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Turkeyana Clinic Istanbul Review

The Turkeyana Clinic Istanbul opened up for business in 2012. Since then, it claims to have done at least 25,000 aesthetic surgeries, including hair transplants. The clinic claims to have a success rate of 96%. Also, the clinic has a detailed 21-page guide book that explains every step a patient will run through having a hair transplant there. There’s detailed information in there about the hair transplantation procedure. Is this clinic the best place to have a hair transplant in Istanbul? Does the guide book provide all the required information about having a hair transplant there? Read our review of the Turkeyana Clinic to find answers to these questions and more.

Turkeyana Clinic Istanbul Rating


2.0 / 5.0

Booking Process
Arrival & Accommodation
Surgery & Doctors

Turkeyana Clinic Istanbul Review Summary

Booking Process

3 / 5

Turkeyana Clinic Istanbul has an English website that has detailed information about the hair transplant procedures it does. The clinic offers free hair loss consultation that anyone interested can access by inputting a name and an email address into the assigned form on the home page. However, Turkeyana’s website doesn’t display well in some browsers. It is written in poor English too. For the most part, the choice of words and how they are combined leaves much to be desired. Also, there are spelling, capitalization, and punctuation errors in several sections of the website.

There is no information about the medical team at the clinic. Furthermore, there is no list of the prices the clinic charges for hair transplantation procedures. The only information there is about pricing is the estimated 1500-2000 Euros fee for a hair transplant provided in a blog post which is vague.

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Pre-Operational Consultations

1 / 5

Turkeyana Clinic gives an itinerary for you to follow should you choose to have your hair transplant in its facility. Its 21-page guidebook, which is free to download from its website, outlines this. Other information you will find in the clinic’s guidebook includes an explainer of the hair transplantation process and medical advice to follow before, on, and after your day of surgery.

Note that you will not be able to postpone without incurring an additional charge once you have booked. Also, the clinic does not offer pre-operational consultations or hand out pre-operational kits, but to be fair, few clinics offer this. The clinic’s guidebook offers general nutrition advice that’s helpful but not tailored to the individual.

Arrival & Accommodation

5 / 5

Turkeyana Clinic takes the comfort of its patients seriously. The clinic seems to make it a point to make every patient’s stay in Turkey as relaxing as it can be.

Turkeyana Clinic will provide you with an English-speaking guide throughout your stay. A driver and a luxury car will be waiting to pick you up from the airport to your hotel. The driver and the car will always be on standby, ready to take you from your hotel to the clinic and back, or anywhere else you might want to go during your stay.

The accommodation provided by Turkeyana is a 5-star Western standard hotel for three nights. That means you get to have a full day and night of rest to recover from your surgery. Your blood test will be done as soon as you arrive in Istanbul which is preferable, we think than on the day of the operation.


2 / 5

Turkeyana Clinic provides ergonomic chairs and beds for the use of her patients before, during, and after their hair transplant surgeries. The clinic provides lunch as well as entertainment during the surgery. Also, the medical team at Turkeyana Clinic uses the latest hair transplant methods and tools. The clinic, however, does not have an A-license.

That means the Turkish government is not regulating its operations. There is mention of partner hospitals on the clinic’s website. However, the clinic does other aesthetic surgeries such as plastic surgeries and dental treatments. This is always a good sign as it means they have medical doctors working at the facility.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement

1 / 5

Unfortunately, Turkeyana Clinic scores poorly in this section of the review. In ideal circumstances, doctors perform hair transplant surgeries. And the more experienced or renowned they are, the better the marketing narrative is for the clinic. Although Turkeyana Clinic’s guidebook mentions that doctors will perform the hair transplant surgeries in its facility, we have no information about who these doctors or nurses are. Or any other members of the clinic’s medical team.


0 / 5

Turkeyana Clinic fails the aftercare section of this review. For one, the clinic does not offer any financing options for the hair transplants it carries out. And there are no post-treatment packages or aftercare products given to patients. This means that to get the optimum result, you’ll still need to buy aftercare products that can be upwards of 100 euros per month. As for post-operational consultations? The clinic offers none. Does the clinic guarantee 90% hair growth after it carries out the transplant? The short answer is “no.”


We Rate Turkeyana Clinic Istanbul


There’s a lot to love about the hair transplant service at Turkeyana Clinic. The booking process is easy to access and there’s lots of detailed information on hair transplant procedures the clinic. The free hair loss consultation helps too.

And in terms of arrival and accommodation, Turkeyana Clinic has a perfect score. The clinic goes all out to ensure the comfort of her patients. What’s not to love about a 3-night stay in 5-star western hotel accommodation and VIP transfers? Also, the clinic does required blood tests on patients as soon as they arrive.

So with all of the positives Turkeyana Clinic has going for it, why isn’t it rating high, overall? One reason is the lack of information about the clinic’s medical team. Nothing is known about the lead doctor performing most of the surgeries or the nurses providing support during the operations. The best we could do in that regard was to guess our way through a published list of 55 staffers of the clinic on its LinkedIn page. In addition, the clinic did not publish the prices for the hair transplant procedures. The last reason is the absence of aftercare services to patients. It would seem that once the clinic’s patient exits the facility after the hair transplant, then it’s over and done with. Concluding, it’s not hard to see why the clinic would rate averagely in this review. The good news is that all of the areas of weaknesses highlighted can easily be improved on.

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Turkeyana Clinic Istanbul hair transplants are done by qualified doctors

There is no doubt that the medical team at Turkeyana Clinic does hundreds of hair transplant surgeries every month in clean and sterile operating rooms. After all, there are 716 reviews on and 689 reviews on Google Maps about real patient experiences in the clinic that support the fact. The fact that the clinic also offers cosmetic procedures means that qualified doctors work there, but there are clearly no world-renowned hair transplant doctors on the team for the clinic to mention.

If we go by the quality of information about hair transplant procedures available in the clinic, then the clinic comes across as capable of giving high-quality patient care. That notwithstanding, the clinic’s promise to “use the latest technologies in the hair transplant field, by the most qualified experts to give patients the results they want” is one every prospective patient should hold on to with caution. After all, of what use is this marketing mantra when none of the “most qualified experts” are easily identified?

Before and After Pictures

Turkeyana Clinic Istanbul Transplant Results And Before and After Pictures

We found a lot of “before” and “after” pictures of successful hair transplants done at the Turkeyana Clinic on the clinic’s Facebook page. We note that Turkeyana Clinic reviews on the clinic’s website and social media pages are positive, for the most part. Specifically, the clinic’s Facebook page has hundreds of reviews anyone interested in a hair transplant can check out.

Getting a Hair Transplant in Istanbul Was Never Easier

Methods and Treatments

Turkeyana Hair Transplantation Methods And Treatments

Hair transplantation techniques are crucial to treating hair loss. A patient might not get the desired result if the surgeon used the wrong hair transplantation technique. The medical team at Turkeyana Clinic uses the latest hair transplantation techniques – specifically, the Follicles Unit Extraction (FUE) and the Direct Hair Implantation (DHI). Both methods work well in restoring lost hair but under different sets of conditions.

In the FUE technique, the medical team removes hair follicles from the back of the patient’s scalp and plants them in the bald spots. The doctor uses micro medical forceps to manually open up channels at pre-determined depths and in specific directions to extract the hair follicles. The clinic does three types of hair transplantations using the FUE technique. The FUE is the first. In the FUE, the doctor extracts and plants 4,000 hair grafts over 6-8 hours. Next is the Mega FUE. Here, the doctor extracts and plants 8,000 hair grafts in two sessions that take place in 2 days. The third is the Ultimate FUE. This technique differs from the other two in the tool used – a medical scalpel made from blue sapphire. In the DHI technique, the Choi Pen, which is way different from the micro medical forceps used in the FUE technique, is used in opening up the channels, extracting and implanting hair follicles. The DHI technique is more accurate than the FUE technique and offers patients faster recovery times. It also costs more.

Costs and Packages

Turkeyana hair transplant cost and price - What is included in the hair transplant package?

The Turkeyana clinic price for hair transplantation surgeries is anything but clear and transparent. The only hint the clinic’s website provides about pricing is an estimate of 1500-2000 Euros fee for a hair transplant. This pricing information is not enough in helping a prospective client reach a decision as some other considerations affect the pricing of hair transplant procedures. Two examples are the number of grafts that would be harvested and transplanted and the technique to be used. The clinic’s standard package includes:

One great feature of the standard package at the Turkeyana Clinic is that the pricing is all-inclusive. That means every bill – airport transfers and hotel accommodation – is included in the final estimate you get for your hair transplant surgery. All a patient needs to do is arrange his or her travel; the clinic practically takes over once the patient arrives in Turkey.

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Your Questions

Yes, Turkeyana Clinic is present on Facebook with the verified handle @Turkeyana.EN. The Facebook page has some reviews, a lot of before and after photos of past aesthetic procedures done in the clinic, some videos, a shop, and detailed contact information.

No, the Turkeyana Clinic is not a hospital. It is a beauty clinic that has qualified doctors carrying out several aesthetic surgeries, including hair transplants.

No, Turkeyana Clinic does not have an A-License issued by the Turkish government. Nevertheless, this takes nothing away from the quality of the hair transplants taking place there.

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