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Bio Hair Clinic is a hair transplant clinic in Turkey. With hair transplant packages spanning from €2100 to €2500, Bio Hair Clinic seems to offer an enticing deal. But, is this clinic the right destination for your hair restoration journey?

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3.8 / 5.0

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3.3 / 5.0

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BIO HAIR Clinic Turkey Review Summary

This review was published in September 2023. We have also added user reviews and the possibility for you to leave your review directly. If you wish to engage with former patients of Bio Hair Clinic Turkey, share your thoughts on the Hair Back App.

Experience With Bio Hair Clinic Istanbul: Step-by-Step

Upon our initial encounter with Bio Hair Clinic’s website, we were greeted with a minor hiccup – the absence of a quick chat button or a readily accessible WhatsApp chat link. 

However, our persistence led us to discover a WhatsApp number tucked away on their “Contact Us” page. While a more user-friendly chat interface would have streamlined the process, we proceeded by copying the number before initiating a conversation with Bio Hair Clinic’s team.

Despite this initial navigational challenge, it’s worth noting that Bio Hair Clinic excels in the realm of transparency. Their website meticulously outlines each step of the hair transplant procedure in Turkey, setting them apart from recent reviews of other Istanbul-based hair transplant clinics like Sule Hair Clinic, Mono Clinic, Hermes Clinic, and Heva Clinic. Bio Hair Clinic provides clarity on pricing, pre-operative and post-operative processes, as well as the comprehensive package inclusions, leaving little room for ambiguity.

In our quest to explore Bio Hair Clinic’s offerings, we promptly engaged with their unique hair calculator, which conveniently doubles as a consultation form. According to the clinic’s website, upon completion of this interactive form, patients can anticipate a detailed analysis of their personalized treatment plan, with a representative reaching out within a few hours to provide further guidance.

Navigating Bio Hair Transplant Clinic’s website proved to be a pleasant experience, characterized by user-friendliness and accessibility. The website is available in English, along with other languages, catering to a diverse clientele and enhancing ease of use.

However, a point of confusion emerged when we encountered varying statistics related to Bio Hair Clinic’s experience. While one section of their website proudly states that the medical team has executed 15,000 hair transplant procedures, other parts of their platform claim to have treated 20,000 patients. 

Naturally, we felt compelled to scrutinize the clinic’s establishment date to reconcile these figures. 

Considering the information provided by Bio Hair Clinic, which claims to have performed 15,000 hair transplant procedures, and the fact that the clinic started its operations in 2022, it would imply an astonishingly high rate of approximately 10 procedures per day since its inception. 

Such a volume of daily surgeries seems highly improbable and would raise concerns about patient safety, surgical quality, and the capacity of their medical team. 

Booking Process

5 / 5

Bio Hair Clinic offers a straightforward and user-friendly booking process, starting with their comprehensive consultation form. Filling out this form takes just a few minutes, and upon completion, you receive guidance on the next steps, which include a phone call and information about appointment availability. This organized approach simplifies the initial stages of your journey with Bio Hair Clinic.

Their website stands out for its wealth of information regarding hair transplant procedures and the clinic’s medical team. Unlike some of the other hair transplant clinics we’ve assessed in Turkey, Bio Hair Clinic Istanbul provides a transparent and clear price list. According to their website, these prices are fixed and all-inclusive, ensuring that you know what to expect upfront.

For those considering a DHI hair transplant, the cost is €2,500, while a Sapphire hair transplant is priced at €2,100. This transparency in pricing can greatly assist prospective patients in making informed decisions and budgeting for their hair transplant procedure with confidence.

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Pre-Operational Consultations

3 / 5

Our exploration of Bio Hair Clinic’s pre-operational process provided us with a mixed bag of impressions. On the positive side, the clinic excels in transparency regarding its hair transplant procedures, offering a detailed explanation of the treatment journey on its website. This approach is a refreshing departure from some of our previous encounters with hair transplant clinics where information was less readily available.

However, certain aspects left us with questions and room for improvement. While Bio Hair Clinic emphasizes simplicity in the hair transplant process, we couldn’t find a clear itinerary before the trip. Having a structured timeline from booking to surgery can be vital for patients planning their journey and managing expectations. This lack of a clear itinerary may create some uncertainty and inconvenience for prospective patients.

On a more positive note, the clinic appears to offer flexibility in rescheduling bookings, which is a valuable feature for patients whose circumstances may change. Although we didn’t find explicit information regarding the possibility of rescheduling for free, the mention of a “non-binding appointment availability” suggests some degree of flexibility in scheduling.

Bio Hair Clinic Istanbul also offers complimentary hair analysis as part of its pre-operational process, which is a commendable inclusion. However, we were left wondering about the provision of nutrition advice, supplements, or a pre-operational kit. 

These elements can be crucial for optimizing results and preparing patients for the procedure. The absence of guidance in these areas may leave patients feeling less supported during the pre-operative phase.

Arrival & Accommodation

4 / 5

One noteworthy aspect is the range of services included in all Bio Hair Clinic packages. These offerings encompass VIP transfers, facilitating a smooth airport-to-hotel transition, and a three-night stay at a comfortable 4-star hotel. 

Bio Hair Clinic collaborates with the Ramada By Wyndham Hotel, a 4-star establishment that provides a comfortable and welcoming environment. While these services contribute to a convenient experience, it’s essential to note that some other hair transplant clinics in Turkey, like IdealofMed,  offer 5-star accommodation at a comparable price point, providing patients with even more luxurious options.

Upon arrival, Bio Hair Clinic ensures the presence of English-speaking drivers and coordinators. This offers a level of reassurance and eliminates potential language barriers, which is undoubtedly a positive aspect. 

One crucial aspect of the patient journey is the mandatory blood test upon arrival, prioritizing patient safety. However, feedback suggests that the efficiency of this process could be improved. Enhancing the speed and convenience of this procedure may further enhance the patient experience.


2 / 5

Bio Hair Clinic appears to prioritize patient comfort during their hair transplant procedures. While the website doesn’t explicitly mention lunch or entertainment options, it does emphasize the comfort of their luxury hotel accommodation. 

This implies that patients can expect a comfortable environment during their stay. Additionally, the mention of a modern wellness center with saunas, a Turkish bath, massage facilities, and a fitness center suggests that patients have opportunities for relaxation and comfort during their stay.

Bio Hair Clinic mentions the use of modern techniques such as the DHI hair transplant method and FUE hair transplantation. However, specific details about laser-measured hairlines, density measurements, and a donor area selection tool are not readily available on the website. 

Transparency about the use of such advanced tools and technologies could enhance the clinic’s appeal to potential patients seeking the latest advancements in hair transplantation.

In terms of regulation and sanitation, the website does not explicitly state whether Bio Hair Clinic is a regulated EU-accredited private hospital. A more clear and detailed description of their accreditation and regulatory status would provide patients with a higher level of confidence in the clinic’s adherence to industry standards.

Bio Hair Clinic Turkey’s website does not mention whether Bio Hair Clinic holds an A-license, which is regulated by the Turkish government. This license is a significant factor for patients considering medical procedures in Turkey, as it ensures that the clinic meets specific government-set standards for quality and safety.

Surgery & Doctor Involvement

4 / 5

Starting with the operational team, there’s a lack of explicit information about the presence of nurses on their website. While the website highlights their lead doctor, Dr. Ibrahim, it doesn’t shed much light on the other medical staff involved in the procedures. This omission leaves us curious about the composition of their operational team.

Moreover, the absence of information regarding third-party doctor auditing for surgical operations raises questions about the quality assurance processes at Bio Hair Clinic. Such audits can be valuable in ensuring that each procedure achieves the desired results. The website’s silence on this aspect leaves room for uncertainty.

Regarding the English-speaking medical team, Bio Hair Clinic does mention that their website is available in English and other languages, implying that they cater to international patients. However, specific details about the language proficiency of the medical team members or dedicated English-speaking personnel are not provided.

While Bio Hair Clinic proudly boasts the use of needleless anesthetics, patient reviews on Google raise some concerns. Some reviewers have reported instances where they woke up during the procedure, and others have expressed discomfort with the surgery’s duration, which sometimes extends to a lengthy 9 hours. 

These reviews, while not reflective of every patient’s experience, underscore the importance of managing patient expectations and ensuring optimal comfort throughout the procedure.

Lastly, the presence of a reputable doctor as part of the operational team is not explicitly addressed on the website. While Dr. Ibrahim’s qualifications are highlighted, additional information about the involvement of other renowned specialists in the hair transplant process would provide a more comprehensive view of their team’s expertise.


5 / 5

Bio Hair Clinic extends a standard post-treatment package to all patients, ensuring that they receive the necessary care after their hair transplant procedure. This is undoubtedly a valuable component of the overall service.

However, it’s important to note that while Bio Hair Clinic offers guidance and recommendations, the responsibility for post-op care largely falls on the patients themselves. This level of autonomy might be empowering for some but overwhelming for others, particularly those unfamiliar with the intricacies of hair transplant aftercare.

Another potential downside is that the minimum duration of after-care products provided was not explicitly mentioned. This lack of clarity could leave patients wondering about the longevity of the products and whether they will suffice for the entire recovery period.

Bio Hair Clinic takes a bold step by offering a 90% hair growth guarantee, emphasizing their confidence in the quality of their services. While this guarantee instills trust, it’s important to note that the effectiveness of the guarantee may vary from case to case, and terms and conditions should be thoroughly understood.

conclusion expert review

Joanna-okedara-kalu headshot

We Rate Bio Hair Clinic Turkey

3.8 / 5.0

After conducting a thorough review of Bio Hair Clinic, there are several noteworthy aspects to consider. While the clinic offers a range of hair transplant treatments and presents itself as a reliable option for those seeking hair restoration procedures, there are some concerns that warrant attention.

One significant concern revolves around the consistency of the clinic’s information. Discrepancies exist between the number of patients claimed to have been treated and the clinic’s establishment date. 

While the website suggests that over 20,000 patients have been treated, a closer look reveals inconsistencies in the timeline, potentially indicating a lack of transparency or accuracy in their reporting.

Another concerning issue is the duration of some surgeries. Patient reviews on external platforms have raised concerns about excessively long procedures, with some lasting up to nine hours. 

This is considerably longer than what is typically expected for hair transplant surgeries. Patients also report instances of waking up during surgery despite the use of needleless anesthetics, which raises questions about the clinic’s anesthesia protocols and patient comfort.

It is advisable for potential patients to thoroughly research and reach out to the clinic for clarification on these matters before making any decisions.

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What do others think about Bio Hair Clinic Turkey?

Bio Hair Transplant Clinic Patient Reviews

Patient reviews collected bi-weekly from:

Rated 4.6 out of 5
4.6 out of 5 stars (based on 225 reviews)
Very good8%

BIO HAIR CLINIK - !Leider keine Minus Sterne!

Rated 1.0 out of 5
February 8, 2024

!Leider keine Minus Sterne!


Top Leistung und Betreuung

Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 1, 2024

Top Betreuung, sehr netter Arzt, gute deutsch Betreuung, keine Schmerzen, kann ich nur bestens weiter empfehlen! Bernhard aus Graz

Paul Bernhard

Leider überhaupt nicht zufrieden...2…

Rated 1.0 out of 5
February 1, 2024

Leider überhaupt nicht zufrieden…2 Jahre nach 2 Operationen ist alles wieder beim alten…leider auch keine Rückmeldung mehr von Unternehmen! Absolute Abzocke!!

Markus Sidlo

Es wird sich um alles gekümmert und es…

Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 1, 2024

Es wird sich um alles gekümmert und es sind alle einfach nur sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit

Sandra Schlömer-Perisic

Sehr gute und freundliche Fachkräfte

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 31, 2024

Abbas Taherinejad

Mi experiencia fue muy bien.y super contento

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 23, 2024

Mi experiencia fue muy bien.. iba un poco nervioso por qué no sabía cómo podía pasar todo.. pero del primer momento se que llegue a Estambul tenía el chico con el furgón esperando en la salida del aeropuerto de ai me llevo a la clínica me hicieron el análisis de sangre, y luego me llevo al hotel para descansar,la operación fue al siguiente dia allí estaba la traductora esperando que es muy servicial ,pasamos a la consulta del médico a marcar la sona donate y a explicarme todo los pasos de la operación, y me pasaron a la sala de operacion con un buen grupo de chicas y chico que estaba en todo momento con migo, me pucieron la anestesia que fue el único dolorsillo que sentí, a continuación comenzaron a extraerme los 4300 folículos según terminaron sobre 3 horas más o menos me trajeron un almuerzo y a continuación comenzaron a preparar todo el material delante mia y comenzó la operación de implantar,, que con la anestesia no me enteré de nada ni al extraer ni al poner incluso aproveche para dormir unas horitas en lo que me operaban y super bien.. según terno la operación me llevaron al hotel a descansar ,al dia siguiente fueron a buscarme para llevarme a la clinica a quitarme el vendaje y valorar,, y me volvieron a llevar al hotel y al siguiente día igual fueron a buscarme para el lavado y volvieron a llevarme al hotel y me llevaron al aeropuerto el último dia ….y cualquier duda problema qué tenía le preguntaba a mi asistente MOUSA por WhatsApp que el se ponía rápidamente en contacto con la clínica y me solucionó todos los problemas que hiciera falta, lo recomiendo sin ningún problema y super contento la verdad

Neftali Garcia

War über den Ablauf und die…

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 22, 2024

War über den Ablauf und die Organisation sehr positiv überrascht. Ich wurde sehr gut beraten und bei Fragen unterstützt.

Alfred Eiper

Alles sehr Top gelaufen

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 18, 2024

Alles sehr Top gelaufen. Von Dr. Ibrahim dem Dolmetscher und das gesamte Team, sehr Kompetent.


TOP Haartransplantationsklinik!!!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 15, 2024

Man ist bei BIO HAIR sehr gut aufgehoben! Alle meine Fragen und Ängste konnten zu meiner vollsten Zufriedenheit beantwortet werden.


Bin sehr enttäuscht habe vor 15 Monaten…

Rated 1.0 out of 5
January 14, 2024

Bin sehr enttäuscht habe vor 15 Monaten eine haartransplantation durchführen lassen und habe bis jetzt immer noch kahle stellen würde diese Klinik nicht weiterempfehlen. Zudem wurde mir danach nicht weitergeholfen.


Niemals wurden mir 4250 Grafts verpflanzt

Rated 1.0 out of 5
January 2, 2024

Ich bin leider nicht zufrieden mit meiner Haartransplantation. Mir sollten 4000 Grafts verpflanz werden vorne und hinten. Vor Ort wurden dann angeblich 4250 Grafts entnommen und der Arzt sagte, dass diese Anzahl nur reichen würde um entweder Vorne ODER Hinten volles Haar zu haben. Somit sollten dann 3200 Grafts vorne und 1000 Grafts hinten verpflanzt werden. Wenn ich ein Foto von meinem Hinterkopf sehe, dann kann ich buchstäblich die einzelnen Grafts zählen. Ich bezweifel, dass es überhaupt 100 Grafts sind. Ich bin sehr unzufrieden mit dem Ergebnis. Auf der Website haben Leute viel stärkeren Haarausfall und haben mit 3500 Grafts den kompletten Kopf aufgefüllt bekommen. Ich habe auf Reddit nach unabhängigen Meinungen gefragt und es wird vermutet, dass ich maximal 2200 Grafts erhalten habe. Ich fühle mich verarscht. Ich will mein Geld zurück!

Maximilian H.

Ich bin froh das ich mich für diese…

Rated 5.0 out of 5
December 30, 2023

Ich bin froh das ich mich für diese Klinik entschieden habe, ich bin sehr kritisch wenn es um Dienstleistungen geht, bin aber überzeugt worden daher 5 von 5 Sternen.


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Bio Hair Clinic Background Information


Bio Hair Clinic is Led By Dr. Ibrahim

Upon a thorough review of Bio Hair Clinic’s team and the information provided on their website, we have observed some notable inconsistencies that merit attention. Trust and transparency are paramount in the medical field, particularly when it comes to hair transplant procedures, and it’s imperative that patients can rely on accurate and up-to-date information.

Regarding Bio Hair Clinic’s team, their website offers limited information about the qualifications and experience of their medical professionals. In the field of hair transplantation, where skill and expertise are paramount, transparency about the qualifications and experience of all team members is highly valued.

Bio Hair Clinic highlights their lead doctor, Dr. Ibrahim, who appears to be a key figure in their hair transplant procedures. Dr. Ibrahim’s education and experience, as outlined on the website, suggest a commitment to staying updated with the latest advancements in the field of hair restoration.

However, the website’s limited information about the broader medical team leaves something to be desired. While Dr. Ibrahim’s qualifications are detailed, a more comprehensive introduction to the entire team would offer prospective patients a more holistic view of the clinic’s medical professionals. 

Furthermore, during our research, we encountered some Google reviews from patients who claimed to have received treatments at Bio Hair Clinic as far back as 3 to 4 years ago. This timeline appears to conflict with the information presented on the clinic’s website, which indicates that Bio Hair Clinic was established in 2022. 

Such claims can raise questions about the accuracy of the clinic’s claims and may give potential patients pause. Resolving these inconsistencies and providing more comprehensive team profiles would be essential steps in building credibility and trust with potential patients.

Before and After Pictures

Bio Hair Clinic Istanbul Before And After Results

One of the first things we checked during our Bio Hair Transplant Clinic review process was their hair transplant before and after photos. For sure, the Bio Hair Clinic website has a lot of before and after photos. 

Getting a Hair Transplant in Istanbul Was Never Easier


Bio Hair Transplant Clinic Procedures

Bio Hair Clinic performs both Sapphire FUE hair transplant and DHI hair transplant treatment methods. These methods have different price tags, Sapphire FUE costs €2,100, while DHI hair transplant costs €2,500.

Costs and Packages

Bio Hair Clinic hair transplant cost and price - What is included in the hair transplant package?

Bio Hair Transplant Clinic provides fixed prices for their hair transplant procedures, and this is a notable advantage. Unlike some clinics where costs may depend on the number of grafts required, at Bio Hair Clinic, patients receive a fixed rate for their hair treatment. 

For those considering a DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) hair transplant, Bio Hair Clinic offers this method at a competitive rate of €2,500. Alternatively, patients can opt for a Sapphire FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant at a cost of €2,100.

bio hair clinic price

A typical package offers:

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Yes, Bio Hair Clinic Turkey performs surgeries in a hospital.

We are not certain if Bio Hair Clinic has an A-license as we couldn’t get any information about this on their website.

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