Let's Take A Look At Hair Transplant Success Rate

As with all cosmetic surgeries, you will judge the success of your procedure based on the results you see. Hair transplantation procedures are no different. It is essential to discuss with your doctor the parameters of the hair transplant success rate so that your expectations are realistic. You also need to know what you can do to ensure a successful outcome. Most statistics indicate that 10% – 80% of transplanted hair grafts will show hair growth. Sometimes, this is as early as 3 months, but it can be longer. If you want to be in the 80% range, there are several factors you need to consider.

Hair Transplant Success Rate

Factors To Consider To Improve Your Success Rate

When considering the success rate of your hair transplant, the main factors that come into play are your health before and after the procedure. Did you follow your surgeon’s advice to prepare your body for the implantation of recipient hair follicles? After the procedure, did you take care of the recipient area as recommended? These are vitally important steps and should not be ignored.

You are paying good money for your hair transplant, so not to follow the expert’s advice is a bit like playing roulette. You could get good results, but the probability is you won’t. Pay attention to what you are asked to do. Listen carefully to what the Dr tells you at your consultation, so you  have a realistic idea of what your success rate might be.

Apart from your health, the surgeon conducting the process must also be knowledgeable in what they’re doing. That’s why we recommended that you take your time to review the medical clinics whose services you’re considering. If the surgeon isn’t highly skilled, then the chances are that they will not do a good job which is bound to affect the outcome of the procedure. Obviously, you want a cost-effective treatment, and in Turkey, the costs are much lower than in Europe. We can help you find the right accredited service for your hair transplant that comes within your budget without sacrificing quality or standard of care.

The Big Question - When Will You Start To See Results?

Most hair transplant patients will start to notice significant hair growth within six months of having the procedure. However, surgeons advise that you continuously monitor the process for up to one year after the transplantation occurs. As we have said, to improve the chances that your hair transplant success rate will be in the 80% range you need to continue to follow your Dr’s advice, maybe even making significant lifestyle changes like giving up smoking.

Make sure you read all the aftercare information you are given and follow the advice. If you are concerned about anything regarding your hair transplant, you can always contact your medical team to discuss the issue.

Improving Your Hair Transplant Success Rate

During your hair transplant consultation, your surgeon, after reviewing your lifestyle and health background, may suggest additional treatments to assist in the hair growth. This can include PRP – Plasma Rich Platelets therapy, clinical studies indicate that this therapy helps growth in up to 75% of transplanted hair. An emerging treatment can also being used, called OxyCure; this is where exposure to 100% oxygen facilitates healthy hair growth of the transplanted hair grafts. For your budget planning, note that these treatments are generally at an extra cost. 

Although a year may seem like long to wait for results, you will notice minimal changes throughout that duration. By keeping a close eye on the affected area, you’ll be able to see any issues that may arise early. That way, you can seek guidance on how to fix the situation while still encouraging successful hair growth in the area.,