Hair Transplant Healing Process- Your Ultimate Guide

After your hair transplant surgery, it is natural to be concerned about the healing process. That said the hair transplant healing process is highly dependent on how carefully you are following the surgeon’s advice, and how well you take care of the scalp after the procedure. The encouraging news is, most people can go back to work 2 to 5 days after the procedure.

How Do I Speed Up the Hair Transplant Healing Process?

Soon after the hair transplant procedure, you will experience a sore scalp for a couple of days, but nothing that some over-the-counter paracetamol can’t take care of. Your doctor will have you wear a bandage to cover your scalp for the first two days post-op. It is necessary to point out that the first week is crucial in your recovery journey. Avoid, by all means touching your hair or worse, itching the scalp. This may dislodge the grafts and cause infections around the surgical area. For a speedy recovery, you are also advised to sleep with your head in an upright position to avoid friction from the pillows. A quick tip: You can prop yourself with pillows, so your torso is at a 45-degree inclination, this also helps reduce the swelling you may notice after the surgery. Remember to take the anti-inflammatory medications and antibiotics alongside the precautionary measures for a smooth recovery.

Doctors also advise that you refrain from smoking or drinking alcohol as this can significantly affect your recovery process. Other products that you need to shelve for a while are medications containing aspirin and beverages containing caffeine. After the bandages are off, avoid getting the area wet the first three days. You can then wash your hair but use baby shampoo or one that has been recommended by your doctor. Don’t be afraid to wash your hair regularly, but be careful not to scratch or use pressurised water under the shower so as not to dislodge the grafts.

Hair transplant healing process
Sleeping AT a 45 degree angle can help reduce swelling after a hair transplant

The Don’ts After A Hair Transplant

There are some precautionary measures you need to take to promote a speedy hair transplant healing process. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight, especially for the first two weeks. You may enjoy brief periods under the sun, but be cautious. Also, this is not the time to hit the gym; working up a sweat is not a good idea! Give your body time to heal to avoid unnecessary swelling, and worth mentioning again – DON’T scratch the newly grafted area!

Additionally, don’t dye your hair for at least a month after the surgery. It is normal after surgery to notice some scabbing on your scalp. Do not be tempted to scrap it off. It is part of the healing process and falls off on its own. Avoid hats, baseball caps or anything else from touching your head for the first three days post-op. However pleasant it might feel, do not be tempted to place an ice-pack on the transplanted area of the scalp. To facilitate a speedy recovery, you have to choose to follow the recommended advise; it’s your money you are wasting if you don’t!

Hair Transplant Healing Process – Say Goodbye Hair Loss

As you have read recovery from a hair transplant is purely dependent on your actions and non-actions post-surgery. Start your journey toward total recovery by paying keen attention to your routines to ensure you are adhering to the guidelines laid down by your doctor. A reputable clinic is essential to ensure you have all the guidelines necessary for post-surgery care. Contact us to find more details of the hair transplant process in Turkey.