Vera Clinic Hair Transplant Review

Considering having a hair transplant in istanbul? Then knowing the experience of your doctor is a top priority. This is one of the questions our Vera Clinic hair transplant review will be asking. Read on to discover what we found.

Vera Clinic hair transplant reviews separating fact from rhetoric.


Vera Clinic hair transplant clinic review summary

Booking process


The Vera Clinic Turkey has a booking form to arrange a free consultation. The form requires your contact details, giving a promise for an instant response. You can also contact via their various social media pages. Following contact you will be offered a treatment plan, once selected, the clinic staff will work on your travel arrangements. A Vera Clinic hair transplant includes accommodation, transport within the city to and from the airport and the hospital. What different packages are available, or if a deposit is required, is not made clear on the website or the site’s social media.

There is not much information about the consultations, except this will be prompt. Photographs will be required as there are guidelines on how to take them. It would be preferable to have all this information in one place for ease of access. While there is considerable information about hair transplantation and the procedures, it was disappointing to find no indication of prices or packages.

(Pre-operational) Consultations


There is an emphasis on educating the patients in what to expect from the procedure, and the site offers several informative guides on nutrition and smoking but most of these are in the form of blogs, with some in the FAQs. There are succinct explanations on the procedures, including eligibility for particular hair transplant procedures and what to expect but you have to search for it.

The clinic says it will cover your travel arrangements and allows you to reschedule your dates at no extra cost. Most clinics in Turkey include internal travel arrangements on arrival in the country but flight costs are the patient’s responsibility. Vera Clinic’s information on this aspect is unclear. The brief information does not provide a clear breakdown of what the price includes, like hotel options.

Arrival & Accommodation


Upon your arrival at the airport, a driver will collect you. Hopefully, the consultation with Vera Clinic explains where the hospital is situated and advises on which of the two International airports to fly to.

The Vera Clinic hospital is on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, whereas the main office is on the European side. Travelling in Istanbul, the largest city in Europe, can take up considerable time. A flight into Sabiha Gokcen International airport would be the best option for ease of access to the hospital. There are several top-class hotels in Vera Clinic’s vicinity but the site does not indicate the ones included in their travel arrangements.

The three-day stay includes a face-to-face consultation which can be followed by your procedure which takes most of the day. This is dependent on your arrival times and could be all on the first day. The day after your procedure, you are returned to the hospital to have your head washed. This is when you will receive your aftercare package. According to the website, this contains aftercare instructions along with creams, shampoo and pain medication.



A blog on the Vera Clinic website introduces you to their impressive new hospital designed to meet the needs of their patients. You can find state-of-the-art areas for hair transplantation, dental treatments, cosmetic surgeries, and aesthetic surgery. The hospital government licence indicates the hospital is regulated but as a clinic, not a hospital.

The clinic offers several surgical procedures including dentistry and cosmetic surgery and has an anesthesiologist, but does not offer the full range of care you have access to in a hospital. The risk is low with the small incisions of the hair transplant procedure, if an emergency arose, the clinic would have to transfer you to a local hospital, which carries an extra cost.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement


One of the two qualified doctors on the team at Vera clinic will conduct your initial consultation and oversee your surgery. As Dr Kazim Sipahi’s English is limited, a translator is generally present. It is unclear if Dr Gökhan Vayni speaks another language, but the clinic does offer translation services as part of their package. The information on the rest of the team is scarce as the website repeats the information on Dr Kazim Sipahi.



Vera Clinic provides a post-surgery treatment pack that includes shampoos, anti-microbial solution, a disinfectant solution to be used twice a day for three days. Plus an anti-inflammation serum to be used on the extractions site and a shampoo. At an extra cost you can purchase an additional 2 months of aftercare products. Once again, there is no cost indicated on the site. The clinic offers a 90% hair growth guarantee and follow-up via the internet for three consultations.

Conclusion - We rate Vera Clinic 3.6 out of 5

Vera Clinic has a highly innovative leading surgeon, but the site makes some very expansive claims that are difficult to substantiate. The omission of any costs anywhere on the site makes it difficult to give a value for money review.

While Vera Clinic website offers some in-depth information on hair transplantation and its procedures, it is generalised info, not specific to the clinic. The site has some glaring omissions in terms of cost, medical qualifications and what is involved in travel arrangements, in particular, what the hotel stay includes—full or half board or just B&B. There is also some contradictory information like the number of surgeries performed is quoted as both 30,000 and 23,000.

The surgery turnover is unusually high. Although it’s not that clear if it’s all hair transplants surgeries. The overall feeling of the Vera Clinic website is unfinished and not that informative about their procedures, staff or costs. It is also unclear what the follow-up includes, and how the guarantee is backed up. The site does offer several additional treatments, but these are at an extra cost.

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Hair Transplant Team

Vera Clinic Ataşehir and Dr Kazim Sipahi

Within the hair transplant community, Dr Kazim Sipahi is a well-respected hair transplant surgeon. Credited with inventing the Sapphire FUE technique, his latest design is the OxyCure which is also available, for an additional cost, at the clinic. Dr Sipahi holds a Bachelor in Medicine and has been working in the field of hair transplantation since 2005. Unfortunately, we could not find any information on him or Dr Vanyi in the ISHRS database. The figures on the Vera Clinic website are not clear as to whether they are for hair transplants or the other surgeries undertaken.

There is a four-person hair transplant team, including the two doctors, plus one anesthesiologist for the clinic. The site emphasises its teaching and educational input to staff and patients; it just isn’t clear from the site how this occurs. The site language in English contains numerous errors, which is not encouraging. It is not clear how the team works, that is who does what. Do the surgeons do the extraction of grafts, or do they oversee?

Before and After Pictures

Vera Clinic Hair Transplant Before And After Results

You can find Vera Clinic hair transplant reviews on numerous social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. All of them have followers, but not of an exceptionally high volume. Trust Pilot has the clinic rated at 4.9 from 439 reviews in English and WhatClinic gives a 5* rating on six verified reviews.


Methods and Treatments

Vera Clinic Hair Transplantation Methods And Treatments

The primary method of hair transplantation at Vera Clinic is FUE; both standard Fue Technique and the Sapphire Fue. The Sapphire Fue is distinguished by the use of the sapphire-bladed extraction tool. These techniques are available for eyebrow, facial hair, male and female hair transplantation. Dr Sipahi and Dr Vanyi both have considerable experience in this field, with Dr Vanyi, an eyebrow, beard and scars specialist.

The clinic does offer supplementary treatments at an extra cost. One is another of De Sipahi’s invention the OxyCure, which involves the patient receiving 100% pure oxygen in hyperbaric conditions. A process that is said to improve the survival rate of transplanted grafts and facilitate faster healing, lower infection rates and stronger hair growth.

Costs and Packages

Vera Clinic Hair Transplant Cost and Hair Transplant Packages

Unfortunately, no where on the site can we find the Vera Clinic prices for hair transplantation or for any additional costs that may be incurred. There is no indication that a deposit is required. Some prices are mentioned by WhatClinic reviewers in 2018 & 2019—these were from 1,160€ – 1,700€ but didn’t detail for how many grafts.

  • Online Consultation
  • Treatment Package including aftercare pack
  • Blood analysis
  • Post-operative hair wash and one extra support treatment
  • Translation services

No hotels are mentioned by name on the sites, or the patient reviews looked at. The clinic promises 5* but also omits to say with what board arrangements. There is no information on the area of the clinic or advice for the best International airport, possibly this is given on consultation, but more local information would help to make an informed decision on using Vera Clinic for your hair loss treatment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is an active account on Facebook for the hair transplant procedure, dentistry and cosmetic surgery. They post regularly, but the like volume is low.

No, while they refer to their new building as a hospital, it is a private clinic. While it does perform blood tests and cosmetic surgery, it is not equipped to deal with emergencies.

Yes, Vera Clinic is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health as a private clinic. Two of the four-man hair transplant team are trained doctors.


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