Turkey Hair Transplants

Turkey is one of the best places in the world for hair transplant surgery. It is widely regarded as the best country in the world for hair transplants. Turkey hair is an excellent choice for medical tourists looking for the best hair transplant trip plan due to its very reasonable prices, high quality of service in world-class clinics equipped with cutting-edge technology and high quality, and affordable healthcare.

Turkey hair has recently gained popularity all over the world. In prestigious private hospitals with ideal conditions, many hair transplant surgeons carry out hair transplant operations.

While FUT and FUE were the two most widely used hair transplantation methods in the past to treat hair loss and achieve a Turkish hairline, new methods are now being researched. The manual FUE Technique is the name of this revolutionary method. The term Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) is shortened. DHI was the name of a clinic that attempted to do simultaneous hair extraction and implantation but failed because it was unsuitable for hair transplants; it is not a method utilized to implant hair. During manual FUE, pre-made incisions are created over the whole scalp, and follicular units are inserted into these incisions. This technique can also be performed with a robotic hair transplant device.

Why is hair transplant surgery in Turkey so inexpensive?

When compared to other well-known regions, Turkey is among the most affordable nations in the world for hair transplants. It is because they are among the lowest in the world in terms of minimum wage, cost of living, cost of housing, rent, utilities, and management costs. Turkey is one of the most frequently visited countries in the world for hair transplants, and the majority of clinics, physicians, and technicians continue to gain experience.

Contrary to over-the-counter hair restoration solutions, hair transplant procedures are more effective in the treatment of baldness. After having hair transplants, you should expect to see results three to four months after the procedure since 10 to 80 per cent of the transplanted hair will start growing. Due to the excellent quality of available treatment, Turkey has become a hotbed for hair transplants.

The level of expertise of the medical staff has a significant impact on the success rate of hair transplantation. The success rate is around 98% when carried out by a medical team with substantial experience.

In Istanbul alone, there are more than 500 facilities that provide hair transplant procedures. You might be unsure of which clinic to pick. At Hair Transplant Turkey, we have reviewed only the best clinics for you to peruse. Feel free to contact us and allow us to help you begin your Turkey hair adventure!