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Trichogenics Clinic is a popular hair transplant clinic in Turkey. With a very active presence on social media, Trichogenics Clinic has positioned itself as an industry resource. Let’s assess together if this is the ideal choice for your hair transplant needs, ensuring a confident and informed decision.

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Expert Review

Trichogenics Clinic Istanbul Review Summary

This review was published in February 2024. We have also added user reviews and the possibility for you to leave your review directly. If you wish to engage with former patients of Trichogenics Clinic Turkey, share your thoughts on the Hair Back App.

Experience With Trichogenics Clinic: Our First Impression

In our initial exploration of Trichogenics Clinic, the first stop was their website. Our findings indicate that the website is not only user-friendly but also direct and easy to navigate. Trichogenics Clinic appears to have invested considerable effort in providing comprehensive information, evident in their attempt to address potential queries.

An exceptional feature on the website is the abundance of informative videos featuring co-founders, Dr. Eric and Dr. Asi. This personalized approach adds a layer of transparency and direct communication, offering reassurance to prospective patients. The videos, where the co-founders personally address various questions, contribute to building trust and providing valuable insights.

While the website offers valuable insights, our attempt to reach out to the clinic directly via WhatsApp or live chat did not yield a response at the time of this review. Prospective patients may want to consider alternative communication channels for a more immediate interaction.

Our research uncovered a substantial number of positive reviews, exceeding 100 on Trustpilot and 17 on Google, providing insights into Trichogenics’ reputation. However, a noteworthy observation was the presence of duplicated reviews across both platforms. 

This could raise questions about the authenticity and diversity of the feedback. While positive reviews are reassuring, the presence of duplicated content warrants a closer look into the clinic’s online reputation management.

Trichogenics Clinic maintains an active and well-maintained presence across various social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, and LinkedIn. This commitment to social media engagement reflects a dedication to staying connected with the audience through trending content.

Trichogenics clinic booking form

Booking Process

4.0 / 5

The booking process on the Trichogenics Clinic website was pretty straightforward. They even made a video to explain how their booking process is typically.

In the video, one of the co-founders explained that they initially asked potential patients to be as detailed as possible when filling out their consultation form, which will ask about medical details and pictures of the hair loss portion.

In a case when the patient is not comfortable sharing personal and medical details on their website, they will send them a WhatsApp number to send the details to. After which they will book a call and discuss the pros and cons of hair transplant surgery. 

During this call, they will look for alternative solutions and treatments to help in your hair restoration journey. If there is none, then they’ll proceed to schedule the procedure. Their booking form is in English and easy to fill as well.

Trichogenics Clinic’s website has some information about their hair transplant procedure. However, we hoped it would have been as detailed as that of IdealofMed or even Asmed.

Their website also has details of their hair transplant surgeons and medical staff. However, there is no clear price list available on their website or any of their social media pages. This leaves a gap in transparency regarding the financial aspect of the procedure.

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Pre-Operational Consultations

3.1 / 5

The Trichogeics website has some information about their pre-operational consultations. As we mentioned earlier, there is a video explaining the entire process from booking to consultation.

Their website also provides a clear itinerary and schedule of how the pre-operation, operation, and post-operation processes look like. However, it is not clear if there is a possibility to reschedule booking for free.

It is also not clear if the hair transplant clinic in Turkey provides nutritional advice and supplements.

Arrival & Accommodation

5 / 5

While the Trichogenics website provides glimpses of hotel rooms and explains that they use a 5-star hotel. Our meticulous research uncovered that patients are indulged in the luxurious ambiance of the Movenpick Bosphorous. 

Despite the website’s lack of clarity regarding package details, our investigation revealed pertinent information crucial for potential patients. Trichogenics offers a flat price ranging from $5500 to $6500 for both accommodation and surgery. This pricing may be perceived as relatively higher compared to other hair transplant clinics in Turkey.

Upon arrival, patients can expect VIP transfers and a standard 3-night stay at Movenpick Bosphorous. However, it’s essential to note that while these accommodations offer luxury, patients should carefully consider their preferences and budget before committing.

Additionally, our research confirms that Trichogenics conducts blood tests on the day of surgery, underscoring their commitment to ensuring patient safety and well-being throughout the process.

Patients should weigh these factors against their preferences and budget when considering the clinic for their hair restoration needs.


3.2 / 5

richogenics Clinic appears to prioritize patient comfort by offering ergonomic chairs and beds, aiming to enhance relaxation during procedures. Additionally, they provide amenities such as complimentary lunch and access to entertainment facilities for a more pleasant experience.

While their website mentions the use of microscopic precision in grafting and AI-based technology for surgical planning, it is unclear if they utilize laser-measured hairline and density measurement tools. Further clarification on this aspect may be beneficial for potential patients seeking detailed information on the clinic’s technological capabilities.

Operating within a regulated EU-accredited private hospital underscores Trichogenics’ commitment to upholding stringent medical standards. This accreditation ensures a safe and controlled environment for procedures, enhancing patient confidence in the clinic’s practices.

Regarding government regulation compliance, it is unclear if Trichogenics holds an A-license regulated by the Turkish government. Prospective patients are advised to conduct thorough research to verify the clinic’s regulatory status before making a decision.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement

3.8 / 5

Trichogenics Clinic’s dedication to physician involvement in all surgical procedures is evident, a point underscored on their website. Their medical team includes nurses, contributing to comprehensive patient care.

Our research indicates that Trichogenics employs a local anesthetic infiltration process for procedures. Additionally, they employ an anesthetic cream to numb the scalp before needle insertion for local infiltration. This approach aligns with standard pain management protocols, ensuring patient comfort during the surgical process.

Trichogenics Clinic prioritizes patient comfort and flexibility during surgical procedures, with surgical times typically ranging from 4 to 8 hours. Patients have the option to take breaks as needed, including restroom breaks, ensuring their comfort throughout the process. Additionally, the clinic provides lunch for patients during the procedure, further enhancing the overall experience.


3 / 5

Trichogenics Clinic ensures comprehensive aftercare support for patients following their surgical procedures. Throughout the recovery period, the clinic’s team remains available 24/7 to address any queries or concerns patients may have.

Post-operational consultations are conducted to monitor healing progress and provide necessary care instructions. These consultations occur twice immediately after the surgery, with a final check-in on the third morning to ensure patients are ready to return home. 

Additionally, patients have the option to schedule a check-in consultation on Day 10 upon returning home, providing an opportunity to discuss any concerns. Subsequent check-in appointments are scheduled at Month 1, Month 6, and Month 12 post-surgery to monitor progress and document the hair transformation results. 

However, details regarding the provision of after-care products and financing options are unclear and warrant further inquiry for potential patients seeking additional support and financial assistance.

conclusion expert review

Tom Davis

We Rate Trichogenics Clinic Turkey


In conclusion, Trichogenics Clinic offers a relatively straightforward booking process, aided by informative videos and English-friendly forms. However, the lack of a detailed price list on their website raises questions about transparency in financial matters, a crucial aspect for potential patients.

While the clinic provides clear information about pre-operative consultations and accommodations, further clarity on rescheduling options and nutritional support would enhance the patient experience.

The facility boasts amenities aimed at ensuring patient comfort, but additional details about technological tools used in procedures would be beneficial. The clinic operates within a regulated EU-accredited hospital, emphasizing adherence to medical standards.

Trichogenics Clinic demonstrates a commitment to physician involvement in surgeries, with nurses complementing the medical team. However, the absence of comprehensive aftercare details on their website leaves room for improvement.

Overall, Trichogenics Clinic presents itself as a viable option for hair transplant procedures, but prospective patients should conduct thorough research and seek clarification on any uncertainties before making a decision.

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What do others think about Trichogenics Clinic

Trichogenics Clinic Turkey Hair Transplant Reviews

Patient reviews collected bi-weekly from:

Rated 5.0 out of 5
5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 20 reviews)
Very good0%

I recently had my hair transplant at…Trichogenics

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 29, 2024

I recently had my hair transplant at Trichogenics and it was an amazing experience. They had someone waiting for me at the airport when I arrived and took me to my 5 star hotel. Everyone at Trichogenics is warm and welcoming and really put you at ease. Dr Asi and Dr Eric answered all my questions and explained everything to me before the procedure. Most people say the most painful part is when they administer the local anesthesia to numb your donor area. I honestly will say this pain was like a 2 out of ten. Dr Asi explained that they use small needles and are careful on how they administer it so that the pain is minimal for the patient. The rest of the procedure was easy, I slept for a lot of it.

Nelson Almeida

Better than expected

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 17, 2024

Traveling from Los Angeles to have surgery abroad seems daunting, but the staff made the entire experience seamless & enjoyable. The doctors were so detailed pre and post surgery, & so far am thrilled with the results. Would and have recommended trichogenics!


Wonderful experience with Trichogenics.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 12, 2024

Dr Asi, Dr Eric, the medical team, Naz and Gifti were all so warm and welcoming. First time stepping into Istanbul, Gifti welcome my wife and I with such a warm welcome, making us feel so comfortable.


Don't look any further, Trichogenics is the best.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 11, 2024

From first conference call consult to after surgery wash, the team completely went out of their way to ensure not only did I get the best hair transplant possible, but was also as comfortable as I could be. This was my 2nd transplant with the first procedure in Los Angeles at 3X the costs. 1000% happier with my experience with the whole Trichogenics team, experience and results.


My great experience with trichogenics…

Rated 5.0 out of 5
December 30, 2023

My experience with trichogenics was great.


Trichogenics Hair Transplant

Rated 5.0 out of 5
December 23, 2023

I recently had a hair transplant carried out by the Trichogenics’s team and had a brilliant experience from start to finish. The accommodation and travel around Istanbul were organised by the Trichogenics’s team, which made the experience hassle free as a top quality hotel and taxi firm was used. When attending the clinic I couldn’t have felt more welcomed by the team personally meeting all those who were going to carry out the procedure. Doctors Asi and Eric clearly and throughly explained the procedure to me and answered any questions I had showing how experienced they are and how patient care was a top priority. After the operation aftercare was discussed in detail and a kit given with after care supplies, upon returning home communication had be great and any new questions answered promptly. I would highly recommend Trichogenics’s to anyone who is interested in getting a hair transplant they really put the patient first and made the full procedure an easy and enjoyable experience.


Crowning Glory: A Royal Experience with Trichogenics for My Incredible Hair Transplant Journey

Rated 5.0 out of 5
December 13, 2023

I had an amazing experience with Trichogenics for my hair transplant procedure. From the moment I landed until I returned home, I felt like royalty. The level of care and expertise from the entire team was exceptional, making me confident that I was in the best hands. The results speak for themselves, and I couldn’t be happier with my incredible new hairline. Highly recommend Trichogenics for anyone considering a similar procedure.

Amit Propheta

Couldn't be happier

Rated 5.0 out of 5
December 4, 2023

After looking into getting a hair transplant for over two years I stumbled onto a TikTok from Dr Asi and was intrigued by how knowledgeable he and his brother Dr Eric are as well as how selective they are with their patients and immediately knew this was the clinic for me. From the initial consultation to getting picked up at their airport, Dr Eric and Dr Asi’s team treated me with the upmost care and professionalism. The procedure was quick and painless, I felt like I was in and out in no time. Big thanks to Naz for being so warm and accommodating, Catherine for welcoming me into the country in the best way possible and the entire Trichogenics family for making sure that I felt comfortable at all times. When looking for top quality and care Trichogenics takes the cake, I wholeheartedly believe I could have not found a better Clinic. Thank you again and again.

Juan Morales

The BEST Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

Rated 5.0 out of 5
November 19, 2023

I am more than pleased with my experience with Trichogenics in Turkey. The team was amazing and Doctors Ari and Eric were fantastic. I cant say enough good things about them all and feel very fortunate that I found them and chose them for my Hair Transplant. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting this procedure as you wont find a better group of people or better Doctors in my opinion. thank you again. Thaddeus Monckton, Canada

Thaddeus Monckton - Canada

Easy, Stress-free and Professional

Rated 5.0 out of 5
November 19, 2023

Just back from an amazing experience having my procedure done at Trichogenics.


I highly recommend Trichogenics

Rated 5.0 out of 5
October 4, 2023

I had my procedure done 6 days ago and so far I can say that everything has gone amazingly well. Of course it too early to comment on the result but in terms of the surgery/transplant itself, the process from initial consultation to surgery day, the pre and post care, etc have all been great!

Sumit Arora

why trichogenics is where you need to go, PERIOD.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
October 2, 2023

First off, this was my second time to Turkey for a hair transplant after getting butchered at Vera Clinic.

robert pirelli

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Trichogenics Clinic Background Information


Meet the Team: Dr Eric & Dr Asi Peretz

Trichogenics Clinic boasts a dedicated team led by two head surgeons, Dr. Asi Peretz and Dr. Eric Peretz. Supporting them are 7 staff nurses and 1 physiotherapist, ensuring comprehensive patient care throughout the surgical process. Additionally, the clinic employs non-medical staff to facilitate a smooth and positive experience for patients from start to finish.

While Trichogenics Clinic provides detailed information about the degree and experience of its lead doctors and co-founders, Dr. Asi Peretz and Dr. Eric Peretz, there is limited information available about the other members of their medical staff. It would be beneficial for prospective patients to have additional background information about the rest of the team to better understand the expertise and qualifications of those involved in their care.

Before and After Pictures

Trichogenics Clinic Turkey Before And After Results

Trichogenics Clinic Istanbul showcases numerous before and after pictures and videos of their hair transplant procedures on their website. Additionally, these images are also featured on their social media channels. 

This transparent display of results allows potential patients to visually assess the clinic’s work and make informed decisions about their treatment options.

Getting a Hair Transplant in Istanbul Was Never Easier

Methods and Treatments

Trichogenics Clinic Hair Transplant Procedures

Trichogenics Clinic offers a comprehensive range of treatment plans for hair loss, as outlined on their website. These include medical treatments utilizing finasteride and minoxidil, with detailed explanations provided regarding their mechanisms of action and administration procedures.

In addition to medical treatments, the clinic offers non-surgical procedures such as platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) treatment. Before transplantation surgery, they recommend at least one PRF treatment, administered one month beforehand. 

During the surgery, PRF is injected into the transplanted area, with the serum utilized to house the follicular grafts. Post-transplantation, a minimum of three PRF sessions, one month apart, is recommended for optimal graft survival rate.

For international patients, Trichogenics Clinic assists in finding suitable clinics within their global network. The website provides detailed information on the PRF procedure, offering transparency and clarity for prospective patients.

Hair transplantation is another treatment option offered by the clinic, utilizing both Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) methods. While the clinic mentions a preference for FUE, they also utilize Sapphire, forceps, DHI, and DNI techniques. 

Additionally, Trichogenics Clinic performs various types of transplants, including female hair transplants, male hair transplants, beard transplants, and eyebrow transplants.

Costs and Packages

Trichogenics Clinic hair transplant cost and price - What is included in the hair transplant package?

Trichogenics Clinic does not provide a clear price list or package details on their website. However, based on our research, a typical package from Trichogenics Clinic may include the following:

Prospective patients need to reach out directly to Trichogenics Clinic for detailed information on their packages and pricing, as these may vary based on individual needs and preferences.

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Your Questions

Yes. You can find Trichogenics Clinics on TikTok, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Yes, all procedures are carried out at its specialized clinic in Istanbul.

We cannot say for certain if the clinic has an A-license or not. This information is not available on their website.

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