant Turkey 2.17 out of 5

Sule Hair Transplant Clinic scores 2.17 out of 5, a performance that’s below average. Sule Hair Transplant Clinic’s seamless booking process and the in-depth information about the available hair transplants make for a good patient experience at the booking stage. We can say the same of the clinic’s arrangement for the arrival and accommodation of patients. The VIP transfers, the 5-star hotel accommodation, and the 3-night stay are nice touches.

The deal-breaker, though, is that no medical doctor is performing the hair transplant surgeries at the clinic. Hair transplant surgeries require medical expertise, and it’ is strongly advisable to not use a hair transplant clinic that operates without a doctor. Also, we know nothing about the cost of the procedure. If something does crop up to mess up travel plans, there is no option to reschedule for free. And there’s practically little aftercare. Taken together, all of these factors adequately justify Sule Hair Transplant Clinic’s 2.17 score.

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Hair Transplant Team

Sule Hair Transplant Turkey hair transplants are done by qualified doctors

Sule Karatas Ölmez founded the Sule Hair Transplant Clinic in 2014. We do not have a lot of background information about her apart from the fact that she has a degree in the Chemical Sciences. She has no medical degree, which means she is not a doctor. On the home page of the clinic’s website, she is described as a “Hair Specialist” with ten years of experience. She leads the medical team at the clinic and does most of the hair transplants.

We have no other information about the medical team. Overall, this doesn’t look like a great medical team, the kind you would want to entrust your hair transplant surgery. A hair transplant is an operation requiring the use of anaesthesia. Thus, only a medical doctor can safely carry out the procedure. Sule Karatas Ölmez does seem experienced in carrying out these surgeries. It could be that apart from her experience in carrying out hair transplant surgery, she has the support of a capable medical team. Again, this is just conjecture as we have no information to back it up.

Before and After Pictures

Sule Hair Transplant Turkey Results And Before and After Pictures

Any hair clinic’s before and after pictures are reliable tools for assessing the quality of the transplants carried out there. It’s the reason hair clinics prominently feature them. And it’s no different for Sule Hair Transplant Turkey. All Sule Hair Transplant Turkey reviews are built around the strong messaging these before and after pictures provide, and there are hundreds of these pictures on the clinic’s website and social media pages.


Methods and Treatments

Sule Hair Transplant Turkey Transplantation Methods & Treatments

Sule Hair Transplant Clinic carries out three types of hair transplants – the FUE, Sapphire FUE, and DHI. In the FUE technique, the hair specialist creates channels at a depth of 0.7 – 0.8 mm. Next, the hair specialist extracts grafts from the donor area and implants them in the recipient areas of the patient’s scalp. The medical team can transplant up to 5,000 grafts of hair this way in a single session lasting 6-8 hours.

The Sapphire FUE technique is similar to the FUE technique. The only difference is in the tool used, a sapphire blade. The hair specialist uses the sapphire blade to open up the channels. By design, sapphire blades are more accurate and give denser hair implants when compared with the FUE technique. Lastly, the DHI technique is carried out using the Choi pen. The DHI technique is a single-stage procedure, unlike the FUE and Sapphire FUE, which are two-stage procedures. The Choi pen extracts and implant grafts simultaneously with no need for cutting in channels on the patient’s scalp. Hair transplants carried out using the DHI technique are more expensive than those carried out using FUE or Sapphire FUE.

Costs and Packages

Sule Hair Transplant Turkey Cost of Hair Transplants, Available Packages And Extras

Sule Hair Transplant Turkey Clinic does not publish any price list for hair transplant procedures. You only get one after a hair loss consultation. We don’t think this is best for the hair transplant patient because it’s quite tedious to process quote after quote from several clinics. Instead, if clinics displayed their prices for transplanting each graft of hair, it would be easy to compare several clinics’ pricing and arrive at a decision on which of the clinics to have the hair transplant carried out. Sule Hair Transplant Clinic’s standard package comes with:


Frequently Asked Questions

The Sule Hair Transplant Clinic can be found on Facebook with the handle @sulehairtransplant. The Facebook page has the clinic’s address listed as well as four telephone numbers to reach the clinic on. There are several before and after photos of successful hair transplants carried out at the clinic.

No, the Sule Hair Transplant Clinic is not a hospital. It is a specialist hair transplant clinic with no qualified doctor carrying out the transplants. Instead, a hair specialist carries out the hair transplant surgeries there.

The Turkish government has not licensed the Sule Hair Transplant Clinic, that we can see. The implication is that the clinic has no A-License issued by the Turkish government.


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