Eyebrow Transplant Surgery To Restore Your Most Important Facial Feature

Most people think it’s their eyes that are their most important facial feature. But not according to scientists. It’s not your ‘best’ feature either, such as chiselled cheekbones or full lips. Scientists believe that your eyebrows are the most significant feature of the face. Many of us shave, pluck, and wax them to find a more attractive line. But, if your eyebrows are lacking, then eyebrow transplant surgery could be a relatively inexpensive option.

The main biological function that eyebrows have is to protect the eyes. Like the eyelashes, they help keep moisture, rain, sweat, and dust away from the eyes. But aside from that, we also use our eyebrows to communicate shock, disdain, uncertainty, and many other emotions and thoughts. As a means of facial expression, the eyebrows are a focal point that people look at closely whenever we communicate. Eyebrow transplant surgery is beginning to become popular as an option to tattooed eyebrows.

Because eyebrows have a central position, they help to add symmetry to the face. A beautiful brow frames the face and can transform it. But, as women lose eyebrow hair, they feel unfeminine. And when you are left drawing on your eyebrows, it can be embarrassing as well as a real confidence blow. Eyebrow transplant surgery can help to restore self-esteem and youthful looks.

Why Do I Have Thinning Eyebrows?

There are many reasons for thinning eyebrows, but the most significant factor is age. Many women seeking out eyebrow transplant surgery kick themselves in later life for having plucked and waxed, previously. This is the second reason that eyebrows fade away as the follicles are destroyed by such abrasive treatment. Many women are not just concerned about their eyebrows. Hair loss from the head due to aging and other factors lead many women to seek out a female hair transplant procedure as well.

Around 80% of women aged sixty are suffering from noticeable hair loss. Women find thinning hair emotionally harder and are often deeply embarrassed by hair loss. But, there are hair transplant surgery options available for women just like there are options to restore brows. And many women will consider having eyebrow transplant surgery at the same time as a hair transplant.

FUE transplants, for both hair and eyebrows, are performed under a local anaesthetic. For eyebrows, the surgeon will remove hair from behind the ears. In contrast, synthetic strands of varying colours and lengths are used for female hair transplants for the head.

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